Godzilla vs the US Navy

Godzilla does what he does best in the next installment of Todd Tennant’s American Godzilla ’94 graphic novel:

Godzilla ‘94 Todd Tennant

For those who don’t know, kaiju artist Todd Tennant has for some time been engaged in an ambitious project to create a graphic-novel version of the abandoned 1994 Ted Elliott/Terry Rossio Godzilla screenplay that Jan De Bont was planning to film. Pre-production involved such SFX and artistic luminaries as Ricardo Delgado, Carlos Huante, Stan Winston and David Russell, who were all working on the design side of things before the studio cut the project off at the knees (because it was going to cost so much) and then handed it to Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin to mess up a few years later.

The original screenplay is a vastly different affair to the one we eventually got — and one that is a lot more faithful to the spirit of the Gojira franchise. Todd obtained the blessing of the various parties concerned to create a non-commercial graphic novel version of the script, using designs based on those of the original project. He has now created some 62 full-colour pages, which you can read for the cost of the data transfer!

The American Godzilla ’94 graphic novel begins here.

The latest pages — G’s battled with the navy — begin here.

If you want to view some of Ricardo Delgado’s conceptual artwork or a collection of David Russell’s original storyboards, go here.

This work of Todd’s is not only superb artistically, but it represents an act of generosity on his part that I still find amazing.

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  1. Avery says:

    Todd Tennant is amazing!! I’ve been a fan for a very long time.His art is breathtaking.He is very generous to be doing this graphic novel online for the fans too.

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