Night of the Living Dead Homage

Joe Barbarisi’s short film Flowers for the Dead — first lensed back in 2006, according to Quiet Earth — is nearing completion, with the latest round of footage being developed even as we speak. The 30-45 minute film is apparently a homage to Romero’s Night of the Living Dead — the film that everyone can legitimately blame for starting the whole zombie apocalypse thing — in two ways. First, its plot sounds like an extension of NOTLD’s opening scene:

Flowers for the Dead is about a woman who visits her parents grave, and soon the dead begin to appear and she finds herself trapped and looking for her way out as the dead close in on her.

Secondly, part of it was actually filmed in Evans City Cemetery in Philidelphia, where the original was shot.

Quiet Earth has just put up some exclusive zombie images from last weekend’s session. Here’s my favourite:

Flowers for the Dead behind the scenes pic

There’s a certain poignancy to this behind-the-scenes image that’s rather endearing!

Check out the rest of the undead, and learn more about the film, on Quiet Earth.

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  2. Hey Guys,
    Just wanted to let you know the progress of my short film “Flowers for the DEAD”.

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