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Download Special Godzilla DVD Covers!

Says creator, Craig Neufeld:

"For those Godzilla fans out there who are always fighting for space to fit all your new DVDs on the shelves, I have designed some new covers to fit the entire Godzilla collection into four 1" spine (6-8 disc) DVD cases, which will reduce their space to less than 1/4."

All four of Craig's grouped covers can be downloaded from this page. The files have been archived for ease of download. The archives can be opened with any standard un-zipping program. The covers can be seen below.

Each can be printed to legal size paper, and cases can be found easily on the web if you can't tracked them down in stores around your town. Here are a couple of online sources:


There are three files. The first contains all four covers. The others contain two each (for those with slower download connections). To download click on the link of your choice. If you have any trouble, email me using the address given at the bottom of this page.

The Covers

copyright©Craig Neufeld 2007 and Toho

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