Update: Star Trek Monster

Further to our earlier post featuring the J.J. Abrams Star Trek movie trailer, Todd Tennant has kindly supplied the Backbrain with these fantastic images of the monster concerned. I have no idea what it is and what role it plays, but it certainly has a big mouth. Hopefully we can get acquainted with it as soon as possible. Click on the images for a bigger view.

New Star Trek monster 1

New Star Trek monster 2

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6 Responses to Update: Star Trek Monster

  1. Dude, either Shatner’s going to have to stop gatecrashing Star Trek movies or they’re going to have to do a lot more work in the make-up trailer from now on……

  2. Todd says:

    LOL! Good one; though J.J. really should throw Shatner some sort of
    “cameo bone” in his upcoming movie, IMhO.

    With that, maybe he’ll cease his “gatecrashing”;0).


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  5. Zed says:

    dawm beyawch! dat thing got 1 big piehole! u cud fit a hole wale in der!

  6. Takahara says:

    thats a polarilla. i heard about it on tv

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