DAIKAIJU! GIANT MONSTER TALES is now available from and This is the Agog!/Prime Books re-release and it is available in both hard and soft cover.
Within Australia:

DAIKAIJU! GIANT MONSTER TALES will also be available from Galaxy Bookshop (Sydney), Infinitas (Parramatta), Collins Broadway (Sydney), and some specialist bookshops in other capital cities within Australia.

Otherwise you will be able to purchase it online from Slowglass Books or Australian Online Bookshop.

For direct sales (with payment via PayPal), email us at or use the secure link below.

You can also buy directly from the publisher by cheque (in Australian dollars only).

The cost will be AUS$32.95 (including postage).

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Outside Australia: is now the primary way to get yourself a copy of the book.

DAIKAIJU! GIANT MONSTER TALES has been available outside Australia via internet bookshops, specifically:

Project Pulp

Australian Online Bookshop

For direct sales (with payment via PayPal), email us at Cost will be advised. Head your email "Daikaiju purchase". Or use the secure link above. If you wish to pay by check, please note that it must be in Australian dollars.

Most copies of the original Australian edition are gone now.

Trade Sales:
For trade ordering, and terms, please contact the publisher, Agog! Press, at


The anthology is published by Agog! Press.

You can email the editors at <>

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