Query: Indian King Kong

On a site about King Kong, I came across mention of a film made in India in 1962 under the title “King Kong”.

King Kong (India-1962; dir. Babubhai Mistri)

The film is listed on IMDB, but a plot summary there, written by Michael Barnum, describes the film thus:

No giant apes to be found, but a fun Bollywood adventure film with some fantasy elements. Dara Singh rescues a village maiden (played by KumKum) from a giant dinosaur (!) and is given the name “King Kong” by the ruler of the land who also desires that the hero marry his lovely daughter, the princess. Wrestler King Kong appears as the previously bestowed “King Kong” who is none too happy to lose his title to the muscular young upstart.

As I’m unlikely to ever see the film, I would love confirmation of its status, vis á vis giant monsters; is it a Kong film or a dinosaur flick? If anyone reading this has seen the film, please let me know.

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