Ghost Movie/Fiction List

animated-horror-ghost-39This is a list of ghost movies, telemovies and TV series: filmed stories that feature ghosts, haunted houses, spirit possession, psychic communication with the dead and anything else I deem relevant. It is an international list and includes alternative titles (though this is not exhaustive), country of origin, date and director. Obtaining an accurate date is problematic in some cases, but I have provided the most common production date listed in film encyclopedias, though if there is contention about this I have used either the copyright date as given on the film itself or the release date according to sources such as the Internet Movie Database. The list is intended to be as complete as I can make it, though it is in a state of perpetual flux and is, needless to say, an ongoing project.

For a selective list of Ghost Fiction, see the Peripheral Visions website.


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Le Manoir Du Diable [aka The Haunted Castle; The Devil’s Manor; The Devil’s Castle] (France-1896; short [2 min.]; dir. Georges Méliès)
The Haunted Castle (UK-1897; short [1 min.] dir. Georges Albert Smith)


The Haunted Curiosity Shop (UK-1901; short; dir. Walter R. Booth)
Le Monstre [aka The Monster] (France-1903; dir. Georges Méliès)
The Haunted Bedroom (UK-1907; dir. Walter R. Booth)
The Red Spectre [Le spectre rouge] (France-1907; short [9 min.]; (dir. Segundo de Chomón, Ferdinand Zecca)
The Haunted House [La maison ensorcelée] (France-1908; short [6 min.] dir. Segundo de Chomón)
Legend of a Ghost [La légende du fantôme] (France-1908; short [13 min.]; dir. Segundo de Chomón)


The Haunted Cafe (Germany-1911; short; dir. ?)
The Haunted Bedroom (US-1913; short; dir. ?)
The Haunted Attic (US-1914; short; dir. ?)
The Avenging Hand [aka The Wraith of the Tomb] (UK-1915; dir. Charles Calvert)
Haunted (US-1915; short; dir. ?)
Haunted (US-1916; short; dir. ?)
The Haunted Bell (US-1916; dir. Henry Otto)
The Wraith of Haddon Towers (US-1916; dir. Arthur Maude)
The Haunted Bedroom (US-1919; dir. Fred Niblo)

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Körkarlen [aka The Phantom Carriage; The Soul Shall Bear Witness] (Sweden-1920, dir. Victor Sjöström)
The Guyra Ghost Mystery (Aust-1921; dir. John Cosgrove)
The Ghost Breaker (US-1922, dir. Alfred Green)
The Headless Horseman (US-1922; dir. Edward D. Venturini)
Au Secours! (France-1923, short, dir. Abel Gance)
Kyoren no Onna Shisho [aka Passion of a Woman Teacher] (Japan-1926, dir. Kenji Mizoguchi)
La Chute de la Maison Usher [aka The Fall of the House of Usher] (France-1928, dir. Jean Epstein)
Haunted House (US-1929; animation, short [7 min]; dir. Walt Disney)
Youma Kitan [aka A Tale of the Occult] (Japan-1929; silent; dir. Tetsuro Hoshi)

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Bhutia Mahal [aka Haunted House] (India-1932; dir. Jayany Desai)
Haunted Gold (US-1932; dir. Mack V. Wright)
Kaidan Yuunagi Zoshi [aka Ghost Story: The Book of Evening Calm] (Japan-1932; silent; dir. Minoru Inuzuka)
The Crying Woman [aka La Llorona; The Ghost] (Mex-1933; dir. Ramón Peón)
Supernatural (US-1933; dir. Victor Halperin)
El Fantasma derl Convento [aka The Phantom of the Convent] (Mexico-1934; dir. Fernando de Fuentes)
The Medium (UK-1934; short, dir. Vernon Sewell)
The Ghost Goes West (UK-1935; dir. René Clair)
Death and the Maiden [aka Faehrmann Maria; Ferryboat Woman Maria] (Germany-1936; dir. Frank Wisbar)
Topper (US-1937; dir. Norman Z. McLeod)
A Christmas Carol (US-1938; Edwin L. Marin)
The Utah Trail (US-1938; dir. Albert Herman)
La Charrette Fantôme (France-1939; dir. Julien Duvivier)
The Tender Enemy [aka La tendre ennemie] (France-1939; dir. Max Ophüls)
Topper Takes a Trip (US-1939; dir. Norman Z. McLeod)

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Beyond Tomorrow [aka Beyond Christmas] (US-1940, dir. A Edward Sutherland)
Earthbound (US-1940, dir. Irving Pichel)
Ghost Breakers (US-1940, dir. George Marshall)
The Ghost of Midnight [aka El Fantasma de medianoche] (Mex-1940, dir. Raphael J. Sevilla)
You’ll Find Out (US-1940, dir. David Butler)
The Ghost of St. Michael’s (UK-1941, dir. Marcel Varnel)
The Ghost Train (UK-1941, dir. Walter Forde)
Hold That Ghost (US-1941, dir. Arthur Rubin)
The Invisible Ghost (US-1941, dir. Joseph H. Lewis) — review
The Smiling Ghost (US-1941, dir. Lewis Seiler)
Topper Returns (US-1941, dir. Roy del Ruth)
A Guy Named Joe (US-1943; dir. Victor Fleming)
Happy Land (US-1943; dir. Irving Pichel)
The Canterville Ghost (US-1944, dir. Jules Dassin)
Curse of the Cat People (US-1944, dir. Robert Wise, Gunther van Fritsch)
Don’t Take It To Heart (UK-1944, dir. Jeffrey Dell)
The Ghost Catchers (US-1944, dir. Edwarde F. Cline)
The Halfway House (UK-1944, dir. Basil Dearden, Alberto Cavalcanti uncredited)
La Torre de los siete jorobados [aka The Tower of the Seven Hunchbacks] (Spain-1944, dir. Edgar Neville)
The Uninvited (US-1944, dir. Lewis Allen)
Blithe Spirit (UK-1945, dir. David Lean)
Dead of Night (UK-1945, dir. various)
The Phantom Speaks (US-1945, dir. John English)
The Woman Who Came Back (US-1945, dir. Walter Colmes)
Wonder Man (US-1945, dir. H. Bruce Humberstone)
Face of Marble (US-1946, dir. William Beaudine)
La Rebelion de los Fantasmas [aka The Revolt of the Ghosts] (Mexico-1946, dir. Adolfo Fernandez Bustamante)
Strangler of the Swamp (US-1946, dir. Frank Wisbar)
Sylvia and the Ghost [aka Sylvie et le fantôme] (France-1946, dir. Claude Autant-Lara)
The Ghost and Mrs Muir (US-1947, dir. Joseph L. Mankiewicz)
The Ghost Goes Wild (US-1947, dir. George Blair)
The Ghosts of Berkeley Square (UK-1947, dir. Vernon Sewell)
La Herencia de la Llorona [aka The Heritage of the Crying Woman] (Mexico-1947; dir. Mauricio Magdaleno)
Hamlet (UK-1948, dir. Laurence Olivier)
The Monkey’s Paw (UK-1948; [64 min.]; dir. Norman Lee)
Portrait of Jennie (US-1948; dir. William Dieterle)
Ghost of Yotsuya — New Version [aka Shinshaku Yotsuya Kaidan] (Japan-1949, dir. Keisuke Kinoshita)
Nabeshima Kaibyoben (Japan-1949, dir. Kunio Watanabe)
Yurei Ressha [aka Ghost Train; Red Eye] (Japan-1949; dir. Akira Nobuchi)

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Return to Glennascaul [aka A Story That Is Told in Dublin; Orson Welles’ Ghost Story] (Ireland-1951, short, dir. Hilton Edwards)
Castle in the Air (UK-1952, dir. Henry Cass)
Ghost Ship (UK-1952, dir. Vernon Sewell) — review
Three’s Company (UK-1953, dir. Terence Fisher, Charles Saunders) — “The Scream” segment
Ugetsu [aka Ugetsu monogatari] (Japan-1953, dir. Kenji Mizguchi)
Love with a Ghost (HK-1954, dir. Tao Qin)
Ghost Story of Youth [aka Seishun kaidan] (Japan-1955, dir. Kon Ichikawa)
Back from the Dead (US-1956, dir. Charles Marquis Warren)
The Ceiling at Utsunomiya [aka Kaii Utsunomiya tsuritenjo] (Japan-1956, dir. Nobuo Nakagawa)
The Headless Rider [aka El Jinete Sin Cabeza] (Mexico-1956, dir. Chano Urueta)
The Swamp [aka Kaidan Chidori-ga-fuchi; Ghost of Chidori-ga-fuchi] (Japan-1956, dir. Eiichi Koishi)
The Ghost of Kasane [aka Kaidan Kasane-ga-fuchi; The Depths] (Japan-1957, dir. Nobuo Nakagawa)
Ghost Stories of a Wanderer at Honjo [aka Kaidan Honjo nanfushigi; Seven Mysteries] Japan-1957, dir. Goro Katano)
Borei Kaibyo Yashiki [aka Black Cat Mansion] (Japan-1958, dir. Nobuo Nakagawa)
Ghost of Chibusa Enoki [aka Kaidan Chibusa enoki] (Japan-1958, dir. Goro Katano)
House on Haunted Hill (US-1958, dir. William Castle)
Körkarlen [aka The Phantom Carriage] (Sweden-1958, dir. Arne Mattson)
My World Dies Screaming [aka Terror in the Haunted House] (US-1958; dir. Harold Daniels)
The Screaming Skull (US-1958, dir. Alex Nicol)
Black Pit of Dr M [aka Misterios de ultratumba, Mysteries of the Afterlife] (Mex-1959, dir. Fernando Méndez)
Darby O’Gill and the Little People (US-1959, dir. Robert Stevenson)
Enchanted Shadow [aka Ch’ien-nu Yu-Hin; Soul of a Beautiful Girl] (HK-1959, dir. Lin Han Hsiang)
Ghost from the Pond [aka Kaidan hitotsu-me Jizo, Ghost Story: One Eyed Jizo] (Japan-1959, dir. Kinnosuke Fukuda)
Ghost Story: Depth of Kagami [aka Kaidan Kagami-ga-fuchi] (Japan-1959, dir. Masaki Mori)
Ghost Story of Yotsuya [aka Tokaido Yotsuya kaidan] (Japan-1959, dir. Nobuo Nakagawa)
The Haunted Cave [aka Ama no Bakemono Yashiki] (Japan-1959, dir. Morihei Magatani)
The Headless Ghost (UK-1959, dir. Peter Graham Scott)
Turn of the Screw (US-1959, TV [60 min.], dir. John Frankenheimer)

