Cinema of the Backbrain

Weekend Fright Flick Program and Other Cinema Festivals

On weekends — sometimes regularly, sometimes every now and then — Undead Backbrain features full short films, feature-length movies, or even multi-part thematic festivals, for your enjoyment. This is where you can find them. Be sure to get your tickets in advance. Seating is unlimited.

Sometimes I put full films up here because they fit a theme, weekend or not.

  • [1 December 2011] World Premiere of The Emergence (Canada-2011; short [11.55 min.]; dir. Jeff LeBlanc) — view
  • The Giant Gila Monster (US-1959; dir. Ray Kellogg) — view
  • The Decayed (Australia-2009; short [13.05 min]; dir. Josef J. Weber) — view
  • Haselwurm (Italy-2011; short [15 min.]; dir. Eugenio Villani) — view
  • [22 March 2011] Yeti Double Feature: The Snow Creature (US-1954; dir. W. Lee Wilder) and Snowbeast (US-1977; dir. Herb Wallerstein) — view
  • [20 March 2011]: Oceaniden (Denmark-2010; short [8:12 min] dir. Gorm Just) — view
  • [30 January 2011]: Claws (US-2010; short [11.23 min]; dir. Sean Francis Ellis) — view

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