More Monsters for Robot 13!


In this second issue in the sensational new comic series by Thomas Hall (writer) and Daniel Bradford (artist), Robot 13: Colossus!, our strange robotic hero must face up to an important ontological question, one directed at him by a crew member of the fishing trawler that, in the previous issue, dredged him up from the bottom of the sea. Why is it, the man asks, that in all their years of going to sea the fishermen had never come across anything like the kraken that just attacked them until, that is, Robot 13 boarded the ship? Is there a connection?

Is there indeed? To be a monster magnet or not to be a monster magnet… that is the question.

Before he can dredge up an answer, Robot 13 is attacked by a phoenix (pictured above) and an epic battle ensues!


Already, in this second 29-page issue, there are hints of what revelations are to come as regards our bone-and-metal hero’s true nature — or at least questions that may not be answered but which suggest the general metaphysical area in which answers will be found. Part two ups the ante on both the series’ surreal imagery and the potential complexities of Robot 13’s nature, with a beginning that features Medusa, the statue-making Gorgon, and an ending that reveals something of the mythological otherworld’s interest in Robot 13’s activities.


After some shipping delays, Issue 2 is now available. You can order a copy on the Blacklist Studios website or nag your local comic store to get in a stack of them!


See the Backbrain’s comments on issue one here. More information can be found in the two-part interview I conducted with the comic’s creators.

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