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An Unexpected Chat with Alex Caine

Some days shriek off in unexpected directions almost from the word go. I was all set to get back into some semi-serious blogging — tossing up between, on the one hand, reporting on the rumour that Donald Trump had threatened … Continue reading

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An Aussie Sasquatch?

A Backbrain Exclusive Interview Currently in production in Cairns, Far North Queensland, is Throwback, which might be the first film to feature a Yowie. For those who think a Yowie is one of the lesser known Muppets, it is, in … Continue reading

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“The Real Exorcist” and The Devil Inside

An Interview with Rev. Bob Larson by Robert Hood One exorcism film is among my horror favourites, namely William Friedkin’s 1973 classic The Exorcist, based on the equally excellent book by William Peter Blatty. There was no shortage of exorcism … Continue reading

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Being Heard Above the Howls: An Interview with Steve Latshaw

An Exclusive Interview with Return of the Killer Shrews director, Steve Latshaw by Avery Guerra Steve Latshaw has been around. Most lately he’s been around an enthusiastic cast comprising the likes of James Best, John Schneider, Jennifer Lyons, Rick Hurst, … Continue reading

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The Vampire Apocalypse Downunder

An Undead Backbrain Exclusive Thankfully, the unreasonably popular Twilight and its sequels haven’t killed off vampires as an iconic and powerful trope within the horror genre.  Undead Brainspasm recently featured a film that was seeking to use an esoteric African … Continue reading

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Building The Nest: An Exclusive Preview

“The Nest” is a short horror film by Tim Zwica, who, auteur-fashion, undertook the roles of writer, producer, director, editor, and visual effects coordinator. Zwica harkens from Austin, Texas, and this seems to inform the atmosphere and general ambiance of … Continue reading

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Insectula! Where Giant Insects Rule: A Backbrain Exclusive

Insectula [aka Insectula! Creature From Another World] is, in the words of its director, Michael Peterson, a movie about a giant mosquito-like alien attracted to Earth by the increased CO2 in the atmosphere. It has adopted the currently rather popular … Continue reading

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Producing EDOnism: An Interview with Lorenzo Fantini

An interview with Lorenzo Fantini about EDOnism An interview with the producer of the film EDOnism (Italy/Japan-2010; dir. Alessandro Fantini). See Undead Backbrain article. How long have you been in Japan? I’ve been in Japan for over twelve years now. What … Continue reading

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Playing the Demon’s Rook

An Exclusive Interview with writer/director/monster-maker/artist James Sizemore [aka Loup’Rah Garomore] In the lively [irony intended] history of zombie movies, the 1980s was a gala decade for the demonic brand of undead. This was the time of classics such as Sam … Continue reading

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Hunting Trolls

No, the trolls we’re talking about here aren’t internet sociopaths who get their thrills from lurking in the dark corners of cyberspace, provoking trouble on blogs and forums — though the modern digital incarnation gets his/her name by analogy from … Continue reading

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