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This page is an archive of internet forums (or fora, if you want to be pedantic) recommended by Kaiju Search-Robot Avery. It will grow over time.

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EarthBaragon Forum banner

“EarthBaragon Underground, the one and only website totally devoted to fan-made Kaiju Music Videos, Fan Fiction, Art and Fan Films. It is here that the fandom-recognized EarthBaragon Productions, the original creators of KMV/TMVs here in America calls home, and we’d be proud if you called this home for your fan projects as well. Join us as we celebrate nearly four years of fan projects.” [Owner: Greg Graves; Webmaster: Tyler Graves] • WebsiteLink

Avery says: “This is a unique website and forum that focuses on the kaiju fan himself and his talents. I strongly urge the truest of kaiju fans to join right away and help support this fantastic site and to celebrate what being a kaiju fan is all about.”

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Godzilla Chronicles banner

Started in late 2007, Godzilla Chronicles has gained a small but devoted following of fans. It is headed by JVM, VaranMaster58, Ghido-Goji, G-Matt, Cloverfield, Kiryu and Heero. The site hosts an RPG, allowing players to harness control of kaiju, both created and from the films, and also hosts a number of projects, notably those of Rise of the Monsters, a 3-D fanfilm by VaranMaster58, Go-Ji-Oh!, sets of Yu-Gi-Oh! cards based on Godzilla monsters, and quality Figure Reviews by Ghido-Goji. It also has a regular comic by the admin Cloverfield focusing on the members, represented by kajiu from “Godzilla: Unleashed”. Although small, it is steadily growing in popularity, and an actual Site is in the works as a companion. • Link to forum

Avery says: An awesome fan forum with some very cool members and lots of cool fan projects to offer. Kaiju fans should definitely check this one out! And here is the group’s Godzilla 4 roster.

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Godzilla Forever banner

Avery says: This is an exciting new hip-looking kaiju fan forum with some of the friendliest and coolest kaiju fans on the net. Check it out — and then join right away! • Main siteLink to Forum

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Godzilla Zero Hour - banner

Avery says: “A really cool kaiju fan forum that features its own fan film with the same name. There are some really cool fans on this forum. The film project looks great and the forum is also a great place for following its progress.”

In lieu of keeping the main website up to date, updates are posted almost nightly on the community forums located at http://gzh.17.forumer.com/, where GZH enjoys a modest but devoted group of usual posters. Unique to the GZH forums is the ‘Kaiju Kreative Group’, which is currently under development. This spot is where Director [Franz] Vorenkamp occasionally drops 3D freebies, and instructional material on how to make your own kaiju flick. This is also a great spot to keep an eye on other independent genre films — this section of the forums has attracted more than a few very talented artists who display their work here.

Finally, GZH has its own private user group on GoogleGroups. Periodically, extra media and more technical updates are sent out to subscribers. • Main SiteLink to Forum

The Backbrain comments: “I’ve seen some exclusive footage of the film — and believe me, it’s looking excellent. Keep an eye on this!”

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Kaiju Galaxy Forum banner

The Kaiju Galaxy forum still runs strong today after its creation way back in November of 2004 by Donny Winter (EternalMothra), who today is still leading the forum. What makes this forum special is the determination and drive behind the members to make sure that the kaiju fandom keeps running. Without it, the forum would not have the enjoyable and active atmosphere it has today. • Link

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Kaijuphile forum banner

The Kaijuphile Forums are a full-featured community for giant monster fans. We have sections for just about every subject matter or interest. Come join the discussions today and let your voice be heard! It’s fast, free, and easy to register. (Sauron) • Link

Avery says: The Kaijuphile Forums are run by the awesome “Sauron”. It’s the coolest place for kaiju fans to go, with some of the most knowledgeable and most friendly fans around!

The Backbrain comments: Ongoing threads such as that relating to “Obscure Giant Monsters” have provided me with invaluable information in developing my obsessive Giant Monster Film List. If you have a question about some esoteric topic, this forum is definitely the place to ask it. The whole Kaijuphile site, in fact, is a wealth of excellent kaiju-related material.

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Monsterland Forum banner

A casual and friendly messageboard for the discussion of Godzilla, giant monsters and horror/sci-fi in cinema, on television and on DVD. The community is about twenty-six months old and is very close knit, ranging in age from 14 to 46. Anyone and everyone is welcome to join!

Kaiju Search-Robot Avery comments: “I really love this site, and its host is a really great guy. A true fan — and best of all its from Atlanta, GA.” • Link

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Mothra’s Island forum

The Mothra’s Island forum and website is run by “Hunter”. “The website is about Godzilla and Mothra, but mostly Mothra. Why it’s special is because it’s one of the only kaiju sites that solely specializes in Mothra.” • Main siteForum

Avery comments: “The Mothra’s Island forum and website is a blast! It’s an awesome and very attractive brand new kaiju website and forum that’s just a little over two months old now. There’s lots of information pertaining to the kaiju ‘Mothra’ and its films, as well as daily trivia questions, a chat room, etc.. Lots of fun! Fans of Mothra and related kaiju should join in on the fun right away. Yeah, only two months old! I caught this one fast and joined right away! “

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Tohogate banner

Avery comments: “Owned by the mysterious ‘3000’, Tohogate is a small, but constantly growing, fresh and new forum for kaiju fans, with some cool and friendly members and a very nice atmosphere. Kaiju fans should check it out and then join right away. It’s all free and all fun!” • Link

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Toho Island banner

Avery comments: “This one’s a blast! Best of all it’s run by a lovely young lady named ‘Goji Girl’ and has some of the friendliest fans around . It’s just a little over a year old now and is still growing. I highly recommend true kaiju fans to join right away and be a part of Toho Island’s growth.”

Toho Island has sections where people can add their opinion not only to the forums, but the main site as well. There’s a section where you can post photos and put up hilarious captions with them, too. You’re able to submit your own movie reviews or kaiju battles that will actually be added to the main site. • Main websiteLink to forums

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