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13 Ghosts (US-1960, dir. William Castle) — review
Black Sunday [aka La Maschera del Demonio] (It/Fr-1960, dir. Mario Bava)
The Crying Woman [aka La Llorona] (Mex-1960, dir. René Cardona)
El Espejo de la Bruja [aka Cuentos de Brujas; The Witch’s Mirror] (Mexico-1960, dir. Chano Urueta)
The Ghost of Kasane [aka Kaidan Kasane-ga-fuchi; Ghost Story: Depth of Kasane] (Japan-1960, dir. Kimiyoshi Yusuda)
The Haunted Castle [aka Das Spukschloss im Spessart] (West German-1960, dir. Kurt Hoffman)
House of Usher (US-1960, dir. Roger Corman)
The House in Marsh Road [aka The Invisible Creature] (UK-1960, dir. Montgomery Tully)
Jigoku [aka Hell] (Japan-1960, dir. Nobuo Nakagawa)
Tormented (US-1960, dir. Bert I. Gordon) — review
Fantasmi a Roma [aka Ghosts in Rome] (Italy-1961, dir. Antonio Pietrangeli)
Ghost of Oiwa [aka Kaidan Oiwa no borei] (Japan-1961, dir. Tai Kato)
House of Mystery (UK-1961, dir. Vernon Sewell)
The Innocents (UK-1961, dir. Jack Clayton)
Carnival of Souls (US-1962, dir. Herk Harvey)
Pitfall [aka Otoshiana] (Japan-1962; dir. Hiroshi Teshigahara)
Spiritism [aka Espiritismo] (Mex-1962, dir. Benito Alazraki)
The Curse of the Crying Woman [aka La Maldición de la Llorona] (Mex-1963, dir. Rafael Baledón)
Devil Doll (UK/US-1963, dir. Lindsay Shonteff)
La Frusta e il Corpo [aka Incubo; The Body and the Whip] (Italy/France-1963, dir. Mario Bava)
The Haunting (UK-1963, dir. Robert Wise)
House of the Damned (US-1963; dir. Maury Dexter)
Nightmare (UK-1963, dir. Freddie Francis)
The Terror (US-1963, dir. Roger Corman)
Twice Told Tales (US-1963, dir. Sidney Salkow), esp. “The House of the Seven Gables” segment
2000 Maniacs (US-1964, dir. Herschell Gordon Lewis)
Catacombs [aka The Woman Who Wouldn’t Die] (UK-1964, dir. Gordon Hessler)
La Danza Macabra [aka Castle of Blood; The Long Night of Terror] (Italy/France-1964, dir. Antonio Margheriti as Anthony Dawson)
The Ghost of Sierra de Cobre [extended version of an Outer Limits episode ” The Haunted” — reference (David J. Schow] (US-1964; dir. Joseph Stefano and Robert Stevens)
Kaidan (Japan-1964, dir. Masaki Kobayashi)
The Long Hair of Death [aka I Lunghi Capellli della Morte] (Italy-1964, dir. Antonio Margheriti as Anthony Dawson)
The Tomb of Ligeia (UK-1964, dir. Roger Corman)
Witchcraft (UK-1964, dir. Don Sharp)
Bhoot Bangla [aka Ghost House] (India-1965; dir. Mehmood)
The Ghost Jesters [aka Los Fantasmas burlones] (Mex-1965, dir. Rafael Baledón)
The Ghost of the Hunchback [aka Kaidan Semushi Otoko] (Japan-1965, dir. Hajime Sato)
Ghost of the One-Eyed Man [aka Kaidan Katame no Otoko] (Japan-1965, dir. Tsunea Kobayashi)
Illusion of Blood [aka Yotsuya Kaidan; The Ghost of Yotsuya] (Japan-1965, dir. Shiro Toyoda)
Nightmare Castle [aka Amanti d’Oltretomba; Lovers Beyond the Tomb] (Italy-1965, dir. Mario Caiano as Allan Grunewald)
The Skull (UK-1965, dir. Freddie Francis)
The Ghost and Mr Chicken (US-1966; dir. Alan Rafkin)
Kill, Baby, Kill! [aka Operazione Paura] (Italy-1966, dir. Mario Bava) — review
La Lunga Notte di Veronique [aka But You Were Dead; Veronique’s Long Night] (Italy-1966, dir. Gianni Vernuccio)
Mystery and Imagination (TV series, UK-1966/1970, dir. Patrick Dromgoole)
The Painted Skin [aka Hua Pi] (HK-1966, dir. Bao Fang)
Wild, Wild West (US-1966; ep. 2.12 “The Night of the Man-Eating House”, aired 2 Dec 1966; dir. Alan Crosland Jr.)
El Camino de los espantos (Mexico-1967; dir. Gilberto Martínez Solares)
Tenamonya yurei dochu [aka Ghost Story of Two Travelers at Tenamonya] (Japan-1967, dir. Shuei Matsubayashi)
Autopsy of a Ghost [aka Autopsia de un fantasma] (Mex-1968, dir. Ismael Rodríguez)
Blackbeard’s Ghost (US-1968; dir. Robert Stevenson)
Even the Wind is Afraid [aka Hasta el viento tiene miedo] (Mex-1968; dir. Carlos Enrique Taboada)
The Ghosts of Hanley House (US-1968; dir. Louise Sherrill)
A Ghost Story: Barabara Phantom [aka Kaidan barabara yurei; The Dismembered Ghost] (Japan-1968, dir. Kinya Ogawa)
Ghost Story of the Snake Woman [aka Kaidan hebi-onna] (Japan-1968, dir. Nobuo Nakagawa)
Goedam [aka Ghost Story] (South Korea-1968, dir. Jo-Myeong Jeon)
Hasta el viento tiene miedo [aka Even the Wind is Scared] (Mexico-1968; dir. Carlos Enrique Taboada)
Kaidan Botandoro [aka A Tale of Peonies and Lanterns] (Japan-1968, dir. Satsuo Yamamoto)
Kaidan Yukigoro [aka Yukionna; Snow Ghost] (Japan-1968, dir. Tokuzo Tanaka)
Kaidan Zankoku Monogatari [aka Curse of Blood] (Japan-1968, dir. Kazuo Hase)
Kuroneko [aka Yabu no naka no kuroneko] (Japan-1968; dir. Kaneto Shindo)
Lady Hong [aka Minyeo Hong Nang-ja] (South Korea-1969; dir. Ki-young Kim)
Living Skeleton [aka Kyuketsu Dokurosen] (Japan-1968, dir. Hiroshi Matsuno)
Snake Woman’s Curse [aka Kaidan Hebi-onna] (Japan-1968; dir. Nobuo Nakagawa]
Trilogy of Terror [aka Trilogia de Terror] (Brazil-1968, dir. José Mojica Marins; Ozulado Candeias; Luiz Sergio Person) esp. third story “Rocissao dos Mortos”
Whistle and I’ll Come to You (UK-1968, TV episode “Omnibus”, dir. Jonathan Miller)
Yokai daisenso [aka Big Ghost War; Spook Warfare] (Japan-1968, dir. Yoshiyuki Kuroda)
Yokai Hyaku Monogatari [aka The Hundred Monsters] (Japan-1968, dir. Kimiyoshi Yasuda)
Aido (Japan-1969, dir. Susumu Hani)
Fear No Evil (US-1969, TV, dir. Paul Wendkos)
The Haunted Castle [aka Hiroku Kaibyoden] (Japan-1969, dir. Tokuzo Tanaka)
Tôkaidô obake dôchû [aka Along With Ghosts] (Japan-1969; dir. Kimiyoshi Yasuda)
Venus in Furs [aka Paroxismus] (UK/West Germany/Italy-1969; dir. Jesus Franco)
Yotsuya Kaidan — Oiwa no Borei [aka The Curse of the Ghosts] (Japan-1969, dir. Issei Mori)

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Crowhaven Farm (US-1970, TV, dir. Walter Grauman)
Curse of the Vampires [aka Creatures of Evil] (US/Phil-1970, dir. Gerardo de Leon)
Blind Woman’s Curse [aka Kaidan Noboriryu; Tattooed Swordswoman] (Japan-1970, dir. Teruo Ishii)
The Enchanting Ghost [aka Gui wu li ren] (HK-1970, dir. Chou Hsu Chiang)
Four Moods [aka Hsi Nou Ai Lueh] (Taiwan-1970, dir. Li Hanxiang, Bai Ching-Sue, Hoo Ching-chuen, Lu Shing)
Horror of an Ugly Woman [aka Kaidan Kasane-ga-fuchi; The Masseur’s Curse] (Japan-1970, dir. Kimiyoshi Yusuda]
The House That Would Not Die (US-1970, TV, dir. John Llewellyn Moxey)
Night of the Vampire [aka Chi o Suu Ningy] (Japan-1970, dir. Michio Yamamoto)
Ritual of Evil (US, 1970, TV, dir. Robert Day) — sequel to Fear No Evil (1969)
Sole Survivor (US-1970, TV, dir. Paul Stanley)
Black Noon (US-1971, TV, dir. Bernard L. Kowalski)
The Ghost [aka Myonuriui Han] (South Korea-1971, dir. Park Yoon Kyo)
The Horse of the Invisible (UK-1971; TV episode of “The Rivals of Sherlock Holmes”, dir. Alan Cooke)
Let’s Scare Jessica to Death (US-1971, dir. John Hancock)
Malpertuis (France/Belgium-1971, dir. Harry Kümel)
Muñeca Reina (Mexico-1971, dir. Sergio Olhovich)
Something Evil (US-1972, TV, dir. Steven Spielberg)
The Stalls of Barchester (UK-1971, TV episode “Ghost Story for Christmas”, dir. Lawrence Gordon Clark)
Baron Blood [aka Gli Orrori del castello di Norimberga] (West Germany/Italy-1972; dir. Mario Bava]
A Christmas Carol (US-1972, dir. Richard Williams)
Ghost Story (US-1972, TV, dir. John Llewellyn Moxey)
Ghost Story (US-1972, TV series, dir. Don McDougall and others)
Neither the Sea nor the Sand (UK-1972, dir. Fred Burnley)
The Other (US-1972, dir. Robert Mulligan)
She Waits (US-1972, TV, dir. Delbert Mann)
The Stone Tape (UK-1972, TV, dir. Peter Sasdy)
A Warning to the Curious (UK-1972, TV episode of “Ghost Story for Christmas”, dir. Lawrence Gordon Clark)
The Asphyx (UK/US-1973, dir. Peter Newbrook) — review
And Now the Screaming Starts! (UK-1973, dir. Roy Ward Baker)
Dark Places (UK-1973, dir. Don Sharp)
Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark (US-1973, TV, dir. John Newland)
Don’t Look Now (It/US-1973, dir. Nicholas Roeg)
High Plains Drifter (US-1973, dir. Clint Eastwood)
The Horror at 37,000 Feet (US-1973, TV, dir. David Lowell Rich)
The Legend of Hell House (UK-1973, dir. John Hough)
Lisa and the Devil [aka Lisa e il diavolo] (Italy-1973, dir. Mario Bava] — review
Céline et Julie vont en bateau [aka Celine and Julie Go Boating] (France-1974, dir. Jacques Rivette)
Lost Hearts (UK-1974, TV episode of “Ghost Story for Christmas”, dir. Lawrence Gordon Clark)
Ghost Eyes [aka Gui Yan] (HK-1974, dir. Chih-Hung Kwei [Gwai Chi Hung])
Ghost Story (UK-1974, dir. Stephen Weeks)
Haunted: The Ferryman (UK-1974; TV [60 min.]; dir. John Irvin)
Haunted: Poor Girl (UK-1974; TV [60 min.]; dir. Michael Apted)
The Strange and Deadly Occurrence (US-1974, TV, dir. John Llewellyn Moxey)
Le Tour d’écrou [aka Turn of the Screw] (France-1974, TV, dir. Raymond Rouleau)
Treasure of Abbot Thomas (UK-1974, TV episode of “Ghost Story for Christmas”, dir. Lawrence Gordon Clark)
Turn of the Screw (US-1974, TV, dir. Dan Curtis)
The Vengeance of the Crying Woman [aka La Venganza de la llorona] (Mex-1974, dir. Miguel M. Delgado) — a Santo film
The Ash Tree (UK-1975, TV episode of “Ghost Story for Christmas”, dir. Lawrence Gordon Clark)
Burnt Offerings (US-1976, dir. Dan Curtis) — review
Death at Love House (US-1976, dir. E.W. Swackhamer)
Dona Flor E Seus Dois Maridos [aka Donna Flor and her Two Husbands] (Brazil-1976, dir. Bruno Barrato)
Sérail [aka Surreal Estate] (France-1976, dir. Eduardo de Gregorio)
The Tenant [aka Le Locataire] (Fr/US-1976, dir. Roman Polanski)
Dead of Night (US-1977, TV movie, dir. Dan Curtis), esp. segments “Second Chance” and “Bobby”)
Full Circle [aka The Haunting of Julia] (Canada/UK-1977, dir. Richard Loncraine)
House [aka Hausu] (Japan-1977; dir. Nobuhiko Obayashi)
Opening Night (US-1977, dir. John Cassavetes)
The Sentinal (US-1977, dir. Michael Winner)
Stigma (UK-1977, TV episode of “Ghost Story for Christmas”, dir. Lawrence Gordon Clark)
Child of Glass (US-1978; dir. John Erman)
Cruise Into Terror (US-1978, TV, dir. Bruce Kessler)
Dominique [aka Dominique is Dead] (US-1978, dir. Michael Anderson) — review
The Evil (US-1978, dir. Gus Trikonis)
The Ghost of Flight 401 (US-1978, TV, dir. Steven Hilliard Stern)
The Somnambulists [aka Sonámbulos] (Spain-1978; dir Manuel Gutiérrez Aragón)
Alison’s Birthday (Aust-1979; dir. Ian Coughlan)
The Amityville Horror (US-1979, dir. Stuart Rosenberg)
Haunted (US-1979; dir. Michael A. DeGaetano)

