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Parodies of humanity? A mockery of childhood innocence? Things that appear human but aren’t? Tiny unnatural monsters that lurk in dark corners of the heart and mind? This is an ongoing list of movies and TV show episodes that feature dolls of various kinds that display unnatural life and (usually) an evil tendency. The list is in alphabetical order (ignoring initial articles).


Angel (TV series)

“Smile Time” (US; ep. 5.102; 18 Feb. 2004; dir. Ben Edlund)

Annabelle (US-2014; dir. John R. Leonetti)
(UK-1972; dir. Roy Ward Baker; sc. Robert Bloch; segment “Manikins of Horror”)

The Alfred Hitchcock Hour (TV series)

“Where the Woodbine Twineth” (US; 11 January 1965; Season 3, Episode 13; dir. Alf Kjellin)

Attack of the Puppet People (US-1958; dir. Bert I. Gordon)
Black Devil Doll from Hell (US-1984; dir. Chester Turner)
Blood Dolls (US-1999; dir. Charles Band)
Buffy (TV series)

“The Puppet Show” (US; ep. 1.09; 5 May 1997; dir. Ellen S. Pressman)

Child’s Play series

Child’s Play (US-1988; dir. Tom Holland)
Child’s Play 2 (US-1990; dir. John Lafia)
Child’s Play 3 [aka Child’s Play 3: Look Who’s Stalking] (US-1991; dir. Jack Bender)
Bride of Chucky (US-1998; dir. Ronny Yu)
Seed of Chucky (US-2004; dir. Don Mancini)
Curse of Chucky (US-2013; dir. Don Mancini)

The Conjuring (US-2013; dir. James Wan)
Curse, Death and Spirit
[aka Honto ni atta kowai hanashi: Jushiryou] (Japan-1992; dir. Hideo Nakata; segment “The Cursed Doll”)
Dangerous Worry Dolls (US-2008; dir. Charles Band)
Das Clown (US-1999; short [8 min]; dir. Tom E. Brown)
Dead of Night (UK-1945; segment “The Ventriloquist’s Dummy” dir. Alberto Cavalcanti)
Dead Silence (US-2007; dir. James Wan)
Death Doll (US-1989; dir. William Mims)
Demonic Toys (US-1992; dir. Peter Manoogian) — review
Demonic Toys: Personal Demons [aka Demonic Toys 2] 2 (US-2010; dir. William Butler)
Demon Island [aka Piñata: Survival Island] (US-2002; dir. David and Scott Hillenbrand)
Der Golem (Germany-1913; dir. Henrik Galeen; co-s. Paul Wegener)
Der Golem: Wie Er in die Welt Kam (Germany-1920; dir. Paul Wegener)
Devil Doll (US-1963; dir. Lindsey Shonteff)
DevilDolls [aka The Haunted Dollhouse] (US-2012; dir. Ted Nicolaou, Peter Manoogian, Charles Band)

Doctor Who (TV series)

“Terror of the Autons” (Season 8, eps 1-4; UK-2 Jan 1971-23 Jan 1971)
“The Talons of Weng-Chiang” (Season 14, eps 1-6; UK-26 Feb 1977-2 April 1977)
“Rose” (New series, Season 1, ep. 1; UK-26 March 2005)
“The Girl in the Fireplace” (New series, Season 2, ep. 4; UK-6 May 2006)

Dollface (US-2008; short [20 min.]; dir. Jon Springer)
Doll from Hell [aka Ikenie; also Sacrifice] (Japan-1996; dir. Shinobu Murata)
Doll Graveyard (US-2005; dir. Charles Band)
Dollman vs. Demonic Toys (US-1993; dir. Charles Band)
The Doll Master [aka Inhyeongsa] (South Korea-2004; dir. Yong-ki jeong)
Dolls (US-1987; dir. Stuart Gordon)
Dolly Dearest (US-1991; dir. Maria Lease)
The Dummy (2000; dir. Keith Singleton)
The Fear (US-1995; dir. Vincent Robert)
The Fear: Resurrection [aka The Fear: Halloween Night] (US-1999; dir. Chris Angel)

Friday the 13th (TV series):

“Read My Lips” (Season 2, ep. 8; Canada-21 Nov. 1988; dir. Francis Delia)
“The Playhouse” (Season 2, ep. 12; Canada-28 Jan. 1989; dir. Tom McLoughlin)
“Jack-in-the-Box” (Season 3, ep. 17; Canada-23 Apr 1990; dir. David Winning)

Golem (1936; dir. Julien Duvivier)

Goosebumps (TV series):

“Night of the Living Dummy II” (US; ep. 10; 12 Jan 1996)
“Night of the Living Dummy III (1)” (US; ep. 43; 20 July 1997)
“Night of the Living Dummy III (2)” (US; ep. 43; 20 July 1997)
“Bride of the Living Dummy” (US; ep. 60; 14 Feb 1998)

