Obscure Godzilla Posters

We’re all familiar with the standard Godzilla posters, beginning with the original Japanese one:

Gojira poster 1954

But there are many many others. As an excuse to reveal a poster that Kaiju Search-Robot Avery discovered on the Kong is King messageboard, here is a bunch of less-well-known Godzilla posters, starting with the one Avery found — which advertises the US version by dissing King Kong and offering up a Godzilla who has — very early in his career — clearly let himself go.

Here’s a poster from Belgium for Godzilla vs Gigan, featuring a big pile-up of kaiju, though the one that is supposed to be Godzilla looks more like The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms:

Godzilla vs Gigan: Belgium

Or this fantastic Polish effort for The Terror of Mechagodzilla — or perhaps Godzilla vs The Yellow Submarine would be more appropriate:

Terror of Mechagodzilla Poland

Here we have a rather strange poster for Godzilla vs Megalon, in which… somehow … the two skyscraper-sized monsters end up on either tower of what might be the World Trade Center:

Godzilla vs Megalon poster

This US poster for Godzilla vs the Thing manages to both obscure what “the Thing” is and to hint that it’s some kind of tentacled Cthulhan monstrosity, even though this nomenclature was a rather silly attempt to obscure the fact that Godzilla’s opponent was a giant moth — a monster that might not appeal to the target 14-year-old US male:

Godzilla vs the Thing poster

Then there’s this one, a rather snazzy rendering of the main US poster for Godzilla, King of the Monsters:

And finally a recent poster, rather stylish, advertising the British Film Institute’s release of the original Gojira:


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8 Responses to Obscure Godzilla Posters

  1. Robin Pen says:

    “La Planette De Godzilla” – I like that one.

    But that new UK poster I’d love on my office wall.

  2. Backbrain says:

    I assume “La Planette de Godzilla” translates as “Godzilla’s Planet”, which is an interesting take on “Godzilla vs Gigan” — I wonder if it refers to the fact that a Godzilla theme park features prominently in the story?

    I’d love one of those BFI posters on my wall, too! You’re a man of taste, Robin.

  3. daring niche says:

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  7. daniel says:

    the poster shown here for “godzilla vs. the thing” was recently redone in color and titled “godzilla vs. cthulhu”. i suppose that in a better univesrse than this one, such a film does exist.

  8. Lez says:

    What the flip is happening in the “Terror of Mechagodzilla” poster. Could that be Ringo Starr from the Yellow Submarine running away? If so, why?

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