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Beyond Evil (US-1980, dir. Herb Freed)
The Changeling (Can-1980, dir. Peter Medak) — review
Death Ship (UK/Canada-1980, dir. Alvin Rakoff)
The Fog (US-1980, dir. John Carpenter)
The Hearse (US-1980, dir. George Bowers)
Hex [aka Xie] (HK-1980, dir. Chih-Hung Kwei)
Satan War (US-1980, dir. Bart La Rue)
The Shining (UK-1980, dir. Stanley Kubrick)
Sobreonatural [aka Supernatural] (Spain-1980, dir. Eugenio Martin)
Somewhere in Time (US-1980; dir. Jeannot Szwarc)
Ace [aka Asso] (Italy-1981; dir. Franco Castellano and Giuseppe Moccia)
The Entity (US-1981, dir. Sidney J. Fury) — review
Ghost Story (US-1981, dir. John Irvin) — review
Hotel (India-1981; dir. Shyam and Tulsi Ramsay)
This House Possessed (US-1981, TV, dir. William Wiard)
The Nesting (US-1981, dir. Armand Weston)
The Survivor (Aust-1981, dir. David Hemmings)
Amityville II: The Possession (US-1982, dir. Damiano Damiani)
Cry for the Strangers (US-1982, TV, dir. Peter Medak)
Don’t Go To Sleep (US-1982, TV, dir. Richard Lang)
Fanny and Alexander [aka Fanny och Alexander] (Sweden-1982, dir. Ingmar Bergman)
The House Where Evil Dwells (US/Japan-1982, dir. Kevin Connor)
Kaiidan: Ikiteiru Koheiji [aka The Living Koheiji] (Japan-1982, dir. Nobuo Nakagawa)
Next of Kin (Aust-1982; dir. Tony Williams)
Poltergeist (US-1982, dir. Tobe Hooper)
Revenge in the House of Usher [aka The Sadistic Baron von Klaus] (France-1982; dir. Jess Franco)
The Watcher in the Woods (UK/US-1982, dir. John Hough)
Amityville III: The Demon [aka Amityville 3-D] (US-1983, dir. Richard Fleischer)
Boxer’s Omen [aka Mo] (HK-1983; dir. Chih-Hung Kwei)
De Vierde Man [aka The Fourth Man] (Netherlands-1983, dir. Paul Verhoeven)
Eyes of Fire (US-1983; dir. Avery Crounse)
Meng gui chu long [aka Possessed] (HK-1983; dir. David Lai)
The Returning (US-1983, dir. Joel Bender)
Shades of Darkness: The Last Seance (UK-1983, TV, dir. June Wyndham-Davies)
Shades of Darkness: The Demon Lover (UK-1983, TV, dir. Peter Hammond)
Shades of Darkness: Bewitched (UK-1983, TV, dir. John Gorrie)
Shades of Darkness: Seaton’s Aunt (UK-1983, TV, dir. Brian Parker)
Shades of Darkness: The Maze (UK-1983, TV, dir. Peter Hammond)
Shades of Darkness: Afterward (UK-1983, TV, dir. Simon Langton)
Shades of Darkness: Feet Foremost (UK-1983, TV, dir. Gordon Flemyng)
Shades of Darkness: The Intercessor (UK-1983, TV, dir. Peter Hammond)
Sole Survivor (US-1983, dir. Thom Eberhardt)
Ghostbusters (US-1984, dir. Ivan Reitman)
Haunters of the Deep (UK-1984, dir. Andrew Boyle)
House of Dies Drear (US-1984; dir. Allan A. Goldstein)
The Occupant [aka Ling qi bi ren] (HK-1984; dir. Ronny Yu)
Yan gui fa kuang [aka Possessed II] (HK-1984; dir. David Lai)
Cemetery of Terror [aka Cemeterio del terror] (Mexico-1985; dir. Rubén Galindo Jr.)
Dark of the Night (NZ-1985; dir. Gallene Preston)
Force of Darkness (US-1985, dir. Alan Hauge)
The Heavenly Kid (US-1985; dir. Cary Medoway)
Turn of the Screw [aka Otra vuelta de tuerca] (Spain-1985, dir. Eloy de la Iglesia)
Dark Mansions (US-1986; TV; dir. Jerry London)
Haunted Honeymoon (US-1986; dir. Gene Wilder)
House (US-1986, dir. Steve Miner)
Nomads (US-1986, dir. John McTiernan)
The Wraith (US-1986; dir. Mike Marvin)
Blood Sisters (US-1987, dir. Roberta Findlay)
Chinese Ghost Story 1 [aka Sinnus yauman] (HK-1987, dir. Siu-Tung Ching)
Haunted by her Past [aka Secret Passions] (US-1987; TV; dir. Michael Pressman)
Gotham [aka The Dead Can’t Lie] (US-1988; dir. Lloyd Fonvielle)
Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II [aka The Haunting of Hamilton High] (Can-1987, dir. Bruce Pittman)
Kadaicha (Aust-1987; dir. Philippe Mora)
Prince of Darkness (US-1987, dir. John Carpenter)
Siesta (US-1987, dir. Mary Lambert)
Those Dear Departed (Aust-1987; dir. Ted Robinson)
The 13th Floor (Aust-1988; dir. Chris Roache)
Beetlejuice (US-1988, dir. Tim Burton)
The Discarnates [aka Ijintachi Tono Natsu] (Japan-1988; dir. Nobuhiko Obayashi)
The Dreaming (Aust-1988; dir. Mario Andreacchio)
Der Fluch [aka The Curse] (Austria/West Germany-1988; dir.  Ralf Huettner)
The Girl in a Swing (US/UK-1988; dir. Gordon Hessler)
High Spirits (UK/US-1988, dir. Neil Jordan)
Kadaicha [aka Stones of Death] (Australia-1988; dir. James Bogle)
Lady in White (US-1988, dir. Frank LaLoggia)
The Peacock King [aka Kujaku ô] (HK-1988; dir. Nagai Kai Lam)
Picture of a Nymph [aka Hua zhong xian] (1988; dir. Ma Wu)
Prison (US-1988, dir. Renny Harlin)
Scarecrows (US-1988; dir. William Wesley)
Slaughterhouse Rock (US-1988, dir. Dimitri Logothetis)
The Visitors [aka Besökarna] (Sweden-1988; dir. Jack Ersgard)
Always (US-1989, dir. Stephen Spielberg)
Amityville IV: The Evil Escapes (US-1989, TV, dir. Sandor Stern)
Black Rainbow (UK-1989, dir. Mike Hodges)
The Chair (US-1989, dir. Waldemar Korzeniowsky)
The Church [aka La Chiesa] (Italy-1989, dir. Michele Soavi)
Field of Dreams (US-1989, dir. Phil Alden Robinson)
Ghostbusters 2 (US-1989, dir. Ivan Reitman)
Out of the Body (Aust-1989; dir. Brian Trenchard-Smith)
Sweet Home [aka Suit Homu] (Japan-1989, dir. Kiyoshi Kurosawa)
Witchtrap [aka The Presence] (US-1989; dir. Kevin Tenney)
The Woman in Black (UK-1989, TV, dir. Herbert Wise)

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The Amityville Curse (Canada-1990, dir. Tom Berry)
Chinese Ghost Story 2 [aka Sinnus yauman 2] (HK-1990, dir. Siu-Tung Ching)
Demonia [aka Liza] (Italy-1990; dir. Lucio Fulci)
Dreams [aka Yume; Akira Kurosawa’s Dreams] (Japan-1990, dir. Akira Kurosawa)
Erotic Ghost Story [aka Liao zhai yan tan] (HK-1990, dir. Nagai Kai Lam)
The Forgotten One (US-1990, dir. Phillip Badger)
Ghost (US-1990, dir. Jerry Zucker)
Grave Robbers [aka Ladrones de tumbas] (Mexico-1990; dir. Rubén Galindo Jr.)
The Green Man (UK/US-1990, TV [3 episodes], dir. Elijah Moshinsky)
The Haunting of Morella (US-1990, dir. Jim Wynorski)
Heart Condition (US-1990; dir. James D. Parriott)
Honto Ni Atta Kowai Hanashi [aka Scary True Stories] (Japan-1990, dir. Norio Tsuruta)
Jacob’s Ladder (US-1990, dir. Adrian Lyne)
The Min-Min (Aust-1990; dir. Carl T. Woods)
The Returning (NZ/US-1990; dir. John Day)
Voices From Beyond [aka Voci dal profondo] (Italy-1990; dir. Lucio Fulci)
Chinese Ghost Story 3 [aka Sinnus yauman 3] (HK-1991, dir. Siu-Tung Ching)
The Haunted (US-1991; dir. Robert Mandel)
House No. 13 (India-1991, dir. Baby)
Sometimes They Come Back (US-1991, dir. Tom McLoughlin)
Truly Madly Deeply (UK-1991, dir. Anthony Minghella)
Amityville 1992: It’s About Time (US-1992, dir. Tony Randel)
Candyman (US-1992, dir. Bernard Rose)
Curse, Death and Spirit [aka Hontouni Atta Kowai Hanashi: Jushiryou] (Japan-1992, dir. Hideo Nakata)
Ghostwatch (UK-1992; TV; dir. Lesley Manning)
Jessica: A Ghost Story (US-1992, dir. Richard Lowry)
The Presence (Australia-1992; dir. John Rhall)
Turn of the Screw [aka Le tour d’écrou; Obsession – Besessene Seelen; Presenze] (France/UK-1992; dir. Rusty Lemorande)
Amityville: A New Generation (US-1993, dir. John Murlowski)
Bedevil (Aust-1993; dir. Tracey Moffat)
The Cormorant (UK-1993, TV, dir. Peter Markham)
Ghost in the Machine (US-1993, dir. Rachel Talalay)
Green Snake [aka Ching Se] (HK-1993; dir. Tsui Hark)
Hearts and Souls (US-1993; dir. Ron Underwood)
Awakening [aka Gui mi xin qiao] (HK/China-1994; dir. Chuen-Yee Cha)
Crest of Betrayal [aka Chushingura gaiden yotsuya kaidan] (Japan-1994, dir. Kinji Fukasaku)
The Crow (US-1994, dir. Alex Proyas)
The Haunting of Seacliff Inn (US-1994, TV, dir. Walter Klenhard)
The Kingdom (Den-1994, 1997, TV, dir. Morton Arnfred and Lars von Trier) — review
The Returning [Dang chuek lei wooi loi] (HK-1994; dir. Chi Leung ‘Jacob’ Cheung)
Turn of the Screw [aka Le Tour d’écrou] (France/UK-1994, dir. Rusty Lemorande)
Candyman: Farewell to the Flesh (US-1995, dir. Bill Condon)
Casper (US-1995, dir. Brad Silberling)
Deep in the Night (HK-1995, dir. Ng Yiu Kuen)
Haunted (UK/US-1995, dir. Lewis Gilbert) — review
Haunted School [aka Gakkou no Kaidan] (Japan-1995, dir. Hideyuki Hirayama)
The Haunting of Helen Walker [aka Turn of the Screw] (UK-1995, dir. Tom McLoughlin)
High Tomb [aka Ghost Gunfighter] (US-1995; dir. Scott Gulbrandsen)
I’ll Be Watching You (UK-1995; episode of BBC series “Ghosts”; dir. John Strickland)
Jack-O (US-1995; dir. Steve Latchaw)
Massage (UK-1995; episode of BBC series “Ghosts”; dir. Lesley Manning)
One For the Road (US-1995; dir. Rich George)
Phantom of the Toilet [aka Toire no Hanako-san] (Japan-1995, dir. Joji Matsuoka)
Ring: the Complete Edition [aka Ringu: Kanzen-Ban] (Japan TV-1995, dir. Chisui Takigawa)
Sometimes They Come Back … Again (US-1995, dir. Adam Grossman)
00:10 A.M.
[aka Ye ban er dian zhong] (HK-1996; dir. Wilson Yip)
00:20 A.M.
[aka Ye ban er dian zhong] (HK-1996; dir. Andy Wing-Keung Chin)
Amityville: Dollhouse
(US-1996, dir. Steve White)
Doll from Hell [aka Ikenia, lit. Sacrifice] (Japan-1996; dir. Shinobu Murata)
Don’t Look Up [aka Ghost Actress, Joyu-Rei] (Japan-1996, dir. Hideo Nakata)
Fantôme avec Chauffeur [aka Ghost With Driver] (France-1996; dir. Gérard Oury)
The Frighteners (NZ/US-1996, dir. Peter Jackson)
Gakkô no kaidan 2 [aka School Ghost Story 2] (Japan-1996, dir. Hideyuki Hirayama)
The Haunting of Lisa (Canada-1996, dir. Don McBrearty) — review
House of the Damned [aka Spectre] (US-1996; dir. Scott P. Levy)
July 13th: Dragon Granny [aka Qi yue shi san zhi long po] (HK-1996, dir. Wellson Chin)
00:30 A.M. [aka Ye boon saam dim jung] (HK-1997; dir. Andy Wing-Keung Chin)
24 Hour Ghost Story [aka Meng gui tong xiao pei zhu ni] (HK-1997, dir. Wellson Chin)
6th Man (US-1997; dir. Randall Miller)
The Deadness of Dad (UK-1997; short; dir. Philippa Cousins and Mandy Sprague)
Gakkô no kaidan 3 [aka School Ghost Story 3] (Japan-1997, dir. Shusuke Kaneko)
Parasite Eve [aka Parasaito Ibu] (Japan-1997, dir. Masayuki Ochiai)
Strawberry Fields (US-1997; dir. Rea Tajiri)
The Ugly (NZ-1997; dir. Scott Reynolds)
The Well (Australia-1997; dir. Samantha Lang)
13 Gantry Row (Aust-1998, dir. Catherine Millar) — review
303 Fear Faith Revenge (Thailand-1998, dir. Somching Srisupap)
Dona Flor E Seus Dois Maridos (Brazil, TV-1998, dir. Carlos Araujo, et al.)
Carnival of Souls (US-1998, dir. Adam Grossman and Ian Kessner)
Gakkô no kaidan G [aka School Ghost Story G] (Japan-1998, dir. Kiyoshi Kurosawa, Tetsu Maeda, Takashi Shimizu)
The Haunted (US-1998, dir. Dennis Devine)
The Haunted Lantern [aka Otsuyu: Kaidan botan-dôrô] (Japan-1998, dir. Masaru Tsushima) — review
In the Winter Dark (Aust-1998; dir. James Bogle)
La Llorona (US-1998; short; dir. Trina Lopez)
Life in the Fast Lane [aka There’s No Fish Food in Heaven] (US-1998; dir. Eleanor Gaver)
Ring [aka Ringu] (Japan-1998, dir. Hideo Nakata)
Sinyster [aka Sinistre] (US-1998; Ronnie Sortor)
The Spiral [aka Rasen] (Japan-1998, dir. Joji Iida)
Tomie (Japan-1998, dir. Ataru Oikawa)
Whispering Corridors [aka Yeogo goedam] (Sth Korea-1998, dir. Ki-Hyung Park)
303 Fear Faith Revenge (Thailand-1999; dir. Somching Srisupap)
Believe It Or Not [akaSin bu sin yao ni] (HK-1999; dir. Wellson Chin)
Bhoot ka Darr (India-1999; dir. J.K. Ramsay)
The Blair Witch Project (US-1999; dir. Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sánchez)
Candyman: Day of the Dead (US-1999, dir. Turi Meyer)
Curse of the Blair Witch (US-1999; TV; dir. Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sánchez)
Curtain Call (US-1999, dir. Peter Yates)
Dead Aviators [aka Restless Spirits] (Canada-1999; dir. David Wellington)
Desecration (US-1999; dir. Dante Tomaselli)
Gakkô no kaidan 4 [aka School Ghost Story 4] (Japan-1999, dir. Hideyuki Hirayama)
Ghost Taxi (US/Canada-1999; dir. Donald G. Jackson)
The Haunting (US-1999, dir. Jan de Bont)
Haunting of Hell House (US-1999; dir. Mitch Marcus)
Knocking on Death’s Door [aka Haunted House] (US-1999; dir. Mitch Marcus)
Memento Mori [aka Yeogo goedam 2: Tubonjjae Iyagi; Whispering Corridors 2] (Sth Korea-1999, dir. Tae-Yong Kim and Kyu-Dong Min)
Presence of Mind [aka El Celo] (Spain/US-1999, dir. Antoni Aloy)
Purgatory (US-1999; dir. Uli Edel)
Ring 2 [aka Ringu 2] (Japan-1999, dir. Hideo Nakata)
Ring: The Final Chapter [aka Ringu: Saishuu-sho] (Japan, TV series-1999, dir. Hiroshi Nishitani, Hidetomo Matsuda, Yoshihito Fukumoto)
The Ring Virus [aka Ring] (South Korea-1999, dir. Dong-Bin Kim)
Séance [aka Kourei: Ushirowo Miruna] (Japan-1999, dir. Kiyoshi Kurosawa)
Shikoku (Japan-1999, dir. Shunichi Nagasaki)
The Sixth Sense (US-1999, dir. M. Night Shyamalan)
Sleepy Hollow (US-1999, dir. Tim Burton)
Stir of Echoes (US-1999, dir. David Koepp)
Tomie: Another Face [Tomie: anaza feisu] (Japan-1999; dir. Toshirô Inomata)
Turn of the Screw (UK/US-1999, TV, dir. Ben Bolt)
Victim [aka Muk lau hung gwong] (HK-1999; dir. Ringo Lam)
A Wicked Ghost [aka Saan Chuen Kiu Shut] (HK-1999, dir. Tony Leung]

