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New Trailer: The Zombie Apocalypse Reaches Denmark

Scandinavian TV and cinema — not to forget literature — have been spreading their goodness around the world for a while now, having produced some of the best work in crime and dark fantasy seen anywhere. TV shows such as … Continue reading

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Fear Force Five: Weird Kaiju Hit the Web

Is pushing your imagination beyond reasonable limits the key to success? Maybe. Here’s proof. Jack Perez is a director most commonly known for a film he does not consider to be anywhere near his most satisfactory work. Under the pseudonym … Continue reading

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How Diplomatic Can the Zombie Apocalypse Get?

Answer: Very. And it’s some of the messiest diplomacy you’ll ever come across. Due for release at the 2013 San Diego Comic-Con International is a book like no other — the much-anticipated Zombies vs Robots: Diplomacy, fourth volume in IDW … Continue reading

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Shamble Along to the Walker Stalker Convention

With the release of World War Z (US-2013; dir. Marc Forster), the popularity of zombies continues apace, spreading with the speed and cultural voraciousness of the more athletic end of the zombie spectrum. Latest zombcon news, however, concerns the Walker … Continue reading

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There Goes the Neighbourhood

With the latest rendition of the zombie apocalypse about to hit screens worldwide, it’s perversely comforting to know that one’s hometown hasn’t been spared. World War Z (US-2013; dir. Marc Forster) is due for release on June 20, so the … Continue reading

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Rotting in Chicago

A Backbrain First Look Indie production Chicago Rot is described as “A Supernatural Rock ‘n’ Roll Horror Thriller!!” With its somewhat divergent noirish take on an ever-popular revenge scenario, it explores a side of Chicago that goes beyond seedy into … Continue reading

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The Black Sea: Sea Monsters and Zombies

Brazilian director Rodrigo Aragão’s first feature film was Mud Zombies [aka Mangue Negro] (2008), in which pollution of the local mangrove swamp causes zombie-like creatures to rise from the waters. He then directed the “goatsucker” epic The Night of the Chupacabras … Continue reading

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Raising Demons and Funding: Demon’s Rook Update

Undead Backbrain’s recent update on The Demon’s Rook and interview with director/writer/actor James Sizemore emphasises just what a worthy project this is — full-on indie horror using a style and approach that updates ’80s demonic exploitation, with its hands-on, in-your-face … Continue reading

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First Look: World War Z

When I read Max Brooks’ post-apocalyptic zombie novel World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War several years ago I was impressed. An entertaining, structurally daring and unorthodox novel, it heralded a new wave of zombie fiction. It … Continue reading

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B-Movie Celebration Attacks the Backbrain

 SPECIAL BACKBRAIN ANNOUNCEMENT For the past five years, fans of the often maligned genre of B-movies have gathered in Franklin, Indiana – not just to watch classic B-films, but to, as the name implies, celebrate them! This year — the … Continue reading

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