The Great Gabbo (US-1929; dir. James Cruze, Eric Stroheim [uncredited])
Gudia (India-1997; dir. Goutam Ghose)
House of Evil (Mexico/US-1968; dir. Jack Hill and Juan Ibáñez)
The iDol (Japan-2006; dir. Norman England)
Íntimo Terror (Spain-1992; dir. Walter Doehner)
It! (UK/US-1966; dir. Herbert J. Leder) — a Golem movie
Jigsaw (US-2002; dir. Don Adams and Harry James Picardo)
Killer Koala (US-1996; dir. Harry Penderecki)

Lights Out (TV series):

“When Widows Weep” (US/Canada, pilot; 15 Jan 1972; creator Arch Oboler, writer Alvin Boretz, producer Herbert Brodkin)

The Living Doll (France-1908; dir. George Méliès)
Living Dolls (US-1980; short [9:36 min]; dir. Todd Coleman)
The Living Idol (US-1957; dir. René Cardona and Albert Lewin)
Los Muñecos Infernales: Devil Doll Men (Spain-1961; dir. Benito Alazrahi) [aka Curse of the Doll People, US, dir. Paul Nagle]
Love Object (US-2003; dir. Robert Parigi)
Macabre Serenade [aka Dance of Death] (US-Spain, 1968; dir. Juan Ibanez, Jack Hill)
Maelström (UK/Norway-1985; TV mini-series [6 episodes, 300 min.]; dir. David Maloney)
Magic (1978; dir. Richard Attenborough)
Malice@Doll (Japan-2000; dir. Keitarou Motonaga)
Marronnier (Japan-2004; dir. Hideyuki Kobayashi)
May (US-2002; dir. Lucky McKee)
The Melancholy Fantastic (US-2010; dir. A.D. Calvo)

Monsters (TV series):

“Holly’s House” (ep. 2; 29 Oct 1988; dir. Ted Gershundy)
“Manniquins of Horror” (ep. 23; 20 May 1989; dir. Ernest Farino, written by Robert Bloch)

Night Gallery (TV series):

“The Doll” (Season 1, ep. 12; 13 January 1971; dir. Rudi Dorn)
“The Doll of Death” (Season 3, ep. 14; 20 May 1973 ; dir. John Badham)

Ooga Booga (US-2013; dir. Charles Band)
Pinocchino’s Revenge
(US-1996; dir. Kevin Tenney)
Pulgasari (North Korea-1985; dir. Sang-Ok Sim and Chong Go Jo)

Puppet Master series

Puppet Master (1989; dir. David Schmoeller)
Puppet Master II (1991: dir. Dave Allen)
Puppet Master III: Toulon’s Revenge (1991; dir. David DeCoteau)
Puppet Master 4 (1993; dir. Jeff Burr)
Puppet Master 5: The Final Chapter (1994; dir. Jeff Burr)
Curse of the Puppet Master (1998; dir. David DeCoteau)
Retro Puppet Master (1999; dir. David DeCoteau and Joseph Tennent)
Puppet Master: The Legacy (2003; dir. Charles Band)
Puppet Master vs Demonic Toys (Us-2004; dir. Ted Nicolaou)

Puppets Who Kill (TV series. Canada, 2001-2005; dir. Rob Mills and Shawn Thompson)
Ragdoll (US-1999; dir. Ted Nicolaou)
Reincarnation [aka Rinne] (Japan-2005, dir. Takashi Shimizu)
Samurai Princess Gedohime (Japan-2009; dir. Kengo Kaji)
Shadow Zone: My Teacher Ate My Homework [aka Zona d’ombra: bambole e vudù] (Canada-1997; dir. Stephen Williams)
Shattered Lives (US-2009; dir. Carl Lindbergh)
Silent Night, Deadly Night 5: The Toy Maker (US-1992; dir. Martin Kitrosser)

The Simpsons (TV series)

“Tree House of Horror III: Clown Without Pity” segment (US; ep. 64, 24 Oct. 1992)

Small Soldiers (1998; dir. Joe Dante)
Stitches (US-2000; dir. Neal Marshall Stevens)
Tales From the Hood (US-1995; dir. Rusty Cundieff — “KKK Comeuppance” story)
The Tales of Hoffman (UK-1951; dir. Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger — “The Tale of Olympia” segment)
Tiki (US-2006; dir. Ron Ford)
Totem (US-1999; dir. David DeCoteau)
Tourist Trap (US-1979; dir. David Schmoeller)
Trilogy of Terror (US-1975; dir. Dan Curtis — Part 3 “Amelia”, released separately as a short titled “Terror of the Doll”)
Trilogy of Terror II (US-1996; dir. Dan Curtis)

Twilight Zone (TV series):