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2000200120022003200420052006200720082009 (HK-2000; dir. Mei Kwan Hui and Kam Wong Kwong)
Believe (Canada-2000, dir. Robert Tinnell)
Boogiepop wa Warawanai: Boogiepop and Others (Japan-2000, dir. Ryu Kaneda)
Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 (US-2000; dir. Joe Berlinger)
Can’t Be Heaven
(US-2000, dir. Richard Friedman)
The Convent (US-2000; dir. Mike Mendez)
Gakkô no kaidan [aka Ghost Stories] (Japan-2000, anime series, dir. Noriyuki Abe)
Ghost Stories for Christmas (UK-2000, TV mini-series, dir. Eleanor Yule)
The Gift (US-2000, dir. Sam Raimi)
House on Haunted Hill (US-2000, dir. William Malone)
Isola: Tajuu jinkaku shôjo [Isola: Multiple Personality Girl] (Japan-2000; dir. Toshiyuki Mizutani)
Ju-On: The Curse (Japan-2000, dir. Takashi Shimizu) — review
Ju-On: The Curse 2 (Japan-2000, dir. Takashi Shimizu) — review
Kabrastan (India-2000; dir. Ramesh U. Lakiani)
The Meeksville Ghost (US-2000, dir. David Lister) — review
Ring 0: Birthday [aka Ringu 0: Baasudei] (Japan-2000, dir. Norio Tsuruta)
Séance [aka Kôrei] (Japan-2000; dir. Kiyoshi Kurosawa)
Seven Days to Live (G-2000, dir. Sebastian Niemann)
Gongpo Taxi [lit. Ghost Taxi; aka Terror Taxi] (South Korea-2000; dir. Seung-jun Heo)
Stageghost (US-2000; dir. Stephen Furst)
Tomie: Replay (Japan-2000; dir. Tomijiro Mitsuishi)
The Vault (US-2000; dir. James Black)
Weight of Water (US-2000, dir. Kathryn Bigelow) — review
What Lies Beneath (US/France/Canada-2000, dir. Robert Zemeckis)
2002 (HK-2001, dir. Wilson Yip)
Bangkok Haunted (Thailand-2001, dir. Oxide Pang Chun and Pisut Praesangeam)
Body Jumper [aka Porp Weed Sayong] (Thailand-2001, dir. Haeman Chatemee)
The Bunker (UK-2001, dir. Rob Green)
Cookers (US-2001; dir. Dan Mintz)
Cubbyhouse [aka Hellion: The Devil’s Playground] (Australia-2001; dir. Murray Fahey)
Devil Eye [aka Ngo chan hai gin diy gwai] (HK-2001, dir. Man-Kei Chin)
The Devil’s Backbone [aka Espinazo del diablo, El] (Mex/Spain-2001, dir. Guillermo del Toro)
Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within (Japan/US-2001, dir. Hironobu Sakagushi and Moto Sakakibara)
Ghost Indeed in the School [aka Haunted School] (HK-2001, dir. Yau Muk Kei [Chiou Muh-Chyi])
Kaïro [aka Pulse] (Japan-2001, dir. Kiyoshi Kurosawa)
Kakashi (Japan-2001, dir. Norio Tsuruta)
La Llorona del Río [aka The Weeping Woman of the River] (US-2001; dir. David Becerra)
Love Ghost [aka Shibito no koiwazurai; Lovesick Dead] (Japan-2001, dir. Kazuyuki Shibuya)
Never Play with the Dead (UK-2001, dir. Ray Kilby)
The Others (Fr/Spain/US-2001, dir. Alejandro Amenábar)
School Killer [aka El Vigilante] (Spain-2001; dir. Carlos Gil)
The Sexy 6th Sense (US-2001; dir. Terry West)
The Simian Line (US-2001; dir. Linda Yellen)
Sorum [aka Goosebumps] (South Korea-2001, dir. Jong-Chan Yun) — review
Soul Survivors (US-2001; dir. Steve Carpenter)
Spirit (US-2001; dir. Michael Slovis)
Thir13een Ghosts (US-2001, dir. Steve Beck)
When Good Ghouls Go Bad (US-2001; dir. Patrick Read Johnson)
Baby of the Family (US-2002, dir. Jonee Ansa)
Below (US-2002, dir. David Twohy)
The Black Magic (US/Thailand/Indonesia-2002; dir. Marc-Ivan O’Gorman)
Dark Water [aka Honogurai mizu no soko kara] (Japan-2002, dir. Hideo Nakata)
Darkness (US/Spain-2002; dir. Jaume Balaguero)
Deathbed (US-2002; dir. Danny Draven)
Deathwatch (UK-2002, dir. Michael J. Bassett)
Dragonfly (US-2002, dir. Tom Shadyac)
The Eye [aka Jian gui] (HK-2002, dir. Oxide Pang Chun and Danny Pang)
FeardotCom (UK/Germany/Luxembourg/US-2002, dir. William Malone) — review
The Gathering (UK-2002; dir. Brian Gilbert)
Haunted (TV series, 11/13 episodes; US-2002, created by Andrew Cosby, Rick Ramage and others)
A Haunting in Connecticut (US-2002; TV docu-drama; dir. John Kavanaugh)
A Haunting in Georgia (US-2002; TV docu-drama; dir. Jeffrey Fine)
Hell Asylum (US-2002; dir. Danny Draven)
The Hotel! (Thailand-2002; dir. Anukul Jarotok)
Hotel Hybiscus [aka Hoteru haibisukasu] (Japan-2002; dir. Yuji Nakae)
Inner Senses [aka Yee do hung gaan] (HK-2002; dir. Chi-Leung Law) — review
Last House on Hell Street (Italy/South Africa/Spain/UK-2002, dir. Lamberto Bava)
Legend of the Phantom Rider (US-2002; dir. Alex Erkiletian)
Living With the Dead (US-2002; dir. Stephen Gyllenhaal)
Mataku (NZ-2002, 2005; TV series, dir. various)
My Left Eye Sees Ghosts [aka Ngo joh aan gin diy gwai] (HK-2002, dir. Johnny To, Ka-Fai Wai)
Nine Lives (US-2002; dir. Andrew Green)
Den Osynlige [aka The Invisible] (Sweden-2002; dir. Joel Bergvall and Simon Sandquist)
Phone [aka Pon] (South Korea-2002; dir. Byeong-ki Ahn)
Restless Souls (US-2002; dir. Debra Black)
Riding the Bullet (US-2002, dir. Mick Garris) — review
The Ring (US/Japan-2002, dir. Gore Verbinski)
Rose Red (US-2002, TV, dir. Craig R. Baxley)
Terror at Tate Manor (US-2002; dir. Edward E. Kramer)
Tiramisu [aka Luen oi nang sing] (HK-2002; dir. Dante Lam)
Unborn But Forgotten [aka Hayanbang] (South Korea-2002; dir. Im Chang-jae)
The Uninvited [aka Sainnyong Siktak] (South Korea-2002, dir. Su-Yeon Lee)
3 AM (US-2003; short [22 min.]; dir. Stewart Hopewell)
(India-2003; dir. Ram Gopal Varma)
The Bonesetter (Canada-2003; dir. Brett Kelly)
TV series: esp. episodes 5-6, “Babylon”/”Pick a Card” (US-2003/2005; created by Daniel Knauf)
Cadaver Bay [aka Hellbound: Book of the Dead] (US-2003; dir. Steve Sessions)
Dead Clowns (US-2003, dir. Steve Sessions)
Descendant (US-2003; dir. Kermit Christman and Del Tenney)
The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer (US-2003, dir. Craig R. Baxley) — review
Dhund: The Fog (India-2003; dir. Shyam Ramsay)
Garden of Love [aka The Haunting of Rebecca Verlaine] (Germany-2003; dir. Olaf Ittenbach)
Ghost Rig [aka The Devil’s Tattoo] (UK-2003; dir. Julian Kean)
The Ghosts of Edendale (US-2003, dir. Stefan Avalos)
Gothika (US-2003, dir. Mathieu Kassovitz)
The Haunted Mansion (US-2003, dir. Rob Minkoff)
A House of Mad Souls (Thailand-2003; dir. Sivavut Vasang-Ngern)
Hunch (Thailand-2003, dir. Manton Nakpong and Jiraeit Naepongl)
Ju-On:The Grudge (Japan-2003, dir. Takashi Shimizu) — review
Ju-On: The Grudge 2 (Japan-2003, dir. Takashi Shimizu)
The Locals (NZ-2003, dir. Greg Page)
The Locker [aka Shibuya kaidan] (Japan-2003; dir. Kei Horie)
Midsummer (Denmark/Sweden-2003; dir. Carsten Myllerup)
One Missed Call [aka Chakushin ari] (Japan-2003, dir. Takashi Miike)
The Park [aka Chow lok yuen] (HK-2003, dir. Wai Keung Lau)
Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (US-2003, dir. Gore Verbinski)
The Risen [aka La Ressuscitée] (Canada-2003, dir. Jeff Beesley)
The Shunned House [aka La casa sfuggita] (Italy-2003; dir. Ivan Zuccon)
The Silvergleam Whistle (US-2003, short, dir. Mike Williamson)
A Tale of Two Sisters [aka Janghwa, Hongryeon] (South Korea-2003; dir. Ji-woon Kim)
Tales From the Grave (US-2003; dir. Stephanie Beaton)
Turn of the Screw (US-2003, dir. Nick Millard)
The Unborn [aka The Mother] (Tanzania/Thailand-2003; dir. Bhandit Thongdee)
Visitors (Aust-2003, dir. Richard Franklin)
Wishing Stairs [aka Yeogo Goedam 3: Yeowoo Gyedan; Whispering Corridors 3] (South Korea-2003, dir. Jae-Yeon Yun)
11:11 [aka 11:11: The Gate] (Canada-2004; dir. Michael Bafaro)
2001 Maniacs (US-2004; dir. Tim Sullivan)
The Army (HK-2004; dir. Cho Yen-Ping)
Bell Witch Haunting (US-2004; dir. Ric White)
Bunshinsaba [aka Witch Board] (South Korea-2004, dir. Ahn Byung-Ki)
[trans. The Spell] (Turkey-2004; dir. Orhan Oguz)
The Commitment (Thailand-2004, dir. Montri Kong-im)
Cursed [aka ‘Chô’ kowai hanashi A: yami no karasu] (Japan-2004, dir. Yoshihiro Hoshino) — review
Dark Harvest (US-2004; dir. Paul Moore)
Dead Birds (US-2004, dir. Alex Turner) — review
Dead Doll (US-2004; dir. Adam Sherman)
The Dead Will Tell (US-2004; dir. Stephen T. Kay) — review
Death 4 Told (US-2004; dir. Bo Buckley, C. Michael Close)
The Doll Master [aka Inhyeongsa] (South Korea-2004; dir. Yong-ki Jeong)
Evil [aka Pisaj] (Thailand-2004; dir. Chukiat Sakveerakul)
The Eye 2 [aka Jian gui 2] (HK-2004, dir. Oxide Pang Chun and Danny Pang)
Face (South Korea-2004, dir. Sang-Gon Yoo)
Feng shui [Philippines-2004; dir. Chito S. Roño)
The Ghost [aka Ryeong; also Dear Friend] (South Korea-2004, dir. Tae-kyeong Kim)
Ghost Game (US-2004; dir. Joe Knee)
Ghost Lake (US-2004, dir. Jay Woelfel)
The Grudge (Japan/US/Germany-2004, dir. Takashi Shimizu)
Haunted House (US-2004; dir. Conrad John)
Hex (UK-2004/2005, TV series, dir. Andy Goddard)
The Hollow (US-2004, dir. Kyle Newman)
A House of Mad Souls (Thailand-2004, dir. Sivaevued Vachungngen)
I Downloaded a Ghost (Canada/US; dir. Kelly Sandefur)
Infection [Kansen, The Scream] (Japan-2004, dir. Masayuki Ochai)
Inheritance (US-2004; dir. Kris Kristensen)
Ju-Rei: The Uncanny (Japan-2004, dir. Kôji Shiraishi)
Las Lloronas (Mexico-2004; dir. Lorena Villarreal)
Last Quarter [aka Kagen no tsuki] (Japan-2004, dir. Ken Nikai)
The Locker 2 [aka Shibuya kaidan] (Japan-2004; dir. Kei Horie)
London Voodoo (UK-2004; dir. Robert Pratten)
Lost Things (Australia-2004, dir. Martin Murphy)
Madhouse (US-2004; dir. William Butler) — ambiguous supernatural elements
The Maize: The Movie [aka Dark Harvest 2] (US-2004; dir. Bill Cowell)
The Off Season (US-2004; dir. James Felix McKenney)
Okul [trans. School] (Turkey-2004; dir. Durul Taylan and Yagmur Taylan)
Premonition [aka Yogen] (Japan-2004, dir. Norio Tsuruta) — review
R-Point (South Korea-2004, dir. Su-chang Kong)
Saint Ange [aka House of Voices] (France-2004, dir. Pascal Laugier)
Shallow Ground (US-2004, dir. Sheldon Wilson) — review
Shutter (Thailand-2004; dir. Banjong Pisanthanakun, Parkpoom Wongpoom)
Skarecrow [aka Dark Harvest 3: Scarecrow] (US-2004; dir. Ben Dixon)
Spectres (US-2004, dir. Phil Leirness)
Spider Forest [aka Geomi sup] (South Korea-2004, dir. Il-gon Song) — review
The Spirit Hunter: La Llorona (US-2004, dir. Jose Cruz)
Strandvaskaren [aka Drowning Ghost] (Sweden-2004; dir. Mikael Håfström)
They Came Back [aka Les Revenants] (France-2004 – dir. Robin Campillo) — review
Tuk Kae Phii [aka Lizard Woman] (Thailand-2004; dir. Manop Udomdej)
Visits: Hungry Ghost Anthology (Malaysia-2004; dir. Yuhang Ho and James Lee)
1942 (Singapore-2005; dir. Kelvin Tong)
Afterlife (UK-2005, TV series, created by Stephen Volk)
All Souls Day: Dia De Los Muertos (US-2005; dir. Jeremy Kasten)
An American Haunting (US-2005, dir. Courtney Solomon)
The Amityville Horror (US-2005, dir. Andrew Douglas)
Bell Witch: The Movie (US-2005; dir. Shane Marr)
Beneath Still Waters (Spain/US-2005; dir. Brian Yuzna)
The Bonesetter Returns (Canada-2005; dir. Brett Kelly)
Boo (US-2005; dir. Anthony C. Ferrante)
Boogeyman (US-2005; dir. Stephen T. Kay)
The Book of the Dead [aka Shisha no sho] (Japan-2005; animation; dir. Kihachiro Kawamoto)
The Booth [aka Busu] (Japan-2005; dir. Yoshihiro Nakamura) — review
Cello [aka Chello hongmijoo ilga salinsagan] (South Korea-2005; dir. Woo-cheol Lee)
The Dark
(Germany/UK-2005; dir. John Fawcett)
Dark Remains (US-2005, dir. Brian Avenet-Bradley)
Dark Water (US-2005, dir. Walter Salles)
The Dead Inside (Canada-2005; dir. Brian Clement)
Dead Waves [aka Shiryôha] (Japan-2005; dir. Yôichirô Hayama)
Death’s Door (US-2005; dir. George Scileppi)
Death Tunnel (US-2005, dir. Philip Adam Booth) — review
Evil’s City (US-2005; dir. Tom Lewis)
Eye 10 [aka Jian gui 10] (HK-2005, dir. Oxide Pang Chun and Danny Pang)
The Fog (US-2005, dir. Rupert Wainwright)
Fragile: A Ghost Story [aka Frágiles] (Spain-2005; dir. Jaume Balagueró)
Gabal [aka Scary Hair; The Wig] (South Korea-2005; dir. Shin-yeon Won)
The Great Yokai War [aka Yokai daisenso] (Japan-2005; dir. Takashi Miike)
The Ghost of Mae Nak (Thailand-2005; dir. Mark Duffield)
Ghost Voice [aka Yeogo gwae-dam 4: Moksori; Whispering Corridors 4; High School Girl’s Ghost Story 4: Voice Letter; Voice] (South Korea-2005; dir. Ik-hwan Choe)
Ghost Whisperer (US-2005/2010; TV series; creator: John Gray)
The Gingerdead Man (US-2005; dir. Charles Band)
The Gravedancers (US-2005, dir. Mike Mendez) — review
Haunted Boat (US-2005, dir. Olga Levens)
Haunted from Within (US-2005; dir. Jose L. Cruz)
A Haunting (US-2005 to 2007; TV series; dir. David Haycox, Stuart Taylor; Joe Wiecha)
The Heirloom [aka Zhaibian] (Taiwan-2005; dir. Leste Chen)
Hospital (Thailand-2005, dir. Pipat Jomkoh)
J-Horror Anthology: Legends (Japan, 2005 [2003], dir. Yada Kiyomi, Noumoto Taichi, Yamakawa Naoto and others) — review
Just Like Heaven (US-2005; dir. Mark Waters)
Kidan [aka Inferno] (Japan-2005; dir. Tsukasa Kishimoto)
The Last Sign (Canada/UK/France-2005; dir. Douglas Law)
The Maid (Singapore-2005; dir. Kelvin Tong) — review
Masters of Horror: “Dreams in the Witch-House” (US-2005, TV series; dir. Stuart Gordon)
Medium (US-2005/2010, TV series, created by Glenn Gordon Caron)
Naina [aka Evil Eyes] (India/UK-2005; dir. Shripal Morakhia)
Noroi: The Curse [aka Noroi] (Japan-2005; dir. Kôji Shiraishi)
Not Dead Enough (US-2005; dir. Ray Ragenious)
The Nun [aka La Monja] (US/Spain-2005; dir. Luis de la Madrid)
One Missed Call 2 [aka Chakushin ari 2] (Japan-2005, dir. Renpei Tsukamoto)
P (UK/Thailand-2005, dir. Paul Spurrier)
Penny Dreadful (US-2005; dir. Bryan Norton)
Pray [aka Purei] (Japan-2005; dir. Yuichi Sato)
Redeu-ai [lit Redeye; aka Ghost Train] (South Korea-2005; dir. Dong-bin Kim)
The Red Shoes [aka Bunhongsin] (South Korea-2005; dir. Yong-gyun Kim) — review
Reeker (US-2005, dir. Dave Payne)
Reincarnation [aka Rinne] (Japan-2005, dir. Takashi Shimizu)
Restless Souls [aka Bag det stille ydre] (Denmark-2005; dir. Martin Schmidt)
The Ring 2 (US-2005, dir. Hideo Nakata)
The Scorned (US-2005; dir. Robert Kubilos)
The Slit-Mouthed Woman [aka Kannô byôtô: nureta akai kuchibiru; Kuchisake] (Japan-2005; dir. Takaaki Hashiguchi)
The Skeleton Key (US-2005; dir. Iain Softley)
Stay (US-2005; dir. Marc Foster)
Supernatural (US-2005, TV series, created by Eric Kripke)
Tales of Terror from Tokyo and All Over Japan: The Movie [Kaidan Shin Mimibukuro: gekijô-ban] (Japan-2004, dir. various) — review
Tales of Terror from Tokyo and All Over Japan, vol. 1 [Kaidan Shin Mimibukuro] (Japan-2005, dir. various) — review
Tales of Terror from Tokyo and All Over Japan, vol. 2 (Japan-2005, dir. various) — review
Tartarus (US-2005; dir. Dave Wascavage)
Tomie: Beginning (Japan-2005; dir. Ataru Oikawa)
Tomie: Revenge (Japan-2005; dir. Ataru Oikawa)
Urban Legends: Bloody Mary (US-2005; dir. Mary Lambert) — review
