Godzilla Zero Hour

The latest images from Franz Vorenkamp’s fan-based film project, Godzilla Zero Hour, reveal a level of spectacle and understanding of the mythos of the Big G that has been lacking in mainstream Hollywood productions (okay, there has only ever been one US Godzilla movie, plus a few animated cartoon series).

These images are of the Big G’s enemy Gigan. Having seen snatches of a fully animated test scene featuring this particular kaiju, I can assure you that when Vorenkamp’s first 45-odd-minute Godzilla Zero Hour film is premiered on 5 July at this year’s G-Fest, everyone is likely to be thrilled and excited about the project and will clamber for more.

Godzilla Zero Hour pic 1

Godzilla Zero Hour pic 2

Godzilla Zero Hour pic 3

There is a wealth of information about the film, and continual updates on its progress, on the Godzilla Zero Hour website and related forum.

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4 Responses to Godzilla Zero Hour

  1. Avery says:

    It’s looking fantastic Franz!! Keep up the fantastic work!!

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  3. Jack Wolf says:

    Is Franz ever going to finish this movie?

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