First Ripple from the Depths of Sector 7

Back in July 2008 Undead Backbrain reported on the work being done by Polygon Entertainment (a film production company based in Marin County, California). Polygon was set up by founders Hans H. Uhlig and Doo Jin Kim specifically to work with South Korean film companies in producing feature films for an international market. At the time they announced three SFX-heavy films to be made in conjunction with Doosaboo Films: the first about a large rapacious boar, titled Chaw. The second was a disaster film about a monster tsunami, titled Haeundae. Both these have now been completed.

Chaw (South Korean-2009; dir. Jeong-won Shin) — see Backbrain article

Haeundae (South Korea-2009; dir. Je-gyun Yun) — see Backbrain article

The third of Polygon’s SFX films was to be an oceanic giant monster film, titled Sector 7. It was described as “a science fiction action/adventure blockbuster about the crew of an oil rig battling deep sea monsters.” Well, we’ve so far heard nothing of this one, but we’ve come across what appears to be a teaser poster for the film, which also includes a release date. Hard to say if it’s legit, but the style of the artwork is similar to that of the Haeundae poster — and the time is right — so all we can do is put it out there for discussion.


Back in 2008 all we knew of the film was that it would be shot in the United States with a Korean director and cast, and an American crew, though no names were provided. At one stage (May 2008), Doosaboo Films was seeking funding under a New Zealand Government incentive scheme — The Large Budget Screen Production Grant — and it was reported that:

The scheme also will see Korean film company DooSaBoo Film produce two films in 2008 — disaster movie Tsunami [aka Haeundae] with a budget of US$10 million and scifi horror film Sector 7 with a budget of US$8 million.

Representatives of the company [Doosaboo Films] visited New Zealand in mid-March, along with Kevin Chang, secretary general of Korea Film Producers Association, to meet potential partners for these projects.

The company will go to New Zealand for the second project to shoot the film and do post-production. They are also considering doing post-production work for the first project in New Zealand.

This funding may not have eventuated as in the end no part of the production of Haeundae took place in NZ — at least I can find no hint of it on the IMDb entry.

Meanwhile, real information on the current state of play with Sector 7 is still pretty much as it was (that is, lacking), but if the above poster is legit the film may very well have passed the pre-production stage and be headed our way for a July 2010 release.

Only time — and the ongoing investigations of Kaiju Search-Robot Avery — will tell.

Addendum: Keith Aiken of SciFi Japan says that the above artwork is a fan creation. He also reports that Doosaboo Films are now called J.K. Films.

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  1. Avery says:

    I’m so excited about this new film!! A new giant sea creature film from Korea that’s not “The Host” and with mutiple monsters. Now that’s what I’m talking about! Don’t really know yet if the poster’s legit but even if it isn’t the film definitely is and that poster art still looks pretty awesome! Can’t wait for more!

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