A View from a Hill (UK-2005, TV episode of “Ghost Story for Christmas: M.R. James”, dir. Luke Watson)
White Noise (Canada/UK/US-2005, dir. Geoffrey Sax) — review (offsite)
Yeogo goedam 4: Moksori [aka High School Girl’s Ghost Story 4: Voice Letter; Whispering Corridors 4] (South Korea-2005, dir. Ik-hwan Choe)
2 wol 29 il [aka February 29: 4 Horror Tales] (South Korea-2006; dir. Jong-heon Jeong)
The Abandoned (Spain/UK/Bulgaria-2006, dir. Nacho Cerdá)
A Dead Calling (US-2006, dir. Michael Feifer)
Arang (South Korea-2006, dir. Sang-Hoon Ahn)
The Brink (US-2006; dir. Benjamin Cooper)
Cadaver [aka Sop] (Thailand-2006; dir. Dunyasit Niyomkul)
Crazy Eights (US-2006; dir. James Koya Jones)
D@bbe (Turkey-2006; dir. Hasan Karacadag)
Darna Zaroori Hai [aka You Must Be Scared] (India-2006, dir. J.D. Chakravarthi, Manish Gupta, Sajid Khan, Jijy Philip, Prawal Raman, Vivek Shah, Ram Gopal Varma)
Death Ride [aka Haunted Highway] (US-2006; dir. Junichi Suzuki)
Death Row [aka Haunted Prison] (US-2006, dir. Kevin Van Hook)
Don’t Open Your Eyes [aka Gwai aau ying ging] (HK-2006, dir. Clarence Fok Yiu-leung)
Dorm [aka Dek hor] (Thailand-2006; dir. Songyos Sugmakanan)
The Edison Death Machine (US-2006; dir. George Bonilla)
Fingerprints (US-2006; dir. Harry Basil)
Furnace (US-2006; dir. William Butler)
Ghost Game [aka Laa-thaa-phii] (Thailand-2006; dir. Sarawut Wichiensarn)
Ghost Hunters: Point of Contact (US-2006, dir. Hank Stone and Roy Kurtluyan)
Ghost of Valentine [aka Krasue Valentine] (Thailand-2006; dir. Yuthlert Sippapak)
Ghost Son (Italy/South Africa/Spain/UK-2006, dir. Lamberto Bava)
Ghost Train [aka Otoshimono] (Japan-2006; dir. Takeshi Furusawa) — review
The Grief (Sweden-2006; feature; dir. Daniel Lehmussaari)
The Grief (Sweden-2006; short version; dir. Daniel Lehmussaari)
The Grudge 2 (Japan/US-2006; dir. Takashi Shimizu)
Half Light (US-2006; dir. Craig Rosenberg) — review
Hantu jeruk purut (Indonesia-2006; dir. Koya Pagayo)
The Haunted Airman (UK-2006; dir. Chris Durlacher)
Kilómetro 31 [aka km 31] (Mexico/Spain-2006; dir. Rigoberto Castañeda)
Kuntilanak [aka The Chanting] (Indonesia-2006; dir. Rizal Mantovani)
Left in Darkness (US-2006; dir. Steven R. Monroe)
The Legend of Lucy Keyes (US-2006; dir. John Stimpson)
The Living and the Dead (UK-2006, dir. Simon Rumley)
The Marsh (Canada-2006, dir. Jordan Barker)
Midnight Ballad for Ghost Theater [aka Samgeori geukjang] (South Korea-2006; dir. Jeon Gye-su)
Mushishi [aka Bugmaster] (Japan-2006; dir. Katsuhiro Ôtomo)
Nightmare Detective [aka Akumu tantei] (Japan-2006; dir. Shin’ya Tsukamoto)
The Other Side (US-2006; dir. Gregg Bishop)
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest (US-2006; dir. Gore Verbinski)
Pocahauntus (US-2006; dir. Veronica Craven)
Pray for Morning (US-2006; dir. Cartney Wearn)
The Raven (US-2006; dir. Ulli Lommel)
Re-Cycle [aka Gwai wik] (HK-2006, dir. Oxide Pang Chun and Danny Pang)
The Restless [orig. Joong-cheon; aka Demon Empire] (South Korea-2006; dir. Dong-oh Cho, Dong-oh Jo)
Retribution [aka Sakebi] (Japan-2006, dir. Kiyoshi Kurosawa)
The Return (US-2006, dir. Asif Kapadia) — review
Ring Around the Rosie [aka Fear Itself: Dark Memories] (US-2006; dir. Rubi Zack)
The River: Legend of La Llorana (US-2006; dir. Terrence Williams)
Salvage [aka Gruesome] (US-2006; dir. Jeff and Josh Crook)
Séance (US-2006; dir. Mark L. Smith)
Shrouded [aka Pocong] (Indonesia-2006; dir. Rudi Soedjarwo)
Shrouded 2 [aka Pocong 2] (Indonesia-2006; dir. Rudi Soedjarwo)
Silent Hill (US-2006; dir. Christophe Gans)
Silk [aka Guisi] (Taiwan-2006; dir. Chao-Pin Su)
The Slaughter (US-2006; dir. Jay Lee)
The Tooth Fairy (US-2006; dir. Chuck Bowman)
Unrest (US-2006, dir. Jason Todd Ipson)
Unseeable [aka Pen choo kab pee] (Thailand-2006; dir. Wisit Sasanatieng)
The Vanished [aka Ame no machi] (Japan-2006; dir. Makoto Tanaka)
The Victim [Phii khon pen] (Thailand-2006; dir. Monthon Arayangkoon)
Volver (Spain-2006; dir. Pedro Almodóvar)
The Wailer (US-2006; dir. Andrés Navia)
Watch Me (Australia-2006, dir. Melanie Ansley) — review
Wicked Little Things [aka Zombies] (US-2006, dir. J.S. Cardone)
The Woodland Haunting 2 (US-2006; dir. Dennis Baker) [follow-up to documentary The Woodland Haunting]
1408 (US-2007; dir. Mikael Håfström)
Akôkurô [aka Twilight Phantom] (Japan-2007; dir. Tsukasa Kishimoto)
Alone (Thailand-2007; dir. Banjong Pisanthanakun, Parkpoom Wongpoom)
Anonymous Blood [aka The Cut; Cadaver] (South Korea-2007; dir. Son Tae Woong)
Apartment 1303 (Japan-2007; dir. Ataru Oikawa)
The Appeared [aka Aparecidos] (Sweden/Argentina/Spain-2007; dir. Paco Cabezas)
The Attic (US-2007; dir. Mary Lambert)
Baan phii sing [aka The House] (Thailand-2007; dir. Monthon Arayangkoon)
Beneath (US-2007; dir. Dagen Merrill)
Bhool Bhulaiyaa (India-2007; dir. Priyadarshan)
Body #19 [aka Body sob 19] (Thailand-2007; dir. Paween Purijitpanya)
Buried Alive (US-2007; dir. Robert Kurtzman)
Burning Dead (US-2007?; dir. George A. Demick)
The Closet [aka Yi Gui Jing Hun] (HK-2007; dir. Dick Cho Kin Nam)
Country Road 14 (US-2007; dir. Eddie Brown Jr.)
The Cry (US-2007; di. Bernadine Santistevan)
Curse of La Llorona (US-2007; dir. Terrence Williams)
Dead Floor [aka Lantai 13] (Indonesia-2007; dir. Helfi Kardit)
Dead Man’s Hand: Casino of the Damned (US-2007; dir. Charles Band)
Dead Mary (US-2007; dir. Robert Wilson)
Dead Silence (US-2007; dir. James Wan)
Death of a Ghost Hunter (US-2007; dir. Sean Tretta)
The Deaths of Ian Stone (UK/US-2007; dir. Dario Piana)
The Descendant (Canada-2007; dir. Phillippe Spurrell)
Don’t Look Back [aka Jangan pandang belakang] (Malaysia-2007; dir. Ahmad Idham)
Door Out of the Dark (UK-2007, dir. Rafael Cortes)
Dream Cruise (US/Japan-2007; TV, season 2, episode 13 of “Masters of Horror”, feature length; dir. Norio Tsuruta)
Dreams of the Dead [aka The Haunting of Danbury House] (US-2007; recut version; dir. John Orrichio and Karl Petry)
Driftwood (US-2006; dir. Tim Sullivan)
Fearmakers (Germany/US-2007; dir. Timo Rose)
Furnace (US-2007; dir. William Butler)
Gakkô no kaidan (Japan-2007, dir. Hirohisa Sasaki)
Ghost Image (US-2007; dir. Jack Snyder)
Ghost vs Alien 03 [aka Yûrei vs. uchûjin 03] (Japan-2007; dir. Takashi Shimizu and Keisuke Toyoshima)
Gui a! Gui a! [aka Ghost! Ghost!; Men in White] (Singapore-2007; dir. Kelvin Tong)
Hasta el viento tiene miedo [aka Even the Wind is Scared] (Mexico-2007; dir. Gustavio Moheno)
Hansel and Gretel [aka Henjel gwa Geuretel] (South Korea-2007; dir. Pil-Sung Yim)
The Haunted Casino (US-2007; dir. Charles Band)
The Haunted School [aka Hau mo chu] (HK-2007; dir. Chin Man Kei)
The Haunting of Marsten Manor (US-2007; dir. David Sapp)
The Haunting of Sorority Row (Canada-2007; dir. Bert Kish)
Headless Horseman (US-2007; dir. Anthony C. Ferrante)
House of the Invisibles (HK-2007; dir. Elfa Lee)
In Love with the Dead [aka Chung oi] (HK-2007; dir. Danny Pang)
The Invisible (US-2007; dir. David S. Goyer)
Kaidan (Japan-2007; dir. Hideo Nakata)
The Messengers (US/Canada-2007; dir. Oxide Pang Chun and Danny Pang)
Methodic (US-2007; dir. Chris R. Notarile)
Muoi [aka Muoi: The Legend of a Portrait] (South Korea/Vietnam-2007; dir. Tae-kyeong Kim)
The Orphanage [aka El Orfanato] (Spain-2007; dir. Juan Antonio Bayona)
Ouija (Philippines-2007; dir. Topel Lee)
Paranormal Activity (US-2007; dir. Oren Peli)
Pirates of the Caribbean: At the World’s End (US-2007, dir. Gore Verbinski)
Premonition (US-2007; dir. Mennan Yapo)
Return to the House on Haunted Hill (US-2007; dir. Victor Garcia)
Rip Cage (US-2007, dir. Lennie Overgaard)
Rise of the Dead (US-2007; dir. William Wedig)
Rise of the Ghosts (US-2007; dir. Sv Bell)
Room 205 [aka Kollegiet] (Denmark-2007; dir. Martin Barnewitz)
Rose of Death (US-2007; dir. L. Alan Brooks)
Sarah Landon and the Paranormal Hour (US-2007; dir. Lisa Comrie)
Séance [aka Ouija] (Philippines-2007; dir. Topel Lee)
The Sick House (UK-2007; dir. Curtis Radclyffe)
Shadow Puppets (US-2007; dir. Michael Winnick)
Shadows in the Palace [aka Goongnyeo] (South Korea-2007; dir. Mee-jeung Kim)
Sick Nurses [aka Suay Laak Sai] (Thailand-2007; dir. Piraphan Laoyont, Thodsapol Siriwiwat)
Skin Crawl (US-2007; dir. Justin Wingenfeld)
A Slit-Mouthed Woman [aka Kuchisake-onna; Carved] (Japan-2007; dir. Kôji Shiraishi)
Stir of Echoes: The Homecoming [aka Stir of Echoes 2] (US/Canada-2007; dir. Ernie Barbarash)
The Tattooist (NZ/Singapore-2007; dir. Peter Burger)
They Wait (Canada-2007; dir. Ernie Barbarash)
The Wailer 2 (Mexico/US-2007; dir. Paul Miller)
White Noise 2: The Light (US/Canada-2007, dir. Patrick Lussier)
Wind Chill (UK/US-2007; dir. Gregory Jacobs)
Yôkai Kidan [aka Woman Transformation] (Japan-2007; dir. Tôru Kamei)
Yûrei vs. uchûjin 03 [aka Ghost vs. Alien 03] (Japan-2007; dir. Takashi Shimizu, Keisuke Toyoshima)
100 Feet (US-2008; dir. Eric Red)
1920 (India-2008; dir. Vikram Bhatt)
3 A.M. (US-2008; dir. Sidney Mansa Winters)
Alone in the Dark 2 (US-2008; dir. Michael Roesch and Peter Scheerer)
Amhurst (US-2008; dir. Rocky Costanzo)
Apparitions (UK-2008; TV series; created by Joe Ahearne)
Army of the Dead (US-2008; dir. Joseph Conti)
Behind the Wall (US/Canada-2008; dir. Paul Schneider)
Being Human (UK-2008/2010; TV series; created by Toby Whithouse)
Blood Night: The Legend of Mary Hatchet (US-[in production, 2008]; dir. Frank Sabatella)
Boogeyman 3 (US-2008; dir. Gary Jones)
Book of Blood (UK-2008; dir. John Harrison)
The Chair (Canada-2008; dir. Brett Sullivan)
The Coffin [aka Lhong Tor Tai] (Thailand-2008; dir. Ekachai Uekrongtham)
Coming Soon (Thailand-2008; dir. Sophon Sakdaphisit)
Congkak (Malaysia-2008?; dir. Ahmad Idham)
Crooked House (UK-2008; TV mini-series [90 min.]; dir. Damon Thomas)
The Deserted Inn (HK-2008; dir. Zhang Jing)
The Echo (US-2008; dir. Yam Laranas)
Exte: Hair Extensions (Japan-2008; dir. Sion Sono)
Fear House (US-2008; dir. Michael R. Morris)
Ghost Town (US-2008; dir. David Koepp)
G.P. 506 [aka The Guard Post (South Korea-2008; dir. Su-chang Kong)
Hantu Ambulance [lit. Haunted Ambulance] (Indonesia-2008; dir. Koya Pagayo)
Haunted Echoes (US-2008; dir. Harry Bromley Davenport)
The Haunting of Molly Hartley
(US-2008; dir. Mickey Liddell)
Histeria (Malaysia-2008; dir. James Lee)
Hollywood Horror (US-[2008], dir. Bernt Amadeus Capra) — in post-production as of Nov. 2007
Intrusos en Manasés [aka God’s Forgotten Town] (Spain-2008; dir. Juan Carlos Claver)
Ju-on: the Grudge 3 (Japan-[2008], dir. Takashi Shimizu) — in production as of Oct. 2007
Kandisha (Morocco-2008; dir. Jerome Cohen-Olivar)
Lake Mungo (Australia-2008; dir. Joel Anderson)
Nightmare Detective 2
[aka Akumu tantei 2] (Japan-2008; dir. Shin’ya Tsukamoto)
No Man’s Land: The Rise of Reeker
(US-2008; dir. Dave Payne)
The Oaks
(UK-2008; TV; dir. Michael Cuesta)
One Missed Call
(US-2008; dir. Eric Valette)
Orochi: Blood [aka Orochi] (Japan-2008; dir. Norio Tsuruta)
Otto; or Up With Dead People (Germany/Canada-2008; dir. Bruce La Bruce)
Pop Skull (US-2008; dir. Adam Wingard)
The Procedure (US-2008; short [15 min]; dir. Sergio Pinheiro)
Pulse 2: Afterlife (US-2008; dir. Joel Soisson)
Rule Number One [aka Dai yat gaai; Rule #1] (Singapore/HK-2008; dir. Kelvin Tong)
Sauna (Finland/Czech Republic-2008; dir. Antti-Jussi Annila)
Seventh Moon (US-2008; dir. Eduardo Sánchez)
Shutter (US-2008; dir. Masayuki Ochiai)
Skeleton Key 2: 667 Neighbour of the Beast (US-2008; dir. John Johnson)
The Slit-Mouthed Woman 2 [aka Kuchisake-onna 2, Carved 2, The Scissors Massacre] (Japan-2008; dir. Kôtarô Terauchi)
Solstice (US-2008; dir. Daniel Myrick) — review
Soul’s Code (Thailand-2008; dir. Atsajun Sattakovit)
Tales from the Dead (US-2008; [language: Japanese]; dir. Jason Cuadrado)
Tokyo Ghost Trip [aka Tôkyô gôsuto torippu] (Japan-2008; TV series; dir. various)
Trailer Park of Terror (US-2008; dir. Steven Goldmann)
Vinyan (France/Belgium/UK-2008; dir. Fabrice du Welz)
The Virgin Ghost of Jeruk Purut [lit.] [aka Hantu perawan jeruk purut] (Indonesia-2008; dir. Nayato Fio Nuala)
Yes, I Can See Dead People (HK-2008; dir. Li Guangyao aka Kwong-yiu Lee aka David Lee)
After.Life (US-2009; dir. Agnieszka Wojtowicz-Vosloo)
Creepy Hide and Seek [aka Hitori kakurenbo: Gekijô ban; Hide and Go Kill 2; Solitary Hide and Seek] (Japan-2009; dir.  Masafumi Yamada)
D@bbe 2 (Turkey-2009; dir. Hasan Karacadag)
Damned By Dawn (Australia-2009; dir. Brett Anstey)
Dark House (US-2009; dir. Darin Scott)
Deadline (US/Malaysia-2009; dir. Sean McConville)
Don’t Look Up (South Africa/Japan-2009; dir. Fruit Chan)
The Eclipse (Ireland-2009; dir. Conor McPherson)
Feed Me (Japan-2009; short [19 min.]; dir. Norman England)
Ghost Machine (UK-2009; dir. Chris Hartwill)
Ghost Month (US-2009; dir. Danny Draven)
The Ghost of Mortuary [orig. Kuntilanak kamar mayat] (Indonesia-2009; dir. Nayato Fio Nuala)
The Graves (US-2009; dir. Brian Pulido)
The Grudge 3
(US/Japan-2009; dir. Toby Wilkins)
The Haunting in Connecticut (US-2009; dir. Peter Cornwell)
Haunting of Winchester House (US-2009; dir. Mark Atkins)
Hidden [aka Skjult] (Norway-2009; dir. Pål Øie)
The House of the Devil
(US-2009; dir. Ti West)
The Hungry Ghosts
(US-2009; dir. Michael Imperioli)
Il mistero del lago [aka Turn of the Screw] (Italy-2009; TV; dir. Marco Serafini)
The Institute of Séance (US-2009; short [9 min.]; dir. Kevin Corcoran)
Juon: Kurio Shojo [aka The Grudge: Girl in Black] (Japan-2009; dir. Mari Asato)
Juon: Shirio Rojo [aka The Grudge: Old Lady in White] (Japan-2009; dir. Ryuta Miyake)
The Messengers II: The Scarecrow (US-2009; dir. Martin Barnewitz)
Necrosis (US-2009; dir. Jason Robert Stephens)
ParaAbnormal (US-2009: dir. Jamie Nash and Eduardo Sánchez)
Paranormal Entity (US-2009; dir. Shane Van Dyke)
Phobia 2[aka Ha phraeng, 4Bia 2] (Thailand-2009; dir. Banjong Pisanthanakun, Visute Poolvoralaks, Paween Purikitpanya, Songyos Sugmakanan, Parkpoom Wongpoom)
Possessed [aka Bulshinjiok; Faithless Hell] (South Korea-2009; dir. Yong-Joo Lee, Lee Yong-ju)
The Reeds (UK-2009; dir. Nick Cohen)
The Seamstress (Canada-2009; dir. Jesse James Miller)
Shadows (US-2009; dir. Dan Donley)
Shinema Kabuki Kaidan Botantoryu (Japan-2009; dir. Ichiro Inui)
The Skeptic [aka The Haunting of Bryan Becket] (US-2009; dir. Tennyson Bardwell)
Sundo [aka Haunted House] (Philippines-2009; dir. Topel Lee)
Teke Teke
(Japan-2009; dir. Koji Shiraishi)
Turn of the Screw (UK-2009; TV; dir. Tim Fywell)
The Unbelievable (HK-2009; dir. Chan Tat-Nin)
The Unborn (US-2009; dir. David Goyer)
The Uninvited (US/Canada/Germany-2009; dir. Charles Guard and Thomas Guard)

