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Given the current controversy surrounding Intelligent Design vs Evolution in US schools, I think it's time that we put forward a new non-scientific theory of thought, called the Theory of Intelligent Thinking (or TIT). How is it justified, I hear you ask? Well, scientists have not been able to explain how we think in any thorough or even reasonable way -- and since much of what we claim to be "thought" is ludicrous, it is obvious that something other than a scientific process is going on.

Clearly we as humans do not govern how or what we think, for how can a spiritual being think thoughts using an organ of thought (such as the brain) without reference to The Ultimate Intelligence? Yes, thought is given to us by a Transcendent Thinker (God, if you will), who is simply trying to make us see the error of thinking that thought is anything but a by-product of His Own Divine thoughtfulness by filling our heads with all sorts of crap. Even these thoughts I'm expressing now are clearly nonsense and therefore support my theory.

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