W.P.X. – Mutant Monsters Attack!

Wisconsin Project X is a sci-fi/horror film written, directed, produced and starring Christian Ackerman — an all-round Renaissance man of cinema! The project has been underway for some time, beginning from an idea for a zombie flick he’d first had in high school. But the idea has mutated into something entirely different. Now, as the film goes into final post-production, Ackerman is ready to begin promoting it:

WPX Teaser Poster

Filmed with absolutely no budget and achieved with the help of friends and family, the movie is what Ackerman describes as an “Old School Horror Monster Movie”, filled with a “dry sense of humor” — and mutant “zombies”!




Suddenly, out of the blue, the small quiet town of Wisconsinville, Montana is attacked by humanoid monsters. A scientist from this town is responsible, having created an artificial living organism by accident while experimenting with preservatives used in the Snack Cake Industry. The humanoids deform, mutate, and run loose around the town. They start killing and destroying everything in sight. A group of underdogs, comprised of the only two police in Wisconsinville, hero Ralphie (Ackerman) and friends try to stop these monsters and save their town.

Says Ackerman: Wisconsin Project X is designed to take you on a wild ride and scare you along the way.  The movie is coming soon, very soon, so watch out!”


Though filmed with absolutely no budget and achieved with the help of friends and family, W.P.X. looks extremely promising. You’ve got to admire folk who can create a genre film that looks this classy without any money and no studio backing.

Teaser Trailer:

Latest Trailer:


Director Christian Ackerman has produced a number of independent features and has won awards such as: the National Hometown Video Festival 2003, Non-Professional Original Teleplay, 2003 (for the independent film “Catastrophic Denouement”, a psychological thriller about an axe murderer) and Best of the NorthWest Video Festival 2005, Award of Excellence for Video Art/Animation, 2005 (for “Midnight Mansion House of Haunts”, an animated/live action puppet Halloween children’s movie).

I’ve always loved making movies and have never stopped since I was a young kid. Back in the day I would hook up my VCR, camcorder, Karaoke machine, and edit my home movies into (what I thought were) feature movie masterpieces. Movie making has been a fun hobby of mine; I love telling stories and making them happen on screen. My movies are all low-budget/no-budget, all financed from my empty pockets, and using whatever I have around me to make the movie possible.

I got this idea of a zombie movie when I was in high school and called it “Wisconsin Project X”. The movie was completely different then and I never ended up making it. But, 10 years later, I found I wanted to make that movie. And, after a couple of drafts, the movie became this whole new story. I got my friends and family involved and we had a blast making a great horror monster movie.

The movie is almost done, just doing the final editing on the picture. Something to look for in the movie when it is released: the makeup effects of the zombies are a combination of duct tape and traditional makeup effects. I really don’t lie when I say the movie was made with no budget. We basically made it out of duct tape, spray paint, and cardboard. And, man, it really works.

We’re currently looking for a distributor.

WPX Teaser Poster Master


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  2. Avery says:

    I’m lovin’ the look of this one! It feels so authentically retro and creepy as hell. Can’t wait to see it!

  3. Michelle Burton says:

    hey that was awesome. Tim told me about this sight. its really really good.

  4. Michelle Burton says:

    hey if I can help I will. If you need to know me you can ask tim

  5. Michelle Burton says:

    I meant I can help if you want.

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