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Cemetery (US-2010; dir. B.J. Stack IV)
Dead Gorgeous (UK/Australia-2010; TV series; dir. various)
The Eclipse (Ireland-2010; dir. Conor McPherson)
The Forest (US-2010; dir. Shan Serafin)
Haunters [aka Cho-neung-ryeok-ja] (South Korea-2010; dir. Min-suk Kim)
Hereafter (US-2010; dir. Clint Eastwood)
The Incubus (US-2010; dir. Marcie Gorman, Shayne Leighton)
Insidious (US-2010; dir. James Wan)
Monsterwolf (US-2010; dir. Todor Chapkanov)
Paranormal Activity 2 (US-2010; dir. Tod Williams)
The Possession of David O’Reilly [aka The Torment] (UK-2010; dir. Andrew Cull, Steve Isles)
The Presence (US-2010; dir. Tom Provost)
The Silent House [aka La casa muda] (Uruguay-2010; dir. Gustavo Hernández)
Spirit (US-2010; dir. Mark Wagner)
Tied in Blood (UK-2010; dir. Matthew Lawrence)
The Ward (US-2010; dir. John Carpenter)
Womb Ghosts [aka Ngok Toi] (HK-2010; dir. Dennis Law)
Apartment 143 [aka Emergo] (Spain-2011; dir. Carles Torrens)
The Awakening (UK-2011; dir. Nick Murphy)
“Bedlam” (UK-2011- ; TV series; creators: David Allison, Neil Jones, Chris Parker )
The Bake Street Hauntings (US-2011; dir. Michael Rocco)
Cell 213 (Canada-2011; dir. Stephen Kay)
Episode 50 (US-2011; dir. Joe and Tess Smalley)
Fertile Ground (US-2011; dir. Adam Gierasch)
The Ghostmaker [aka Box of Shadows] (US-2011; dir. Mauro Borrelli)
Ghost Storm (US/Canada-2011; dir Paul Ziller
Grave Encounters (US-2011; dir. The Vicious Brothers)
The Unleashed (Canada-2011; dir. Manuel H. Da Silva)
Intruders [aka Betolakodók] (US/UK/Spain-2011; dir. Juan Carlos Fresnadillo)
Lovely Molly [aka Ljubka Moli] (US-2011; dir. Eduardo Sánchez)
Marshlands (UK-2011; TV series [5 episodes]; dir. James Kent)
Morituris (Italy-2011; dir. Raffaele Picchio)
The Ouija Experiment (US-2011; dir. Israel Luna)
Paranormal Activity 3 (US-2011; dir. Henry Joost, Ariel Schulman)
Paranormal Incident (US-2011; dir. Matthew Bolton)
Psycho Street (US-2011; anthology; dir: Raine Brown, Arthur Cullipher
The Shadows (US-2011; dir. Sabrina Mansfield)
Silent House (US-2011; dir. Chris Kentis, Laura Lau)
Stormhouse (UK-2011; dir. Dan Turner)
The Task (US-2011; dir. Alex Orwell)
The Whispering Dead (US-2011; dir. Jeffrey Pierson)
The Apparition (US-2012; dir. Todd Lincoln)
Deadly Presence (US-2012; dir. Shane Cole)
The Dead Want Women (US-2012; dir. Charles Band)
Deliverance from Evil (US-2012; dir. Eduardo Quiroz, Jose Quiroz)
Ghost Graduation [aka Promoción Fantasma] (Spain-2012; dir. Javier Ruiz Caldera) — info
Grave Encounters 2 (US-2012; dir, John Poliquin)
Haunted High (US-2012; dir. Jeffery Scott Lando)
The Haunting of Helena (Italy-2012; dir. Christian Bisceglia, Ascanio Malgarini)
The Haunting of Whaley House (US-2012; dir. Jose Prendes)
House of Ghosts (US-2012; dir. Christopher R. Mihm)
I Am A Ghost (US-2012; dir. H.P. Mendoza)
The Innkeepers (US-2012; dir. Ti West)
The Pact (US-2012; dir. Nicholas McCarthy)
Ouija (US-2012; short [12 min.]; dir. John Berardo)
Paranormal Activity 4 (US-2012; dir. Henry Joost, Ariel Schulman)
ParaNorman (US-2012; animation; dir. Chris Butler, Sam Fell)
The Possession (US/Canada-2012; dir. Ole Bornedal)
Sadako 3D (Japan-2012; dir. Tsutomu Hanabusa)
“The Secret of Crickley Hall” (UK-2012; TV mini-series [3 episodes (59 min. each)]; dir. Joe Ahearne)
Sinister (US/UK-2012; dir. Scott Derrickson)
Stitches (Ireland-2012; dir. Conor McMahon)
The Tall Man (US/Canada/France-2012; dir. Pascal Laugier)
The Vessel (US-2012; dir. Terry Tychon)
The Woman in Black (UK/Canada/Sweden-2012; dir. James Watkins)
616: Paranormal Incident [aka Paranormal Incident 2] (US-2013; dir. David Chirchirillo)
A Haunted House (US-2013; dir. Michael Tiddes)
A Haunting at Silver Falls (US-2013; dir. Brett Donowho)
A Resurrection (US-2013; dir. Matt Orlando)
The Banshee Chapter (Germany/US-2013; dir. Blair Erickson)
Beckoning the Butcher (SAust-2013; dir. Dale Trott)
The Conjuring (US-2013; dir. James Wan)
The Damned [aka Gallow’s Hill] (US-2013; dir. Víctor García)
Delivery: The Beast Within [aka Delivery] (US-2013; dir. Brian Netto)
Ghost Shark (US-2013; dir. Griff Furst)
Grave Halloween (Canada-2013; dir. Steven R. Monroe)
Haunt (US-2013; dir. Mac Carter)
Haunter (Canada/France-2013; dir. Vincenzo Natali)
The Haunting in Connecticut 2: Ghosts of Georgia (US-2013; dir. Tom Elkins)
Insidious: Chapter 2 (US-2013; dir. James Wan)
The Invoking [aka Sader Ridge] (US-2013; dir. Jeremy Berg)
Jug Face [aka The Pit] (US-2013; dir. Chad Crawford Kinkle)
Mama (Spain/Canada-2013; Andrés Muschietti)
The Monkey’s Paw (US-2013; dir. Brett Simmons)
Oculus (US-2013; dir. Mike Flanagan)
Odd Thomas (US-2013; dir. Stephen Sommers)
Paranormal Asylum: The Revenge of Typhoid Mary (US-2013; dir. Nimrod Zalmanowitz)
Provoked (US-2013; dir. Jordan Pacheco)
R.I.P.D. (US-2013; dir. Robert Schwentke)
Sadako 2 3D (Japan-2013; dir. Tsutomu Hanabusa)
Savaged [aka Avenged] (US-2013; dir. Michael S. Ojeda)
A Haunted House 2 (US-2014; dir. Michael Tiddes)
Annabelle (US-2014; dir. John R. Leonetti)
The Appearing (US-2014; dir. Daric Gates)
As Above So Below (US-2014; dir. John Erick Dowdle)
Asmodexia (Spain-2014; dir. Marc Carreté)
The Babadook (Aust./Canada-2014; Jennifer Kent)
Come Back To Me (US-2014; dir. Paul Leyden)
Dark House (US-2014; dir. Victor Salva)
Dead Still (US-2014; dir. Philip Adrian Booth)
Devil’s Tower (US-2014; dir. Owen Tooth)
Drownsman (Canada-2014; dir. Chad Archibald)
Flight 7500 [aka 7500] (Japan/US-2014; dir. Takashi Shimizu)
The Ganzfeld Haunting [aka The Ganzfeld Possession] (US-2014; dir. Michael Oblowitz)
Ghostlight (US-2014; dir. Jeff Ferrell)
Haunt (US-2014; dir. Mac Carter)
The Haunting of Harry Payne (UK-2014; dir. Martyn Pick)
The Haunting of Radcliffe House [aka Altar] (UK-2014; dir. Nick Willing)
Housebound (NZ-2014; dir. Gerard Johnstone)
The Houses October Built (US-2014; dir. Bobby Roe)
Jessabelle (US-2014; dir. Kevin Greutert)
Lemon Tree Passage (Aust-2014; dir. David Campbell)
The Mirror (UK-2014; dir. Edward Boase)
Ouija (US-2014; dir. Stiles White)
Out of the Dark (US/Columbia/Spain-2014; dir. Lluís Quílez)
Over Your Dead Body [aka Kuime] (Japan/France/China-2014; dir.
Takashi Miike)
The Pact 2 (US-2014; dir. Dallas Richard Hallam, Patrick Horvath)
Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones [aka Paranormal Activity: The Oxnard Tapes] (US-2014; dir. Christopher Landon)
The Quiet Ones (US/UK-2014; dir. John Pogue )
Stitch [aka Stitchface] (US-2014; dir. Ajai)
The Taking of Deborah Logan (US-2014; dir. Adam Robitel)
American Poltergeist [aka The House of Lizzie Borden] (US-2015; dir. Mike Rutkowski)
The Atticus Institute (US-2015; dir. Chris Sparling)
Crimson Peak (US-2015; dir. Guillermo del Toro)
Dark Summer (US-2015; dir. Paul Solet)
The Diabolical (US-2015; dir. Alistair Legrand)
“The Enfield Haunting” (UK-2015; TV mini-series [3 episodes]; dir. Kristoffer Nyholm)
The Gallows (US-2015; dir. Travis Cluff, Chris Lofing)
Ghostline (US-2015; dir. Dean Whitney)
Insidious: Chapter 3 (US-2015; dir. Leigh Whannell)
The Ouija Experiment 2: Theatre of Death (US-2015; dir. Israel Luna)
Out of the Dark (US/Colombia/Spain-2015; dir. Lluís Quílez)
“Midwinter of the Spirit” (UK-2015; TV mini-series [60 min. (3 episodes)]; dir. Richard Clark)
Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension (US-2015; dir. Gregory Plotkin)
Pay the Ghost (Canada-2015; dir. Uli Edel)
Poltergeist (US/Canada-2015; dir. Gil Kenan)
“Proof” (US/Canada-2015– ; TV series [42 min. (10 episodes)]; creator: Rob Bragin)
“River” (UK-2015; TV mini-series [60 min. (6 episodes)]; dir. Tim Fywell, Jessica Hobbs, Richard Laxton)
Sinister 2 (US-2015; dir. Ciaran Foy)
We Are Still Here (US-2015; dir. Ted Geoghegan)
Whispers (UK-2015; dir. Tammi Sutton)
Visions (US-2015; dir. Kevin Greutert)
Asian Ghost Story (Canada-2016; dir. David DeCoteau)
The Coffin Footage (US-2016; dir. Trent Coffin)
The Conjuring 2 (US-2016; dir. James Wan )
The Forest (US-2016; dir. Jason Zada )
Ghostbusters (US-2016; dir. Paul Feig)
Ouija: Origin of Evil (Japan/USA-2016; dir. Mike Flanagan)

