Bob’s Giant Monster Movie

Bob NelsonBob Nelson and Brick Cave Media have just plunged into pre-production for a giant monster movie currently sporting the working title Bob’s Giant Monster Movie.

Bob, who describes himself as “a writer, poet and organizer”, will be the Executive Director and Michael Robinson has been announced as the Assistant Director. Bob has also revealed that Michael Robinson is to be the Art Director and Director of Special Effects, Kent Markwart is slated to be the Director of Photography, and Brent Heffron has been selected as lead actor.

The film is apparently to be a “homage to 1950s giant monster movies with a little of that Saturday Sci-Fi Channel exclusive movie cheesyness thrown in for good measure.”

In conversation with Kaiju Search-Robot Avery, Bob commented that they are “very early in pre-production on this project, so there are a lot of fluid aspects. There are also a lot of details that the production crew has decided to hold close to the heart for the time being. Unfortunately, while I can say it is a giant monster movie, I can’t divulge any plot details right now.”

When pressed for details on the scope of the project, Bob said: “I think that I’m safe in saying that our hope is to try and get some limited theatrical release by approaching targeted theatres directly after the production has completed, which we currently hope will be 2009. We also intend that the film will be available on DVD.”

How long will the movie be?

“We are working on the premise it will be feature length. But it is not connected to or funded by any major (or minor) studio, not at the moment anyway. It will be live action, although I cannot divulge any filming schedules at this time.”

Bob added that “People who would like to stay informed on our progress, as well as learn about any casting opportunities as they become available, can do so by watching the forums of Brick Cave Media, the Production Company, and joining the free email list at the site.”

So while we can’t give you any more details than that right now, we can certainly say that the Backbrain will be passing on any information that comes our way (such as the scenario or what type of SFX they plan to use) as soon as it is available.

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  2. Avery says:

    The suspense is killing us!! LOL!! Will it feature stop-motion, cgi, suitmation, props, puppets?? It’s a ton of fun speculating what it will be, but one things for sure; with Robert Nelson[“Bobzilla]: behind this project you know it’s gonna be awesome!!!!

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