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This site is intended as a supplement to Daikaiju! Giant Monster Tales, the anthology of original giant monster stories edited by Robert Hood and Robin Pen and published in 2005 by Agog! Press. We're claiming the anthology to be a world first, until someone tells us otherwise!

As time goes by, we will make additions to the site: supplementary stories, articles on all things mega-monstrous, reviews of daikaiju films, news, links and anything else we can think of. So call back every now and then to see what's new -- and be sure to buy a copy of the anthology ....

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"So what's this?" I hear you ask. Actually it's a fake front page created by Cat Sparks, with text written by Robert Hood, used as a barely seen prop in the short film Giant Monster Trashes City. Click on the image to see it larger (or use this link), and click here for more information on the film!

Anyone seeking further information on the film or wishing to organise screenings may contact Barnard's Star Productions by email at garfield@viper.net.au.

13 April 2007: Fantasy artist Marianne Plumridge has posted a review on her blog. You can read it here.

25 November 2006: Daikaiju! contributor Eric Shapiro -- has just announced the publication of his latest novel. Read what he had to say about it... and, of course, pick up a copy or three.

24 October 2006: "Death is a place where the party's just getting started. That's the way Greensboro horror writer Stephen Mark Rainey sees it anyway...." So begins an interesting article on Daikaiju! contributor Stephen Mark Rainey in his local entertainment paper, YES, WEEKLY. Mark talks about horror, his writing career and, of course, Godzilla and co. Read it here.

13 October 2006: The release date for the sequels to Daikaiju! has been decided: 1 June 2007.

26 July 2006: The following stories from Daikaiju! have made it onto Ellen Datlow's Highly Commended list for 2005: Paul Finch's "Calibos", Richard Harland's "The Greater Death of Saito Saku", Petri Sinda's "The Quiet Agrarian", and Doug Wood's "Lullabye". The list appears as an appendage to Ellen Datlow's annual Year's Best Fantasy and Horror anthology. Big congratulations to all concerned!

12 May 2006: Note to authors: the content of the two sequels to Daikaiju! has already been finalised. We are not looking for new stories at this time.

3 May 2006: News on the Daikaiju! sequel! There's going to be two of them! Details here.

3 May 2006: Contributor Terry Dartnall has just had his first collection published. More info here.

20 April 2006: This year's Australian National SF Convention, Conjure 2006, proved a particularly good one for Daikaiju! Giant Monster Tales, which won a Ditmar (the Australian Hugo) for Best Collection of 2005. Yay team!

6 April 2006: Big news about the much-anticipated sequel to Daikaiju! coming soon. Watch this space!

6 April 2006: Pictorial contributor Todd Tennant is currently involved in an amazing project that sees him developing a graphic novel based on the original unused script for the US Godzilla movie, written (and abandoned) in 1994. If you want to get a taste of what "might have been", check out his ongoing work here.

6 April 2006: A whole bunch of new animations from the Guidolon Project have been added to the site. Check them out!

10 March 2006: Frank Wu and Todd Tennant's Guidolon Project has made it onto "Ain't It Cool News" -- probably the biggest internet "gossip/rumor-mill" for these kinds of movies, TV and other genre culture. You can find the "blurb" here. Just scroll down to the bottom to the heading "More Kaiju Fan Work".

6 March 2006: Newly added to the site is information on the progress of Todd Tennant and Frank Wu's development of The Guidolon Project, which aims to produce an animated version of Frank's wonderfully funny and bizarre story from Daikaiju!: "The Tragical History of Guidolon, the Giant Space Chicken". Here you can learn about the Project, see Todd's creature designs and watch some exciting "test" footage. Check it out regularly!

26 February 2006: Re: my entry for 15 December last year (just below). Richard Harland's Daikaiju! story, "The Greater Death of Saito Saku" and Rosaleen Love's Daikaiju! story "Once Giants Roamed the Earth" have both won the Australian 2005 Aurealis Award for Best Short Fantasy Story. Yes, it actually was a tie! Remarkable!

In related news, Garth Nix's Daikaiju! story, "Read It In the News!", has been chosen by David Hartwell to appear in his influential Year's Best SF volume. Well done, Garth!

For information on where to get the book, go here.

And much monster-sized thanks to Bob Eggleton for his magnificent cover art, entitled Sensuikan Kaiju:

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Part of Todd Tennant's illustration for "The Tragical History of Guidolon, the Giant Space Chicken" by Frank Wu. The full picture can be seen in the anthology itself.

There are lots of people to thank, but we'll start with Ishiro Honda, who directed the first Godzilla (Gojira) movie in 1954 and lots of other daikaiju eiga afterwards, thus setting us on the road to obsession.

Cat Sparks, manager of Agog! Press and Robert's ever-tolerant partner
The MessagefromCyberspace Discussion Group, especially Brett Homenick and Mark Rainey, its Moderators.
Bob Eggleton, daikaiju artist extraordinaire
Todd Tennant, daikaiju artist extraordinaire 2
Robin Pen, my co-editor and fellow film enthusiast

Site material © Robert Hood, 2004, unless otherwise stated. Images used in the sidebar are from various sources and are used without permission. The lower five are owned by Marvel Comics, being from various editions of Strange Tales. The Godzilla painting, of course, belongs to Bob Eggleton and is used with permission. Other Eggleton paintings throughout this site, as well as paintings by Todd Tennart, are also used with permission of the respective copyright owners.


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