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An Unexpected Chat with Alex Caine

Some days shriek off in unexpected directions almost from the word go. I was all set to get back into some semi-serious blogging — tossing up between, on the one hand, reporting on the rumour that Donald Trump had threatened … Continue reading

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An Attraction to Kaiju

Given the state-of-play out there in the movie world, kaiju (or daikaiju) have a large appeal to at least a certain (maybe-growing) percentage of the cinematic audience. But when does attraction become perversion? Relativistically, giant monster sex is not something … Continue reading

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Who Said Fictional Kaiju Are Unbelievable?

Some of Godzilla’s mates may have been strange — and the monsters that Ultraman regularly wrestles with may cross the “strange” boundary into outright bizarre — but the real-world Quetzalcoatlus northropi — a winged critter from the Cretaceous period — … Continue reading

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“The Real Exorcist” and The Devil Inside

An Interview with Rev. Bob Larson by Robert Hood One exorcism film is among my horror favourites, namely William Friedkin’s 1973 classic The Exorcist, based on the equally excellent book by William Peter Blatty. There was no shortage of exorcism … Continue reading

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Two Suns in the Sunset

So sang Roger Waters on the Pink Floyd album The Final Cut. It was an image evoking the detonation of a nuclear bomb seen on the horizon as the sun sets — both signaling an end. Then George Lucas gave … Continue reading

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The Incredible HALKa

So this small guy has a passion for a girl who seems to spent a lot of time on display on her balcony. He gets mocked and bullied by the big guys. So he resorts to a green chemical concoction … Continue reading

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The Ongoing Travels of King Kong

King Kong has been sighted in Bangladesh! Yes, it’s an unofficial remake of King Kong, made in Bangladesh and released on 28 May 2010. Banglar King Kong (Bangladesh-2010; dir. Iftekar Jahan) Synopsis: King Kong comes to Bangladesh in search of … Continue reading

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Monstrous Musical Instruments

We’re used to catching sight of weird daikaiju monstrosities around here, but I thought this one was a beautie — a monstrous piano! It’s US singer Lady GaGa performing for the Queen last night at the Royal Variety Show in … Continue reading

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Dinocroc vs the Dinosaurs

Jim Wynorski might be pitting Dinocroc against Supergator in his upcoming monster pic Dinocroc vs Supergator (US-2009; dir. Jim Wynorski), but it seems that Dinocroc has had plenty of practice on actual dinosaurs — and big ones, too! In a … Continue reading

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Under Cover of the Red Dust…

The following is a picture of Sydney this morning, as New South Wales was pummelled by high winds carrying red desert sands from the dead centre (or thereabouts): But soon the real reason for the dust storm was revealed! Click … Continue reading

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