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As we’ve discussed before, kaiju artist supremo Todd Tennant is currently working on several issues in the Ray Harryhausen Presents It Came From Beneath the Sea… Again series for Bluewater Comics. Being the generous chap he is, Todd has sent along a wealth of pictures, some of the preview images exclusive to Undead Backbrain. In the gallery at the end I’ve included a few of the pictures we’ve already seen, just for the sake of completeness.





This one Todd refers to as “one very POed Octo”:


This one is a pencil drawing of a victim of Octopus attack, caught inland because… gasp! the Octopi have made incursions beyond the beachfront!


Giant monster mayhem! Tentacles! Robots! Laser weapons! City-wide destruction! What more can we ask for? Keep up the good work, Todd. We’re waiting breathlessly for the final product!


  • Source: Todd Tennant
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  1. Avery says:

    Fantastic stuff Todd! I second what Rob said; “keep up the good work…we’re waiting breathlessly for the final product”!!

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