Catzilla (Poland-2012; animation, short [approx. 2:43 min.]; dir. Bartlomiej Kik and Jakub Jablonski)

Made as a PC Benchmark demo by the Plastic Demoscene Group and Platige Image, Catzilla features a daikaiju cat with laser eyes, citywide destruction, a giant feline opponent and a typically anime human heroine, all in just under three spectacularly animated minutes.

[vimeo 54077172]


Daikaiju Feline Cinematic Heritage:

Killer Cars by Terry Gilliam from Monty Python’s Flying Circus episode “How To Recognize Different Parts of The Body” (UK-1970):

[youtube 8TpH79Q7dh4]

“Kitten Kong”: from The Goodies (UK-1971; dir. Jim Franklin):

[youtube BLDaI4yuKNU]

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