They Hope Mold Will Grow On You!


Mold! (US-2009; dir. Neil Meschino) is an independent horror comedy that plays in the mold (sorry!) of such gross-out films as Herschell Gordon Lewis’ Blood Feast (1962), Jackie Kong’s Blood Diner (1987), Larry Cohen’s The Stuff (1985), and the Aussie film Body Melt (Philip Brophy, 1993) — full of gore, muck, slime and other unsanitary substances. But in a humorous way…

It is set against the background of Ronald Reagan’s war on drugs and clearly draws on 1980s muck-and-mire horror aesthetics, post-Evil Dead. SFX artist Jeremy Selenfriend commented: “There are exploding hearts, melting eyeballs, mass injuries and gunshot wounds”, and from the pictures below ooze, slime and zombiesque behaviour, using physical effects and animatronics rather than CGI.



There are many more images of muck, yuck and bloody carnage in the picture gallery below.


Set in 1984, when the war on drugs was at its height, the story concerns a strain of mold developed by the government to wipe out Colombian coca fields. Unfortunately, during a demonstration, the mold gets out of control and proves to be deadly to more than just vegetation. (IMDb)

Here’s some behind-the-scenes SFX work from Mold! That should give you an idea as to what you’re in for.

For more effects work and behind-the-scenes moments from the SFX man Selenfriend, check out his YouTube channel.

Picture Gallery

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  1. Avery says:

    This film looks so disgustingly awesome! Hope there’s a trailer soon ’cause I want more!

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