Where the Sea Serpents Warble…

I haven’t found out anything specific about this one, including director, but Kaiju Search-Robot Avery — ever on the look-out for sea serpents — came across the website this morning:

The Sea Serpent’s Song poster

From all the COMING SOON pages — and the OPPORTUNITY page — I’m guessing this project is still in the developmental phase.

More info when I get it. Meanwhile, here’s the conceptual artwork for the serpent. Interesting design!

Sea Serpent’s Song artwork

Official website

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3 Responses to Where the Sea Serpents Warble…

  1. Avery says:

    I like the design too. It looks like a cute idea. I wonder if it will be animated or live-action?? I gotta see it!! Hopefully we’ll get know more soon!!

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  3. Grace Mrus says:

    I am so excited for this movie mostly because my close friend Nevaen Alle- Kopas is in this movie he plays Kevin Sutton and I am very curious to see the final product and I am sure you’ll be impressed knowing he does his own stunts he is an amazing actor and his stunts are as equally amazing good luck with this movie Nevaen can’t wait

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