Daikaiju! 3 Teasers

Action Joe™ to the Rescue by Nick Fox & John Heeder

Illustration © Peter Anckorn

At a time before time was measured, a time at which no history was kept, great alien forces fought a vicious battle to determine possession of a newly discovered blue-green world.

Of all these forces, and of all the horrors unleashed on the fragile young planet, none was as terrible or as awesome as the Terror. Towering over the combatants that raged across the continent, the Terror wreaked total destruction with every attack. At 300-feet tall, its shadow was as great as a mountain. Each step the Terror took shook the earth, its trailing tail gouged massive ruts into the ground.

The Terror was not afraid. The Terror wielded six terrible weapons of destruction, one for each of its six hands: the mighty Sword Piercer, which disrupted the air itself as it hummed towards its targets and sliced through them with great ease; the Mace Devastation, which could penetrate even the armour of a Rolling Dreadnaught; the Spear Butchery, which could fly at a speed greater than any sensor could track and always returned automatically to the Terror’s hand; the Sceptre Domination, which used a yellow beam for scanning enemy locations, a red beam for warning of enemy targets, and a blue beam for sending distress calls; the Scythe Annihilation, which could hollow out mountains in seconds with its curved blade; and the Axe Destruction, which could smash through Oblitercannons as easily as splitting logs.

No, the Terror was not afraid as it cut down two Tainted Obliterators, the last of its enemy’s forces. But then the Sceptre Domination glowed red.

The Terror smashed the Mace Devastation into the ground, again and again. It used its Scythe Annihilation to clear away the debris, creating mountains around the hole it dug—a hole that could have swallowed a lake. At last, after displacing enough dirt to create an entire mountain range, the Terror discovered what had set off the sceptre’s warning: a Planet Smasher bomb.
The Terror’s enemy had been cunning in their attack, the campaign on this remote world a clever feint. A whole planet, green with life, teaming with large lumbering reptiles, and lush with exploitable resources ... sacrificed just to destroy the Terror.

The bomb’s visible timer neared the end of its countdown. Not knowing what else to do, the Terror swung its Sword Piercer down on it.

The explosion shook the planet. It was as though a massive comet had punctured the atmosphere and struck the surface. The results of the explosion were catastrophic.

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