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Main Entry: Pronunciation: äb-'se-sh&n, &b- Function: noun Date: 1680
1 : a persistent disturbing preoccupation with an often unreasonable idea or feeling; broadly : compelling motivation
2 : something that causes an obsession - /-'sesh-n&l, -'se-sh&-n[^&]l/ adjective - adverb


Ghosts Zombies

Ghost Stories on Film and Television

Ghost Fiction

"Ghosts -- Treat Them Gently" by M.R. James

Nights of the Celluloid Dead: A History of Zombie Movies

The original version of my apocalyptic epic "Nights of the Celluloid Dead: A History of Zombie Movies" appeared on the excellent Halloween site and was there for a decade or so. Unfortunately it seems to have been removed now. After the vast menagerie of zombie movies that have appeared since the '90s, though, it's seriously in need of an update! Maybe one of these days...

You can download a PDF version, unformatted, here.

A slightly older version can be found on David Carroll's much-recommended Tabula Rasa site.

A complete (if ongoing) list of Zombie movies

Fake trailer for a new zombie film, Hard Day's Night of the Living Dead, starring the Beatles and lots of zombie. [This seems to have been removed by its original creator.]

Notes: On the Changing Art of the Zombie Film

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
Film versions of Robert Louis Stevenson's novella The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (as well as some variants)
Horror Films Godzilla & other Daikaiju

My History of Australian and New Zealand Horror films, "Killer Koalas", can be found on the Tabula Rasa site.

A Potted History of Godzilla
Daikaiju Eiga and othe Giant Monsters: a list
A metaphysical meditation on Giant Monster films

The Daikaiju! anthology

An Interview with King Kong and Godzilla on the eve of their first big fight.
Godzilla on the Oscars 2 February 2004
Godzilla Buffs Up. A report on the New G
Divided Kingdom: King Kong vs Godzilla -- an article written for King Kong is Back! (BenBella Books, 2005)
Man and Super-Monster: A History of Daikaiju Eiga and its Metaphorical Undercurrents -- an article that appeared in Borderlands Magazine #7, 2006
A Giant Against Giants: Ultraman for the New Millennium (from G-Fan #77)

On Monsters:

Articles and extracts
The 21st Century Monster

Evil Dolls: evil comes in small packages, too! Just a list....

Frankenstein Variants


A list of weird and wonderful variants on the novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelley -- including films, TV shows and books.






Rob menaced by a giant pink squid from outer space.
Despite appearances he managed to fend off the attack.
The invasion took place at Woy Woy in 2001.
It didn't make the news because...
well, government conspiracies and all that.

Picture: Cat Sparks 2002



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