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Speculative/In Development

The Conquered: Curse of the Shaman (US-[in production]; dir. Benjamin Cooper)
The Ghosts (Australia-[in post-production]; dir. Mathew J. Wilkinson)
A Jealous Ghost (US-[in production, 2010]; dir. Gonzalo Lopez-Gallego)
The Fury (Australia-[in production]; dir. Ian Colmer)
Land of Canaan (US-[in production, 2010]; dir. Reginald La France)
The Tomb (US-[in production]; dir. Michael Staininger)

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August Ragone (2007), Eiji Tsuburaya: Master of Monsters, Chronicle Books: San Francisco, selected filmography
Complete Index To World Cinema Since 1895 — website
Hardy, Phil (ed.) (1993-), Horror: The Aurum Film Encyclopedia, Aurum Press: London
Internet Movie Database
Ruffles, Tom (2004), Ghost Images: Cinema of the Afterlife, McFarland: North Carolina, esp. Filmography, pp. 207-216.

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42 Responses to Ghost Movie/Fiction List

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  2. Mirela says:


    I see you’ve got here a very well documented list of movies so I really need to ask you something.

    I saw a movie about 13 years ago, it was black and white about 2 friends coming home to one of them – an old but but beautiful caste. In the first night that they spent there, they change rooms and one of them dies and becomes a ghost. A ghost that can be heard only by her friend. In this movie also aperas a seal, that lives in the basement of the caste and that creates many commic scenes.

    I was really hoping that you can help me with the name of the movie… I really can’t remember it, I just know that was a very juicy comedy andI would really appreciate your help.


  3. Backbrain says:

    Hmm, I’ll have to think about that, Mirela. Do you know the film’s country of origin?

