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• Cross-currents

"Cross-currents" appeared in issue 5 of COSMOS magazine, Nov. 2005. The tagline ran: "The depths of Antarctica's Lake Pell were even weirder than they had imagined." Fortunately COSMOS publishes fiction online, both as reprints from the magazine and as online originals.

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• Dear Mary

This short short story was written for, and published in, the convention program for Conflux 4, 2007. I was asked to write something about Mary Shelley and Frankenstein. I think the editor expected a piece of non-fiction, but she seemed quite happy to receive the piece of meta-fiction that turned up in her inbox. In it, I was trying to incorporate in a metaphorical manner a variety of issues arising from Mary's iconic creation.

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This short short story was published in TiconderogaOnline, No. 4, June 2005. It was a tongue-in-cheek depiction of an online invasion, though in the end I was pleased by the affection I discovered for the main character.

Read "term <UNTRANSLATABLE>" [Hmmm, this one seems to have gone. I'll put it up on my own site went I get a chance.]

• Books To Look Out For

"Books To Look Out For" was published online in AntipodeanSF issue 69, February-March 2004. It's very short and features a rather peculiar library.

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• Call of Cthulhu's Mum

This one was written for the Conflux 5 Progress Report, in response to being asked to write about Lovecraft's Old Gods mythology. I would like to apologise to H.P. -- but I just couldn't help myself. I was clearly channeling Baoht.

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• Rough Trade

"Rough Trade" is a bleak and melancholic story that somehow I find both uplifting and deeply affecting. The impetus behind writing it was simple: to do a "living gargoyle" story. What it became was so much more. It remains a personal favourite, despite its grim nature.

The story was originally published in Aurealis #13, March 1994, with a superb illustration by the incomparable Shaun Tan. It was subsquently published in my ghost-story collection, Immaterial. Ghost Stories by Robert Hood, MirrorDanse Books 2002. Then in May 2006, Anna Tambour asked if she could "reprint" it online on her The Virtuous Medlar Circle website, which is where it can still be read if you don't happen to have a copy of Immaterial (shame on you!).

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• Dem Bones

This tale of cruelty and retribution, full of bizarre and gore-drenched imagery, was suggested by the song from which the title is taken. It was first published in Intimate Armageddons, edited by Bill Congreve, Wollongong, Five Islands Press 1992 and subsequently appeared in Immaterial. Ghost Stories by Robert Hood, MirrorDanse Books 2002.

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