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A New Hell Comes to Earth: Addendum

This follow-up to our previous post on Hell on Earth (US-2009; dir. Ted A. Bohus) is made up of pictures. Pictures of what, you may ask? Well, take a look — and remember to click on ’em to see ’em … Continue reading

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A New Hell Comes to Earth

Some of the great films and movements in horror cinema have come from independent filmmakers working with minimal resources.  Herk Harvey’s Carnival of Souls (1962), Romero’s Night of the Living Dead (1968) and Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead (1981) are obvious … Continue reading

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Of Snakes and Women! (Part One)

Ever since Eve became overly familiar with the inhabitant of a certain tree in the Garden of Eden (rather eccentrically depicted in the above painting by William Blake, “Eve tempted by the serpent” [1799-1800]), snakes and women seem to have … Continue reading

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Update: Demon Haunt Trailer

A school teacher and her wheelchair-bound sister purchase a house that seems to be haunted by a strange supernatural force. Father LeCleur and his son Raymond are called in to vanquish the demonic entities. But when the hell-spawn turn out … Continue reading

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Demons About the House

It didn’t strike me as obvious until our visit to the British Museum in London a few weeks ago: if you want something supernatural to protect you from demons, you’d better get something pretty scary to take on the job. … Continue reading

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