American Godzilla Page 56

There has been a glitch with the American Kajiu site, a glitch that resulted in the reinstatement of an older version of Todd Tennant’s graphic novelisation of the 1994 Jan De Bont script, and the subsequent removal of the most recent pages. More to the point, the webmaster has lost access to the server and so is unable at the moment to upload the missing pages and the latest, all-new page from Todd — page 56.

However, for those anxious to see what came of the Big G’s attack on the US navy (as seen on page 55), here it is:

American Godzilla ‘94 page 56


Fantastic, eh? Don’t you love the effect of Godzilla “rock-skipping” the helicopter over the battleships!

The proper version will go up at American Kaiju when access to the server has been recovered after the Christmas break.

Meanwhile for those who haven’t caught up with the previous 50-odd pages, start here.

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