More on Archangel Alpha (But Still No Mecha)

Archangel Alpha (US-[in production, 2009]; dir. Aaron D. Martin) is an independent scifi film with a post-apocalyptic scenario, a love story, a futuristic war and giant robots. Backbrain has mentioned it on and off (last time here), and while we haven’t been able to get a look at the robots yet, we have received a bunch of images from the film (viewable below), along with a link to some brief behind-the-scenes videos.


Three friends (Elena, Alexandra and Grigori) have their relationship pushed to the breaking point when they find themselves on opposite sides of a devastating war. In the midst of the final deciding battle, Grigori is killed by Alex. Elena and Alex are both shot down. They confront each other just as The Beast, a merciless AI weapon, is released onto the battlefield. The Beast goes rogue and turns against both sides, annihilating both armies and initiating a nuclear launch between the warring nations. In the aftermath, Elena and Alex must escape the killing grounds while coming to terms with their actions.


A reluctant heroine, Elena (above) is drawn into a civil war just as she finds love for the first time in her life. She finds qualities she didn’t know she had and discovers the strength to fight for a better world. Elena is an Esper, a small group of people born with the ability to control computers with their thoughts. As part of a misunderstood and oppressed minority, she has kept her ability a secret. A native daughter of the city-state of Praetoria, Elena joins her rebellious nation in its fight for independence from the Socialist Republics Directorate (SRED). This brings her in direct confrontation with the friends she left behind. Elena is played by Nikki Meauvais.


Alexandra (pictured above) is the top ace of the Red Army Air Corps. A hero of the SRED, she’s feared by her enemies and reverred by the other Red pilots. “Alex” has two overriding goals: To server her country. To win. She’s a born fighter and prides herself on being a fearsome killer. Until now little else has mattered to her. This all changes when she meets Elena. The connection between the two is immediate and soon leads them to a secret affair. For the first time in her life, Alexandra is able to look past the constant warfare to something more hopeful. But it’s short-lived. Soon the SRED is on the move to crush the rebellious breakaway nation of Praetoria. Alex is an orphan. She was raised by the state and is dedicated to protecting the regime. Her loyalty to the SRED is unwavering. This sets her against Elena and Grigori when they side with Praetoria. Alexandra is played by Katherine Joan Taylor.




You can view some Behind-the-Scenes videos on our subsite Undead Brainspasm here.

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