“The After Hours” (ep. 34; 10 June 1960; dir. Douglas Heyes)
“The Dummy” (ep. 98; 4 May 1962; dir. Abner Biberman)
“Living Doll” (ep. 126; 1 Nov. 1063; dir. Richard C. Sarafian)

The X-Files (TV Series)

“Chinga” (Season 5, ep. 10; 8 February 1998; dir. Kim Manners; written by Stephen King)

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166 Responses to Evil Doll Movie List

  1. chelsea townes says:

    well Im looking for a movie I think it was called dolls Im not too sure though I remember it being a old women and man living in the middle of nowhere and had al these attic dolls and this one scene these strippers came to the house trying to steal there stuff and the dolls killed them and the little girls parents the only ones who survived were the little girl and the other man because he had a love for the dolls ever since he was a child please tell me the name of that movie

  2. Jason says:


    It’s R.L. Steins the Haunting Hour

  3. Samantha says:

    Does anyone know what the movie is called where this lady has a devil baby and gives him away on Halloween to some random kids and the he comes back and sucks her in to some doll house? Plz help!!!

  4. Pingback: #6 Creepy Dolls – 31 days of Halloween | zodiacimmortal

  5. Michael says:

    Its called demonic toys.

  6. Amy says:

    looking for the title of a movie, fairly old , black and white, with a scientist who has an army of dolls that go out and kill people and bring them back to maybe a mausoleum or some sort of basement lab. Their souls are put into the doll, that looks just like them. One is a nurse if I remember correctly, and the dolls are in a house to kill someone and running around hiding behind the furniture and curtains. I saw this movie about 45 years ago so the details are gone but it scared the crap out of me

  7. Glenda Russell says:

    What’s the title of this movie, please. A disturbed young women holds several young women hostage, drugs their tea and dresses them like her dolls. I think her father was a doctor.

  8. Help!!! I remember watching something when I was younger on t.v around 2001, about a family that moved to a mansion with gargoyles and statues on, I remember a grimreaper statue falling from the mansion killing someone I think? Anyway the little girl found a doll on her bed, they became best friends and she would tell her to do things and they played hide and seek and the doll made her hide behind the bricks? My sister remembers watching this with me but was younger than me and doesn’t know what it was calle so at least I know I wasn’t dreaming it! I can’t find ANYTHING online that sounds like this film/ programme?

  9. Debrah Smiles says:

    What is the film that stared a little boy who bought a doll in an antique shop or toy store and things started to get weird and when he came back to the shop, the shop evaporated like it wasn’t there in the first place. Anybody know this film?

  10. Melodie says:

    Please help! My boyfriend remembers this movie where children are looking at a store thru it’s front windows and they see dolls that look just like other kids who disappeared, and when they go into the store, I think the children become the dolls & are trapped? It’s not “Needful Things”, but he did think it was Stephen King, maybe, but I couldn’t come up with anything…

  11. alicia says:

    Melodie, was this an animated film? Look for ALMA on youtube.

  12. haleyl_@hotmail.com says:

    soo.. I have been looking for this forever I remember watching it on the tv about
    a boy who buys a doll from a antique shop, and it almost looks like a school teacher with glasses, and I think black hair and talks to him and such that’s all I can remember but ive been searching please email me!!

  13. Tuesday says:

    I need help finding a movie I watched when I was younger.
    I remember this doll made adults see horrible things. it also talks.
    and I remember at the end the that they have placed the doll in a microwave. And a fisherman finds the doll because he fishes the microwave off the bottom of the lake and as the screen fades out the dolls say something like hi I’m blah blah you wanna play with ne teeeheehee
    and fried her and tew her and the microwave in the lake or something and.

  14. peterscot423 says:

    I have been remembered that I have watched the Movie. Their souls are put into the doll, that looks just like them. One is a nurse if I remember correctly, and the dolls are in a house to kill someone and running around hiding behind the furniture and curtains.


  15. Suzanne says:

    Hi Robert!
    I hope you can help me figure out an very old question for me. Saw a movie in about 1976 at a drive inn, it was the second feature, in St. John New Brunswick.

    Her’s the plot …loosely. A woman is in Venice searching for her missing sister, she hooks up with a local police officer or P.I. The search the streets of Venice, traversing up and down flights of stairs by canals….other young woman are also going missing….there seems to be a serial abducter on the loose. In a parallel story line we seem a man in an older shop on an older cobblestone street. The shop has a large window which displays large Porcelin dolls, that appear to bear a striking resemblance to some of the missing women.

    I have tried to figure out what this movies was, it had great cinematography, really rich colours, great scenes. What I don’t recall is wether the doll maker killed the woman and then made dolls that looked like the women or wether he somehow transformed the women into these porcelin dolls.

    Hoping you can help solve this mystery! :)

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