Under the Monster’s Skin

The Backbrain doesn’t usually do birthdays, but there was a highly significant one that occurred in 1 January and we missed it! 1 January 2009 was the 80th birthday of Haruo Nakajima. Don’t know who he is? Here’s a clue?

Naruo Nakajima in Mothra vs Godzilla

My co-editor for the Daikaiju! books, Robin Pen, has written a tribute on the Planet blog.

And here is another that takes a different tack by kaiju expert August Ragone (which is where the above picture comes from).

Happy birthday, Haruo-san — albeit in retrospect. You are the Man!

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3 Responses to Under the Monster’s Skin

  1. Robin Pen says:

    I love that picture.

  2. Robert,
    Helllo, I just saw that you used this photo that I scanned and posted last January, and while I appreciate the credit, I would also appreciate a link to my blog from which it was taken — best of luck in 2010 and keep up with the great work with Undead Backbrain!

    The Good, The Bad, and Godzilla

  3. Robert Hood says:

    Sorry, August. The link on the word “here” was supposed to be a link to your blog post, but as you may have guessed I accidentally put a link to the picture itself on my blog! Sorry about that! I had the right intention, I assure you. I’ve changed it, but here it is again:


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