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Queen Crab: Rampage Sequences

Brett Piper has shared with the Backbrain some scenes of giant crab rampage from his latest B-film monster epic, Queen Crab. Created in stop-motion glory, this suggests that monster fans and stop-motion animation aficionados are in for a real treat. … Continue reading

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Exciting Valentine’s Day Present For Mega-Arachnophiles

Lovers of Giant Spiders are in for a very special Valentine’s Day this year. Retro monster flick aficionado, writer/director Christopher R. Mihm celebrates the Day of Lovers and the imminent release of his latest film by uncaging the official trailer … Continue reading

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Update: Pictures of The Giant Spider

In further multi-legged giant monster news, here are a couple of shots from Christopher R. Mihm’s upcoming retro style flick, The Giant Spider: No other news — but those snaps definitely make me want to see the film! Undead Backbrain … Continue reading

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Gadzooka, Larry! The 50s Rule!

First Look! Presented in Undeadoscope! As we await the arrival of the big-budget giant monster spectacle of Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim (2013) and Gareth Edwards’ much-anticipated Godzilla (2014) — not to mention whatever Big Thing turns up in Joss … Continue reading

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Giant Spider Goes Retro

What’s scarier than a spider in your bedroom? Answer: a giant spider in your bedroom! Christopher R. Mihm’s new retro style flick, The Giant Spider, is bound to be a smash-hit with cinematic arachnophobes everywhere. Now, courtesy of Mihm, Undead … Continue reading

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New: Attack of the Giant Brain Sucker Monster from Outer Space

A Backbrain B-Movie Celebration Exclusive There’s nothing like a good brainsucker from outer space to get the B-Movie Celebration vibe going. Attack of the Giant Brain Sucker Monster from Outer Space [aka L’attaque du monstre géant suceur de cerveaux de … Continue reading

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Retro Alien Stars of Men in Black III

The long-awaited second sequel to Men in Black — creatively titled Men in Black III (US-2012; dir. Barry Sonnenfeld) — opens this coming weekend. Check out this cool picture of some of the aliens from the film, wonderfully designed to … Continue reading

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Update: First Images of Gila

A Backbrain Exclusive Thanks to Producer Bill Dever, Undead Backbrain has acquired the first concept drawings of the new Gila! (see The Gila Monster Grows). It’s by Charles Chiodo (of the Chiodo Bros fame), who has been involved in many … Continue reading

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Let’s Drink to Danger 5!

SBS’s web series, Danger 5! The Diamond Girls has finished, but we already know Danger 5 is destined to return as a TV series on Australian TV’s SBS. The online show has proven extremely popular so far, loved for its … Continue reading

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The Final Episode of Danger 5: The Diamond Girls Has Arrived!

I’m assuming there’ll be more Danger 5 to come, but for now here’s Episode 5 in the colourful retro secret-agent serial, Danger 5: The Diamond Girls, invincible Nazi femmes and all! [youtube Q7TkldTJaIs] What do you reckon? More? Previous Episodes: … Continue reading

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