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Music To Die By: Indie Schlock Soundtracks (Part 1)

Over the years I’ve written about a large number of independent, low-budget exploitation flicks, and have been extremely impressed when, amid the mediocrity and failed ambition, there appears a real gem, a film that stands up well under fire, despite … Continue reading

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It’s Never Gonna Be Safe To Go Back In The Water…

Just when you thought the assorted permutations of cinematic Selachimorpha [aka sharks], post-Jaws, must come to an end, some mad filmmaker always seems to release another one into the wild. Do We Really Think The Possibilities Are Exhausted? Okay, no … Continue reading

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Favourite Horror Film Theme Songs

Films in the horror genre — particularly films that can be described as exploitation horror comedies, even if they’re only incidentally funny — seem to inspire excellent theme songs. For the purposes of this list — let’s call it My … Continue reading

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Giant Monster Musical Horror Film? A Backbrain Exclusive

Has anyone made a giant monster horror film as a period musical before? Off-hand I can’t think of any. Japanese flicks such as Furankenshutain no kaiju-Sanda tai Gaira (1966; dir. Ishiro Honda) — otherwise known as War of the Gargantuas — … Continue reading

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Look! Up in the Sky…

Superman, right? No? Then maybe it’s Supergirl or Superboy. What about Superboy Prime, Bizarro Superman, Cyborg Superman, the Superman/Batman Composite Superman, Superman Red/Superman Blue, Super Mite, Krypto the Super Dog and (according to my Superman Encyclopedia) Supercat or Super Horse?  … Continue reading

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Music of the Deep

Among some interesting discussion by largely anonymous members of the Empires of the Deep production team that has appeared in the comments of the Undead Backbrain article “Building the Undersea Empire”, we were offered a link to demo music for … Continue reading

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Monstrous Musical Instruments

We’re used to catching sight of weird daikaiju monstrosities around here, but I thought this one was a beautie — a monstrous piano! It’s US singer Lady GaGa performing for the Queen last night at the Royal Variety Show in … Continue reading

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World on Fire

The end of the world used as the basis of a pop song: nuclear disaster, flying saucer attacks, giant monsters … you name it. Kaiju Search-Robot Avery sent me this video of “World on Fire” — a rockin’ piece of … Continue reading

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All Singin’, All Rockin’ Creature

I guess if it becomes iconic enough, anything will be turned into a musical. I have to admit, however, that it would never have occurred to me that The Creature From The Black Lagoon would be a likely candidate. This … Continue reading

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Memo of the Dead

Just for the hell of it, Jonathan Coulton’s great zombie office-worker song, “Re: Your Brains”, with narrative visuals by NahtonStudios. Thanks for introducing me to the song, Chuck.

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