Baby’s Got the Munchies…

For those who always suspected it wasn’t safe to go in the nursery…


Yes, it’s a film that features the pre-school living dead and the name of the film is Zombabies (US-2008; dir. Justin Paul Warren). Really! This is serious!

According to the director, the idea was to show the beginning of the zombie apocalypse from inside a nursery. Seems his version of the zompocalypse is caused by deadly emissions that come through, among other things, the TV — and the babies of the film have been planted in front of the box by their lazy child-minder for far too long. So of course the babies become flesh-eating zombies who can leap high enough to get at an adult’s throat — and the result is, um, messy. You know what babies are like with their food. Luckily, however, this is one nursery that has an “in-case-of-emergency” cabinet that contains not a fire axe, but a chainsaw….

So it’s bye-bye baby goodbye…

The film is only 11 minutes long, but it is Part 1 of a proposed 8-part feature film showing different aspects of the zompocalypse. Part 2 is already in production; it’s called Hazmat J and the Birth of the Apocalypse.

You can read more about Zombabies and the Zombaby project here — where you can also order the DVD!

Thanks, Avery, for the head’s-up.

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