Important Information for Readers of Undead Backbrain

This blog, Undead Backbrain, came into existence in July 2007, created by me — speculative fiction author Robert Hood, who researched, wrote and otherwise constructed all the posts, with information on new films often supplied by Avery Guerra [aka Kaiju Search-Robot Avery]. The frequency of postings has varied over the years, especially recently, once the pressure of time became an insurmountable obstacle. However, the site contained hundreds of postings that were constantly accessed by visitors from around the world and represented a lot of work and effort on my part and on Avery’s as well. In particular, comprehensive listings of giant monster, ghost, evil doll and other movie sub-genres represented a valuable resource available on the site, and were much lauded. Undead Backbrain has won several awards over the years.

In January 2017, the blog was attacked by malware of some kind and disappeared from view. Neither visiting readers nor myself could gain access to the blog. I was locked out of the dashboard. After much effort by service techs from Serverpoint, my provider, and many anxious days, the WordPress was finally recovered — but not undamaged. Unfortunately recent back-ups were themselves corrupted and WordPress had to be re-set from scratch. Much of the data appears now, but problems remain.

The text is there. However, a huge number of images scattered throughout the articles disappeared totally, so many pages you will come across appear with links and blank gaps in the text where the images once were. I am gradually re-attaching any I can recover from my own archives, but it’s a hugely time-consuming task — and one I don’t have much time for.

What hackers get out of causing such damage to a site like this is beyond me.