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  5. Sara says:

    Similar problem. Saw a movie on TV maybe 15 years ago. Children in a barn. The ghost is of a little girl. The barn either burned down or she was murdered. Something else I remember about a doll and a well in the barn or a cellar. buggin me for years, know its not much to go on~!

  6. mr.47 says:

    this movie is about a man who went and stayed at a hotel in a room that whoever went in got killed. he went and stayed there and was haunted by other ghost.

    help me with the name of this film. the name is something to do with numbers.

  7. Backbrain says:

    Sara, I haven’t been able to come up with anything for your film. Sorry. I’ll keep it in mind though, as I research.

    Mr.47, however, your question is easy. That’s “1408” (US-2007; dir. Mikael Håfström) — only recent. It’s based on a story by Stephen King and is currently available everywhere.

  8. justin says:

    sara the movie you are speaking of is ‘child of glass’ i believe

  9. Sara says:

    justin… u are a genius. i thought i hallucinated it as a child!! they say that our imaginations are so strong that its possible. i always assumed i dreamed it or something. well done~!

  10. joe says:

    sorry to jump on the bandwagon, but there are two movies that I’ve been trying to remember for awhile now

    the first I believe is an 80s flick, a father murdered his wife while his son, who is physically an adult but had the mind of a child I think, watched and attacked him with a toy airplane before he killed him as well; later a couple move into the house and the ghost of the man child helps them solve his murder since his father still lives in the town and is somehow a doctor, there was also a scene about a toy rocking horse that was buried with him since it was the last gift he got

    the other movie was about a mother living with her two children a boy and a girl on a farm, the boy dies in his sleep after accidentally choking himself with a wooden duck and haunts his mother and sister, kinda creepy

    I’ve been trying to remember these movies but it’s been bugging the hell out of me, thanks if you know

  11. loukia says:

    I saw a movie about 13 years ago, it was black and white about 2 friends coming home to one of them – an old but but beautiful caste. In the first night that they spent there, they change rooms and one of them dies and becomes a ghost. A ghost that can be heard only by her friend. In this movie also aperas a seal, that lives in the basement of the caste and that creates many commic scenes.

    Mirela this is the movie: Topper Returns (1941)

    have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. connor says:

    this list is excellent well done backbrain, i really like ghost movies but theres no way i could find every single one, but with you providing an ongoing list like this and all of us followers listing films that we see that arnt mentioned then we can certainly find nearly every one good work guys i hope you keep updating the list, ill let you know if i encounter any films!

  13. THANK YOU!

    In doing research for an upcoming novel I was trying to compile a list like this myself. Praise you for saving the rest of my hair. I started to pull them out strand by strand my 2oth imdb search.

    What a comprehensive and inclusive list. As the titles went on and on my smile grew wider and wider. Bless you for doing such a tiresome job. Oh the hours you must have spent . . . YIKES!

    A Million Thanks to you for this list and for this site in general (^_^)

  14. Kimberly Rheubottom says:

    Excellent list you have! I’m looking for a movie that starts out with a boy playing a prank on his teachers at a boarding school. He gets kicked out and sent to live with his grandfather. In this town he makes a few friends and stumbles upon a ghost having something to do with his family. It was a good movie and I don’t think that old. Thank-you so much for any info you can find.

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  16. Shan says:

    Well Mr.Brain ,
    What is the scariest movie ever you have watched?
    Can you please suggest me a list so that i can download and watch them.
    Thanks. 🙂

  17. Josh Finch says:


    You listed a bunch of movies that i saw, but is there anyway you can make a list of movies that involve any type of paranormal activity/ghosts that are based in a Castle, Mansion, Hotel, or any other big building. I have been looking around for a while, oh and please make sure they have it in color as i cant get any movies that are not. and if u want a torrent of any of them i will try and get some and check the video quality of them.

    Thanks Josh,

  18. Robert Hood says:

    Hi, Shan. Sorry for this slow reply. I missed seeing your query. Scariness in ghost films is a very subjective thing so naturally whatever films I mention here are ones that creeped me out but may not affect others so much. I also find it interesting that the fear generated by effective ghost films is totally different from the feeling generated by most of the “horror films” of today, which are based on fear for the physical safety of the characters. So I’m not going to list scary horror films like “The Exorcist” and “Halloween” (the original) here. For me, the most effectively scary ghost movies are the subtle, suggestive ones, where a single moment of realisation can send chills up your spine and where the slow-build effect is at work. I would say the ghost films that have scared me the most in this way are generally very quiet and quietly dark works. Without a doubt my number one of this kind is the original Japanese version of “Pulse”: “Kaïro” (Japan-2001, dir. Kiyoshi Kurosawa), which creeped me out like nothing had for years. When I saw the original “Ring” movie in a small “art” cinema back before anyone had heard of it, that had a similar effect: “Ring” (Japan-1998, dir. Hideo Nakata). Other Asian ghost films can be added to the list for me: “Dark Water” [aka Honogurai mizu no soko kara] (Japan-2002, dir. Hideo Nakata); “Ju-On:The Grudge” (Japan-2003, dir. Takashi Shimizu) and some of its sequels; “The Eye” [aka Jian gui] (HK-2002, dir. Oxide Pang Chun and Danny Pang); “Whispering Corridors” [aka Yeogo goedam] (Sth Korea-1998, dir. Ki-Hyung Park). My list of top effective ghost films would include: the great “The Haunting” (UK-1963, dir. Robert Wise); “The Uninvited” (US-1944, dir. Lewis Allen); “The Woman in Black” (UK-1989, TV, dir. Herbert Wise); “The Innocents” (UK-1961, dir. Jack Clayton); “The Stone Tape” (UK-1972, TV, dir. Peter Sasdy); “What Lies Beneath” (US/France/Canada-2000, dir. Robert Zemeckis); “The Fog” (US-1980, dir. John Carpenter). There would be more, but I’ll stop there. I stress that these are ones I found to be effectively and subtly unsettling. There are other great ghost films that are simply great films, such as “The Shining” (UK-1980, dir. Stanley Kubrick) and “The Devil’s Backbone” [aka Espinazo del diablo, El] (Mex/Spain-2001, dir. Guillermo del Toro).

  19. Robert Hood says:

    Joss, thanks for your interest. Making a list of ghost lists set in large buildings such as castles would be interesting but it would include a lot of the films in the general list. In effect you’re asking for classic “haunted house” films, which form a sort of sub-genre of the ghost film. If I did make such a list, it would start (quality-wise) with “The Haunting” (UK-1963, dir. Robert Wise)…. in that one, the house itself is doing the haunting.

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  21. Andrew Richardson says:

    Hi, what a fantastic website! I am trying to locate a ghost film I saw in my childhood (early 1980s) though the film may date from the 1970s. I think it was British, As I recall it had a really creepy scene of a girl standing in a trance in front of a tree in a wood, and from the tree a ghost emerges, walking towards her. I can’t really remember much more, other than the story might have been to do with the plague several hundred years before. Any help greatly appreciated!

  22. Robert Hood says:

    Thanks, Andrew. I can’t clearly place the film, but there is one of the BBC’s Ghost Stories for Christmas that features a haunted tree — The Ash Tree (UK-1975, TV episode of “Ghost Story for Christmas”, dir. Lawrence Gordon Clark) — though it is about past witch trials rather than the plague. Can’t remember if the scene you mention is in it, though I’m due to watch the episode soon on a new DVD set of the M.R. James adaptations. Another possibility is the Bette Davis haunted wood film The Watcher in the Woods (UK/US-1982, dir. John Hough)…

  23. Andrew Richardson says:

    Thanks for getting back to me Robert… and for your leads. I’ve just finished watching the new box set of Christmas Ghost Stories – very good! Alas, the film I remember was not one of them. However, the Watcher in the Woods sounds promising, so I’ll follow up with this. Thanks again!

  24. Vladut Vasilescu says:

    Hi Robert,

    Do you know where can i get a copy of the movie “The Ghost Of Sierra De Cobre” (1964) (TV)?
    UCLA Archive has this TV pilot, but they told me that they cannot make me a copy of it, but they can only arrange a screening for me in Los Angeles…
    * I live in Romania..
    ** I would pay even 200$ for a copy of it on DVD!!

    Best Regards,

  25. tim says:

    looking for a movie about a girl left for dead in the woods or in a well while her spirit tries to contact someone to save her al i remember is shes in the school hallway yelling for someone to listen to her one guy hears her and turns around i dont remeber if he was the killer or not its been within the last decade or two saw in the us

  26. Great page! Thank you for your excellent research and extensive list of ghost movies. Better yet, thanks for keeping the list specific to the genre.

  27. Juan says:

    Hi I’m trying to figure the name of a movie it’s about a guy who falls in love with a girl who’s a ghost and they have to find a ring and put it in some wax as a ritual to send the dead back to there graves I would really appreciate the help.

  28. Juan says:

    It’s Juan again I have another movie I’m trying to figure out its about a group of friend go driving and crash into a lake I think and they wake up and get out of the water not realizing that they are ghosts and later one of the guys swims to the car under water and releases one of his friends bodies and a fisherman finds there body and there souls are released and so they disappear

  29. Ram says:

    Hi Hood… I need the list for the Ghost Anthology Movies… Can u please help..?

  30. Kourtney says:

    Hi, i can’t seem remember the name of this spanish movie and I’d really like my sister to watch. It’s about these high school kids who died in a fire and their ghosts were stuck in school for over 20 years because they hadn’t graduated but one of the teachers in the school could see ghosts and so he helped them graduate so their souls could finally rest in peace.

    If anyone has watched this movie and remembers the name, I’d really appreciate your help.

  31. Robert Hood says:

    Kourtney, that sounds like GHOST GRADUATION [aka Promoción Fantasma] (Spain-2012; dir. Javier Ruiz Caldera). A very recent film. I haven’t seen it, but your enthusiasm suggests it’s worth watching, yes?

  32. Robert Hood says:

    Ram, I’m not sure what you’re asking for. If you need a list of ghost films, surely the one on this page is comprehensive enough?

  33. Robert Hood says:

    Juan, your question re the car crash ghost movie brings to mind the classic indie film Carnival of Souls (US-1962, dir. Herk Harvey) — but it’s a theme that has been used quite often. Another “version” is Soul Survivors (US-2001; dir. Steve Carpenter), which may be the one you’re after.

  34. Andrew says:

    I remember seeing in the early 80’s what I believe was a made for tv movie about a new girl that moves to this small town (I think she might be a cheerleader) and this guy falls in love with her. It turns out in the end she was a ghost and wen to that high school years earlier but had died. Does that ring a bell? Thanks!

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  36. Robert Hood says:

    Andrew, it sounds a lot like Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II [aka The Haunting of Hamilton High] (Can-1987, dir. Bruce Pittman). Though this is late ’80s and wasn’t a TV movie. Check it out (if you can find it). It’s pretty good, though not to be taken seriously — even if it isn’t the one you’re after.

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  39. malinda says:

    I was hoping you could help me. I’ve been looking for the name of this movie since I was a kid. I last saw it in the 70’s. It’s a Haunting ripoff. It’s about a group of paranormal researchers who go to a haunted mansion where they hear these loud terrifying banging noises. It turns out the noise are being made by the ghost of an old bedridden woman who was banging on the wall with her cane to summon the nurse. One night the nurse was off with her boyfriend and the old woman died. The girl beset with remorse hangs herself and both women end up haunting the house. I am currently reading the Legend of Hill house and this little story appears in the book. It must have been a tv movie but no one seems to have ever heard of it. It is not the return to Hill house that was made in the 90’s which I saw on netflix a few months ago. If you have any idea please I would be so grateful.

  40. Kendra Raduly says:


    I have been racking my brain for years now trying to find this movie. I remember watching it on VHS as a child, that was recorded from the TV (or the other VHS, I’m not sure, it was before me). I believe it was made in the 1960’s or 1970’s and is in color. The only thing I really recall is it is about ghosts and takes place at a house by the sea. The scene I remember the most takes place in a red room with gold fixtures and a ghost of a woman in period costume. I’m sorry, I know this is a vague description. I hope my memory is accurate. If you can help me in any way, I would appreciate it.

    Thank you,
    Kendra Raduly

  41. Vladut Vasilescu says:

    Hi Kendra,

    I think that i have seen a similar ‘ghost story’ film in 1991 or 1992 on romanian TV channel. It was a period film, color. Unfortunately all i remember is that the action takes place in a castle / huge mansion on a cliff by the sea. There were some lingering shots of the coast and we could see the waves crashing by the rocks at twilight, this being shown through a window of the castle.. Then in the main room (salon) of the mansion, there was a big painting on the wall portraying a mysterious woman dressed in a white? gown; she was wearing a huge coiled seashell which was covering one of her breasts. Some people were gathered at a table, but two of them approached the described painting. I remember a red carpet on the floor.. It was a luxurious salon.
    Also thunderstorms at night and thick fog in the morning.. and a woman dressed in a white? gown walking along the shore at night??
    Sadly, that is all i remember about the film, as i’ve seen the last 30 minutes of it…

    * It is NOT a Vincent Price movie, although the setting in the beginning of ‘Morella’ segment from “Tales of Terror” (1962) – that matte painting – somehow reminds me of the movie i’ve seen.

  42. Robert Hood says:

    Malinda…. I feel as though I should be able to name the movie you describe. But nothing springs to mind.

    Kendra … likewise, but your description is fairly generic, so it’s not surprising that the film is a little hard to identify.

    Vladut… thanks for your detailed additions, but the details you offer don’t ring a bell with me, so perhaps whatever the film is I haven’t seen it. I confess I haven’t seen all the of films on this list. It’d take a life-time!

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