When Bread gets Dead…

First there was The Gingerdead Man (US-2005; dir. Charles Band), where the soul of a killer animates (with the help of SFX artist John Carl Buechler) a gingerbread man, creating a murderous cookie monster. Now director Silvia St. Croix brings you Gingerdead Man 2: Passion of the Crust (US-2008):

Just when you thought it was safe to open the pastry box

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5 Responses to When Bread gets Dead…

  1. Reminiscent of Night of the Living Bread from the NofLD dvd?

  2. Backbrain says:

    Perhaps (I haven’t actually watched that), but even more reminiscent of all those deadly tiny critter movies that Charles Band and his friends are so fond of making… Not to mention the Chucky flicks!

  3. Backbrain says:

    By the way, David, we’ve been really enjoying “Brimstone”.

  4. More than me (which is to say, we haven’t started yet).

    Been enjoying Terminator, Dexter and Young Dracula instead.

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