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Coming up: Aussiecon 4, the 2010 World SF Convention in Melbourne, in early September 2010.

PAST EVENTS ... Dead 'n' buried

Rob was at the World Fantasy Convention in Saratoga Springs, US, in early November 2007 as part of a large Australian contingent.

Rob was at Conflux 4 on September 28 to October 1, 2007 in Canberra, on a variety of horror-themed panels and overseeing the film festival. The highlight was taking part in an onstage interview with guest author, Graham Joyce.

Rob was at Convergence 2, the 2007 National SF Convention in Melbourne, 8-11 June 2007. He was on several panels (one on Apocalypse stories, one on themed anthologies and one of Zombies), he took part in the Great Debate (where he argued very badly, but with abuse), and he did a Presentation on the topic "The Revenge of the past: Ghosts, Zombies and the Aesthetics of Horror". Synopsis:

General understanding of the nature of "Horror" as a genre is muddy at best and there is a growing tendency to discuss it in terms of mere physical threat -- violence, serial killers, lunatics, torture. Yet if the current popularity of ghost stories and zombie epics proves anything, it is that the above naturalistic "thriller" tropes are not the whole story. In fact, maybe they're not the story at all. It rather depends on what you mean by "horror", and Robert Hood flings himself into that particular morass, examining just how relevant the immaterial can be in a materialistic society.

Rob tutored at Clarion South during the first week of the bootcamp for genre writers -- from January 8, 2007. Loved it!

Rob was Guest Writer on the speculative fiction website, ASif during August 2006. Check out all the interesting discussion that took place, covering many and varied topics. And the entire site is worth scanning while you're there. So drop by!

Just finished is Conflux 3, in Canberra on 9-12 June 2006. Rob was in attendance and on panels. He also officially launched the new Australian horror novels, Prismatic by Edwina Grey, and Carnies by Martin Livings.

Thylacon IV, the National SF Convention in Perth on 10-13 June 2005, and Conjure, the National Con in Brisbane (15-17 April 2006). Rob was on assorted panels as always.

Conflux 2 -- 22-24 April 2005 in Canberra -- is over. Rob was on assorted panels as always, including one with Bob Eggleton celebrating the arrival of the mega-anthology DAIKAIJU! GIANT MONSTER TALES.

Rob has returned from Swancon XXX in Perth, where DAIKAIJU! GIANT MONSTER TALES was officially launched (in the west anyway). He was on various panels, including one on his own writings, organised by the enthusiastic Benjamin Szumskyj. Thanks, Benjamin!

Robert was on the following panels at Conflux, the 2004 National SF Convention held in Canberra in April:

Great debate: There is evidence that intelligent extra-terrestrial life has visited the Earth, Chaired by Greg Toohey, with fellow panelists Peter Barrett, Michael Barry, Simon Brown, Chuck McKenzie, Sean McMullen, Antony Searle and Scott Westerfeld;
The Art of Writing Horror
, with Paul Brandon, Stephen Dedman, Kaaron Warren, Kim Westwood, and Kim Wilkins
Godzilla at 50: Are Godzilla and his Friends Past It? with fellow daikaiju enthusiasts Bob Eggleton, Nick Stathopoulos, Lewis Morley, Marilyn Pride and Robin Pen.

The Giant Monster Flash Fiction contest was won by Iain Triffitt.

Robert is a panelist at the 2003 Magic Casements Speculative Fiction Event at the NSW Writer's Centre on Saturday 13 September, talking on the topic "Horror and Humour".

Robert was at the 42nd Australian National SF Convention (Swancon 2003) on 17-21 April -- not as a guest or in an 'official' capacity, but generally hanging around doing the things one does at conventions (or some of them anyway!). If you're there, introduce yourself and tell him how his stories have profoundly affected all aspects of your life! It'll make him feel useful. No doubt he'll be on a panel or two.

Several publications being launched at Swancon will include stories by Rob: "JAM Jars" in Agog! Terrific Tales (edited by Cat Sparks, Agog! Press, 2003), "Heartless" in Aurealis 31 , "The Drift" in Orb 5, and an anonymous -- and ominously salacious -- tale in Consensual 2: Come Again.

Sydney celebration of three recent small-press publications -- Immaterial: Ghost Stories by Robert Hood (Mirrordanse Books); Agog! Fantastic Fiction: 29 New Tales of Fantasy, Imagination & Wonder (Agog! Press); ed. Cat Sparks AustrAlien Absurdities: Comic Tales of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror by Australian Writers (Agog! Press); ed. Chuck McKenzie & Tansy Rayner Roberts -- was held on 25 August 2002 at Infinitas Bookshop, Parramatta.

An Immaterial event was held on Wednesday 4 September 2002 , at the UniCentre Bookshop in the University of Wollongong. Fantasy author Richard Harland interviewed Robert on the subject of ghosts and ghostly fiction in front of a massed crowd of fans. (OK, it was a small mass...)

Robert joined the inimitable Stephen Dedman as Guest of Honour at Borderlands: That Which Scares Us convention -- 7 to 8 September 2002 . He had a great time and felt duly appreciated by the wonderful people of Perth!

Robert was on a Writers Panel, with Mark McLeod as chair, at the ASLA (NSW) 4th Conference. Other writers were Felicity Pulman, Fiona McKay and Richard Harland. The theme of the Australian School Library Association (NSW) 4th Conference was Catching the Waves of Change, and it was held at Novotel North Beach, Wollongong on 25-26 October 2002.

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