Carradine Takes on the Giant Reptiles

He may have left the building last June, albeit rather unexpectedly, but legendary genre actor David Carradine will still be starring in quite a few movies over the next year or so, at least according to the number of “post-production” projects listed on the IMDb. One of these upcoming films (still appearing under the now-abandoned title Volcanic) is Jim Wynorski’s giant-things-wrestling-each-other TV flick Dinocroc vs Supergator. The Backbrain provided a few pics a while back, but has since acquired more of them courtesy of the director, including shots of the late Mr Carradine at work — looking like he’s rather enjoying himself, actually. Scotch and a simultaneous blood-pressure reading… Hmmm.





The following sequence follows on from the images in the previous Backbrain article. Note that one of them is a CG production image. [These pictures are large — so click on them to view them full-size.] I like the guy who appears to be praying to some divinity or other — to no avail, alas:





And just in case you thought the movie was all giant water reptiles and ageing genre veterans, here’s some of Carradine’s less craggy co-stars:



You definitely need to click on this line-up to study the menu in detail:


Dinocroc vs Supergator will be premiering on the Syfy Channel at some as-yet-undisclosed juncture.

  • Sources: Jim Wynorski; Vá e Veja; via Kaiju Search-Robot Avery
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  2. G2KM says:

    I feel better about this film now. Out of all of the large amounts of celebrity deaths that have been occuring for the past couple of months, Carridine’s death was the only one to make me cry. This film better have an “in memory for D.C.” thing in the end credits.

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