New: Killdroid

“He turned her on. Now she had to switch him off.”

Like Universal Soldier (1992), this Filipino exploitation flick features a dead soldier reconstructed and reanimated as an ultimate fighting machine, hence is a zombie tale of sorts. Unlike Universal Soldier, though, this one is a love story… of sorts… as well: it describes itself as “A Mechanical Love Affair”.

Killdroid (Philippines-[in production]; dir. Rico Maria Ilarde)

“A disturbed Goth schoolgirl who stumbles unwittingly across the remnants of a long abandoned military project designed to create an army of android killers from the processed bodies of dead soldiers. The girl takes on the mysteriously beautiful Killdroid as a lover, only to discover, too late, that its insatiable sexual appetite is inexorably linked with a need for slaughter.” (

Killdroid 1

Killdroid 2

Teaser Trailer:

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