Rise of the Vorehemoth and the Reign of the Vore King


Fancy getting eaten by a giant monster?

A new feature-length micro-budget giant monster movie going by the title Vorehemoth is to be directed by the so-named Godfather of Vore and creator of La Vore Girls, Raymond P. Whalen (R.P. Whalen aka The Legendary Rock & Roll Ray Whalen of Troma’s Go To Hell, Mondo Collecto, This Is Bigfoot, Freaky Deaky, and Atomic Midnight Shows). Whalen is now casting for loads of extras and actors!

The casting call/filming will take place Saturday, 13 June 2015, at noon in the Warehouse District of Minneapolis, US. If you’re over 18 years of age, you’re welcome to be one of over 100 extras to be consumed by a 40-foot monster. Sound appetising? We’re assured that “your death will be as horrible (or campy) as possible”. For more information, check out this casting call notice.


The film will feature one of the biggest practical FX creature creations of all-time! The 40-foot giant monster is to be created by FrightProps!  Concept art below.

vorehemoth-concept-drawing-01BW vorehemoth-concept-drawing-02BW

In case you don’t know, the term “Vore” refers to a sexual fetish in which a person gets aroused by watching creatures (presumably lots of women, but men, too) getting eaten by other creatures. Clearly this 40-foot monster will have great appeal to both vore fetishists and giant monster fans, though everyone concerned is keen to point out that the film will definitely not be pornographic — it‘s just an old-fashioned monster movie.

But it’s one really hungry monster.

vorehemoth-appetite chart

At the same time that Vorehemoth is being made, a new feature documentary about  Whalen, his films and his monsters is also in production, directed by award-winning filmmaker Dan S. (Dan Schneidkraut), best known for Seeking Wellness: Suffering Through Four Movements (2007-2008). The doco will be called Vore King and will include segments on the making of Vorehemoth as well.

Be there, or be officially unappetising!

Source: Written by Avery Guerra. Vorehemoth FB page; Vore King website and FB page.

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