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Awesome Rendition of Godzilla ’94

Artist Todd Tennant, who is still plugging away at his much anticipated (and now official) graphic novel version of the Ted Elliott/Terry Rossio 1994 Godzilla screenplay (the one that wasn’t filmed in a ludicrous quibbling over budgetary issues and ended … Continue reading

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The Art of Monsters: Takashi Murakami and Jellyfish Eyes

Japanese artist Takashi Murakami has made a name for himself by successfully drawing upon popular culture as a major influence — specifically in adapting aspects of manga and anime to his own artistic vision. In the process he revolutionised the … Continue reading

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Mine’s Bigger Than Yours

Talk about the Monster as metaphor! And wish-fulfilment… Beautifully expressive picture — and very funny, too. Source: via Peter Orullian. By Bobby Chiu.

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Kong: King of the Apps

New approaches to storytelling are running rampant through the jungles of Skull Island, it seems. Though the film based on artist Joe DeVito and writer Brad Strickland’s illustrated novel Kong: King of Skull Island hasn’t materialised as yet (see this … Continue reading

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Ignorance is Bliss

This is excellent! Art by Elden Ardiente. Source: Deviant Art; shared by Kean Gilbert via Marianne Plumridge

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Visions of John Carter

Back in the day I read pretty well all the science fantasy of Edgar Rice Burroughs, from Tarzan, through the Pellucidar series and the tales of Barsoom — Mars — with its scantily clad Princess. Inevitably those of my generation … Continue reading

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Gigante vs King Komodo, and The Big Eight

Artist Todd Tennant, whose news regarding his upcoming comic series, American Kaiju, recently appeared on Undead Backbrain, contacted the Backbrain the other day so we could catch up with his progress.  Commissioned by Bluewater Productions to produce the four-issue series, … Continue reading

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Monstrous Tourists

These vintage Japanese bromide cards — known as Pachimon Postcards — were published by Yokopro in the 1970s. They feature “pachimon kaiju”, counterfeit monsters that have been painted into scenes of familiar tourist attractions and locations around the world. As … Continue reading

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Sketches of Kong

I can’t say the phenomenon is something I’m particularly familiar with, but the images Undead Backbrain has been given of the 5Finity Productions Premium Sketch Card set based on Joe DeVito’s Kong, King of Skull Island look pretty cool. As … Continue reading

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Review: Painting Giant Robots and Monsters

Godaizer (Singapore-2011; short [18:43 min.]; dir. Hillary Yeo) Reviewed by Robert Hood Mecha is one of the most popular sub-categories of anime and has produced some of the best and longest-running animated sci-fi series ever. Though quintessentially Japanese when considered … Continue reading

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