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Main Entry: 1 link Pronunciation: 'li[ng]k Function: noun Etymology: Middle English, of Scandinavian origin; akin to Old Norse hlekkr chain; akin to Old English hlanc lank Date: 15th century 1 : a connecting structure: as a (1) : a single ring or division of a chain

  Cat Sparks Gallery

This is the website of my partner, the gorgeous and vivacious Cat Sparks. It's incredibly interesting, full of samples of her art and lots of her excellent photography. There's also a link to Agog! Press -- the small-press publishing house she established in order to produce the best Australian speculative fiction collection we've had for many years, Agog! Fantastic Fiction, as well as its follow-up for 2003, Agog! Terrific Tales, and now 2004's Agog! Smashing Stories.

  Barry's Temple of Godzilla

One of the longest-running and most comprehensive sites dedicated to Godzilla. It has undergone some simplification of late, and is now officially 'closed' (meaning it is no longer updated), but it is still a great place to start.

  Monster Zero

The place to go for Godzilla news updates.

  Daikaiju Eiga List

Links to… well, lots of other Godzilla-related sites.

  Henshin! Online

Another informative site for general daikaiju news.

  Toho's Official Godzilla Site

Godzilla's Official Website, currently advertising the latest G-epic, Godzilla: Final Wars -- the 28th, and possibly last, Godzilla film.

  Ghosts Directory

Ghost-related news, books and web resources. A fantastic resource.

  Tabula Rasa

An excellent, extensive and perpetually growing horror-oriented site created by David Carroll and Kyla Ward.

  The View from Mt Pootmootoo

Film reviews and ramblings from Robin Pen, whose Secret Life of Rubber-Suit Monsters has forever branded him as one of the best and most perceptive genre film critics in Australia.

  The Coode Street News

News about writing and publishing science fiction in Australia, maintained by Jonathan Strahan. Australian SF Online

Spawned from the late Eidolon magazine and an excellent source of information about Australian SF.

  Australian Online Bookshop

Where you can buy at least some of my books, online.

A useful place to go if you're looking for import Asian films.


Ralan's SpecFic & Humor Webstravaganza! is a place where you can go to find out what markets are open and where to send your stories. Ralan keeps it scrupulously up-to-date.

  Zarzuela. The Spanish Lyric Theatre
  An encyclopaedic book written by Vincent Cincotta, which Robert Hood designed and laid-out, winning a major design award in the process.
  Malinche Entertainment
  Experience interactive science fiction where you are the hero (or heroine!) in a fantasy adventure.



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