New: George’s Intervention

So your friend is a zombie. How would you handle the problem? With group therapy?

George’s Intervention (US-[in production]; dir. J.T. Seaton)

George\'s Intervention poster

George’s friends have gathered for an intervention… George’s intervention. You see, George is a zombie. And his friends are hoping to convince him to stop eating people and to enter ‘zombie rehab’. It’s morally wrong to eat people. Plus, it’s unhealthy. The meat is raw. And who knows where these people have been.

With the help of a professional interventionist, George’s friends confront George regarding his ‘addiction’. But, over the course of the night, George’s friends begin to disappear. Have they given up hope that the intervention will be successful? Or have they become dinner?

George\'s Intervention pic

  • Trailer:

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