Attack of the Giant Leeches

In 1959 came the first attack by giant leeches, set in a Florida swamp and executive produced by Roger Corman: Attack of the Giant Leeches [aka The Giant Leeches] (US-1959; dir. Bernard L. Kowalski).

Giant Leeches 1959 poster

The leeches famously looked a little like deflated swimming-pool mattresses that had eaten a scuba-diver alive.

But there was sex and violence and giant leeches with perverted lusts!

Now Brett Kelly — writer/director of a slew of low-budget independent genre flicks, such as The Bonesetter (2003), The Bonesetter Returns (2005), My Dead Girlfriend (2006) and Kingdom of the Vampire (2007) — is remaking the film, no doubt retaining the sex and violence and giant leeches with perverted lusts, but replacing the mattresses with something more leech-like.

Attack of the Giant Leeches 2008 poster

The film is now in post-production, with a release planned for later this year. Meanwhile, Kelly has tossed a few production shots into the cyber-swamp. Here are some of them:

Girls: A of the GLs

“Oh no! It’s got the cellphone! Now it can call us!”

Phone Horror: A of the GLs

Cameo by one of the 1959 leeches?

The Doomed: A of the GLs

He wouldn’t return the call!

The attacked: A of ther GLs

“Okay, which of you leeches keeps callin’ 9-1-1 ?”

The boys: A of the GLs


Source: Retromedia Messageboard via Kaiju Search-Robot Avery

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5 Responses to Attack of the Giant Leeches

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  2. Avery says:

    I can’t wait to see the finished product!! Hell,I’d settle for a teaser trailer about now.Looking good Brett!! Keep up the great work!!

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  4. Lee says:

    I look forward to seeing this remake! Keep up the great work!

  5. Zillachary says:

    I wish the leeches were bigger though…

    Still, pretty fun-looking film.:)

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