Daikaiju! 3 Contents

Here are the contributors to Daikaiju! 3: Giant Monsters vs the World -- the second Daikaiju! "sequel" anthology.



Mamu, or Reptillion vs Echidonah Nick Stathopoulos

One Night on Titdal Rig # 13 Tessa Kum

A Madness of Ravens Steven Savile

Out of his League Tony Frazier

A Calculated Sacrifice Michael Bogue

Beached Lee Battersby

Terrapin Suite Mikal Trimm

The Return of Zoth-Ommog Leigh Blackmore

Patient X Kiel Stuart

Cream of the Cop Steven Cavanagh

Action Joe™ to the Rescue Nick Fox & John Heeder [teaser]

The Strange Case of Starbase 6 Terry Dartnall

Return of Cthadron Richard A. Becker

Cephalogon Alys Sterling

Schroedinger's Fruitbat Robbie Matthews

Flesh and Bone Robert Hood

Cinema supplement

Sub-Continent Robin Pen

Capsule Monsters: Giant Monster
Film Reviews in a Few Words Robert Hood & Robin Pen


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The anthology is published by Agog! Press.

You can email the editors at <daikaiju@roberthood.net>

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