Film Synopses: Ghosts

Anonymous Blood [aka The Cut; Cadaver] (South Korea-2007; dir. Son Tae Woong)

Sun Hwa, Joon Suk, Ki Bum, Eun Joo, and Kyung Min are medical students about to experience the most gut-wrenching lesson of their lives. On the first day of anatomy class, a beautiful female cadaver awaits them in the laboratory. Strangely, soon after their encounter with the dead, a string of accidents and unexplained deaths befalls their classmates, and the students’ lives spiral out of control as they begin to suffer from unexplainable hallucinations and delusions. Suspecting the first cadaver they dissected to be the link behind the killings, they begin to investigate the past to find out why they have been marked for death. They get the fright of their lives when they discover that eighty percent of cadavers are victims of unnatural death with no surviving relatives. Suddenly, nothing seems the way it appears to be… (24Framespersecond)

The Brink (US-2006; dir. Benjamin Cooper)

If You Could Talk to the Dead, Would You Make the Call?

Four friends unleash a terror that will drive them to “The Brink”… and beyond! Just before his death, famous inventor Thomas Edison created a device for talking to the Dead. Megan, a gifted engineering student, tracks down the inventor’s lost blueprints, and gathers a group of fellow students to rebuild it in a dilapidated house. What Megan doesn’t tell her friends is that the house has a horrifically bloody past. An entire family brutally killed one another! The same evil force lies in wait for someone to flip the switch that will set it free once again into the world. (Website)

Ghost Voice [aka Yeogo gwae-dam 4: Moksori; High School Girl’s Ghost Story 4: Voice Letter; Voice] (South Korea-2005; dir. Ik-hwan Choe)

While training after hours in her high-school, the aspirant singer Park Young-Eon is mysteriously killed and her body vanishes. Her ghost is invisible and trapped in the school, but her best friend Kang Sun-min, who broadcast in the lunchtime in school, is able to hear her voice. After the suicide of their music teacher, Sun-min, aided by her mate Cho-Ah, finds that another student, Hyo-Jung, died in the same elevator trunk some time ago. Meanwhile Young-Eon recalls details of her life, disclosing why she died. (IMDB)

House [aka Hausu] (Japan-1977; dir. Nobuhiko Obayashi)

A satirical take on the classic haunted house story. A teenager named Oshare (Kimiko Ikegami) struggles to deal with the recent death of her mother. Hoping to get away from her problems (and her father’s new girlfriend), Oshare invites six female classmates to join her on a visit to her aunt’s secluded mansion. Upon their arrival, the girls fall prey to the dark, supernatural power infesting the home; each experiences bizarre hallucinations before they are picked off one by one and literally devoured by the haunted house. (SciFi Japan)

Hantu jeruk purut (Indonesia-2006; dir. Koya Pagayo) – IMDB

After renowned writer Anna dies, teenage student Airin is asked to finish her latest book about the haunts on jeruk purut cemetery. According to the legend, a headless priest haunts the grounds there and anyone who circles the graveyard seven times will die a horrible death. What Airin doesn’t know is that the spirits of the cemetery don’t want this book to get written, and will do anything to prevent it from doing so. Unknowingly, Airin has just put her own and her friends lives in jeopardy. (Slasherpool)

Muoi (South Korea/Vietnam-2007); dir. Tae-kyeong Kim)

A Korean writer travels to Vietnam in search of stories for her second novel. There she learns about a mystery centered around a century-old vengeful spirit. (IMDB)

Shadows (US-2009; dir. Dan Donley)

In a beautiful house with a murderous past, a parapsychology class supposedly hunts for ghosts. But each person has a hidden agenda, sometimes hidden from themselves. What they find is fear, love and terror. Weird events begin to occur. Some are jokes but others are no laughing matter and soon these inexplicable events turn deadly. The original owner of the house, found her husband and sister in bed and killed them in a fit of jealousy. Since then, her ghost roams the house at night with her knife, looking for cheating couples. With this group of students, she has plenty of victims to choose from. The professors aren’t telling the students the whole truth. Both of them were at the house 13 years ago when there was an “incident”. The house may look safe and inviting but nothing is as it seems and everyone has something to hide… in Shadows. (Source)

Sisily 2km (South Korea-2004; dir. Jeong-won Shin)

A group of gangsters searching for one of their own who made off with stolen diamonds track the culprit by his cellphone to a secluded farming town, where they force themselves onto the locals, whom they reckon know something they’re not telling. Well, it turns out that the locals did meet up with the guy earlier after he crashed his car close-by. They were kind enough to bring him in and offer him food, but he ends up buried alive when the locals get their hands on one of his diamonds. As the gangsters come closer to the truth on the whereabouts of their traitorous comrade, the dark truth behind the locals and a nearby school is revealed — and it invo9lves a ghost. A gangster comedy with supernatural elements. (Source)

The Virgin Ghost of Jeruk Purut [lit.] [aka Hantu perawan jeruk purut] (Indonesia-2008; dir. Nayato Fio Nuala) — IMDB

Nadya escapes death after a fight with her boyfriend, Elang, by taking refuge in an old house. It is said, however, that house is haunted by “Hantu Perawan Jeruk Purut” (the Virgin Ghost of Jeruk Purut). At first Nadya does not believe the rumour, but then mysterious things start to happen. (Source)

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