Film Synopses: Giant Monsters

Chaw (South Korea-[in post-production, 2009]; dir. Jeong-won Shin)

The story of a small village being terrorised by a man-eating, mutant boar. (Polygon Entertainment press release, July 2008)

The Giant Serpent’s Angry [aka A Large White Serpent; orig. Bai mang nao Long Gong] (HK-1963; dir. Zhu Ji [Chu Gei])

Chu Ying-fan, the daughter of Master Chu, is critically ill. A man, who claims himself as a crack doctor, says he can cure Ying-fan but her family must spend the night outside their home during treatment. Landlord Chu has no choice but to agree. This crack doctor is, in fact, the Serpent Spirit. Because Ying-fan has once saved the boa’s life, the boa stays up to look after her and saves her life. Chu is so grateful that he asks the boa to become his son-in-law. But the incident has alarmed the King of Hell, who reports to the Dragon King. The Clam Spirit resents the Serpent Spirit out of jealousy and sows discord between the king and the boa. The Dragon King orders the Clam Spirit to lead an army and catch the boa. The boa is then punished by being trapped in the Kwan Lun Mountain where he has to endure sufferings. Master Chu cannot bear to see this and dies. At this time, Ying-fan is pregnant and bears the Serpent’s offspring. She is fortunate to be looked after by Siu-king, the maid. The mother and son finally get bliss out of the depth of misfortune. Eighteen years later, her son Sing-yan becomes the Number One Scholar and passes the Kwan Lun Mountain on his glorious journey home. He misunderstands that the white boa has caused troubles to the villagers and thus tries to use his sword to kill it. Fortunately, the white boa escapes in time. When Sing-yan returns back home, he tells his mother about it. Ying-fan realizes that the white boa is Sing-yan’s father and frankly tells him the truth. Sing-yan intends to go and see the Dragon King, but is deceived by the Clam Spirit and trapped in the Corel Cave. The Serpent begs the mountain god to release him so that he can go and save his son and kill the Clam Spirit. But the Dragon King orders his men to catch him. The white boa and his son beg for mercy. The Dragon King is moved and allows them to return home for a reunion for only one night. After that, the white boa has to go back to the Dragon Palace to resume his duties. The white boa has no choice but to say farewell to Ying-fan. He also urges Sing-yan again and again to take good care of his mother. The next day, he goes back to the Dragon Palace. (Hong Kong Film Archive)

Jaws of Satan (US-1981; dir. Bob Claver)

A preacher whose ancestors were Druids battles Satan, who has taken the form of a huge snake.

Sector 7 (South Korea-[in development]; dir. unknown)

A science fiction action/adventure blockbuster about the crew of an oil rig battling deep sea monsters. (Polygon Entertainment press release, July 2008)

Treasure Island Kids: The Monster of Treasure Island (NZ-2004; dir. Michael Hurst)

It’s Hollywood on Treasure Island, as kids from all over the world enjoy movie making at this exotic summer camp. The arrival of a misfit Chinese boy coincides with a growing gender feud, but boys and girls are forced to work together when a giant sea monster threatens the future of the camp and puts their lives in danger. Second in the series. (Porchlight Entertainment)

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