The Decayed

The Decayed (Australia-2009; short [13.05 min]; dir. Josef J. Weber)

Three beautiful girls are lured to an abandoned abattoir by a psycho who is suffering from a deadly virus and is attempting to find a cure. The girls disappear one by one and a fight for survival begins. Who will become The Decayed?

The Decayed from Josef J. Weber on Vimeo.

2 Responses to The Decayed

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  2. Ros Riley says:

    Okay other than the sound track sucking it was really good. Find yourself a new artist who knows their subject as well as you know yours and then you will have a small hit on your hand. Ever wondered why some many horror films come with their own haunting music. Artist and artist matched is why. Surely a show of your film at a local uni or similar or local recording studio will find a better match than the one you did. Sorry for being a bitch but truth is better than fiction or blowing smoke up your bum. “The Decayed” will then become the hit you and I would like to see it become …… good luck
    regards Ros

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