Mega Shark’s Attack on Titan

It began when low-budget, exploitation production company, Asylum, released Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus (US-2009; dir. Ace Hannah) [Backbrain review]. Back in May 2009, Undead Backbrain was the first to reveal a still of the giant shark eating the Golden Gate Bridge, and then gained an exclusive on the initial release of the trailer – and the result was internet frenzy. UB had never had so many hits before; the video itself on YouTube received over 1.5 million views in a week or so (it’s currently on about 4.2 million). The film also scored record audience figures when aired on the SyFy Channel.

Below is the Japanese DVD release cover:

megashark vs gioant octopus-japan coverThe low-budget and far-from-perfect film was, in exploitation terms, a great success –  having deservingly received both negative and positive reviews – and this inevitably led the Asylum to follow it up by pitting the Mega Shark against another giant monster, this time a reptilian monstrosity: Mega Shark vs Crocosaurus (US-2010; dir. Christopher Ray).


Next came the epic tale of mankind’s use of the inevitable technological solution to the problem of a gargantuan pest: Mega Shark vs Mecha Shark (US-2013; dir. Emile Edwin Smith):

mega-shark vs mecha shark coverNow, just when we thought there was no mega-absurdity left for the Asylum folk to exploit, evidence has arisen of the next chapter in the ongoing adventures of Mega Shark. It is titled Mega Shark vs Kolossus, and introduces a gigantic humanoid robot into the mix.

Mega-Shark vs Kolossos-1_largeOur information on the film comes from a Japanese website, where the title is given as “Mega Shark vs the Great Titan” (bringing to mind the popular anime series Attack on Titan – a connection also suggested by the general appearance of the Kolossus itself, even if it’s metal rather than flesh and bone). That the report of the film is genuine has been confirmed by Kaiju Search-Robot Avery Guerra via contacts within the Asylum.

Mega-Shark vs Kolossus-2_large

As for the plot, a rough translation from the site indicates that though Mega Shark was thought to have perished in the fight against Mecha Shark, a Russian fishing vessel catches a similarly huge shark, which is subsequently revealed to have been newly born from a Mega Shark egg. Simultaneously, terrorists in the Ukraine activate the “Kolossus” – a huge robotic weapon developed by the Soviet Union during the Cold War. No doubt chaos ensues. (Source: It appears Mega Shark may be the hero of this one!

Mega Shark vs Kolossus will premier at the Tokyo Shinjuku Shinemakarite Film Festival, held from May 16 to June 26, as part if the “Karite Fantastic! Cinema Collection 2015”.

More images:

Mega-Shark vs Kolossus-5_large Mega-Shark vs Kolossus-6_large Mega-Shark vs Kolossus-4_large Mega-Shark vs Kolossus-3_large

Written by Robert Hood.

Update: we have official details, thanks once again to Kaiju Search-Robot Avery.

  • Director: Christopher Olen Ray
  • Producers: David Rimawi, David Michael Latt and Paul Bales
  • Screenplay: Edward DeRuiter
  • Cast: Illeana Douglas, Amy Rider, Ernest L. Thomas.
  • Production Company: The Global Asylum
  • Official release: April 2015.
  • Synopsis: As a mega shark threatens the global economy, Russia accidentally re-awakens a giant robotic doomsday device. The world must fight to stop both deadly creatures.

Source: Avery Guerra; The Asylum; Images are © 2015 RED ROBOT MOVIE, LLC.

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